While We’re Waiting… Cleveland’s Losses, Braylon’s Chip, and Browns Momentum

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“Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with Anderson Varejao, Mo Williams, or Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Without the Global Icon, the Cavaliers will suffer a staggering drop in income. The franchise will immediately lose a quarter or more of its value; projected revenue for the casino that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert plans to build near the arena will sink with it; and any hope of snagging a high-profile free agents or a big-name coach will completely vanish.

That’s the good news. The bad news is, Gilbert’s next-door neighbors, the Cleveland Indians, are in even worse shape at this point, dead last in drawing fans, although they trail the Marlins by only thirty-three fans per home game. The folks that own and run the Tribe have managed to destroy a fan base that not so long ago was every bit as fervent and free-spending as the Cavs’, and the future of the franchise, on and off the field, is dim.” [Scott Raab/Deadspin]

Braylon Edwards allegedly cannot wait to play the Browns, has a casino on his shoulder.  [Cleveland Frowns]

With about five weeks until camp… “All this [change] came under the leadership of former Belichick disciple, first year Browns head Coach Eric Mangini. Some reasons for the improvement are as simple to explain as the acquisition of first round draft pick Alex Mack to play center and anchor the offensive line. Other reasons for the team’s developing turnaround include Mangini and Ryan bringing some of “their guys” to step into their defense to help out during the weeding out process.  That process is only going to now be expedited with the help of new Team President Mike Holmgren and a man whose strength is the draft in GM Tom Heckert.” [SBN Cleveland]

Ohio State’s Evan Turner gets named Big Ten Male Athlete of the Year [Eleven Warriors]

And finally, if your Internet connection was a bit slow yesterday, here’s why: “Over at Mashable, the editors were monitoring new traffic across the Web via Akamai’s Net Usage Index, a traffic meter that keeps real time tabs on how many visitors per minute are landing on more than 100 major news sites. In the minutes after [Landon] Donovan’s game-clinching, elimination-defying goal during added stoppage time, Web traffic spiked to 11.2 million visitors per minute, eclipsing even the 2008 U.S. presidential election as measured by the viewers per minute metric.” [PopSci]

  • swig

    Wasn’t sure what I thought about that Deadspin article when I read it yesterday. Seems overtly negative even for a Cleveland article.

    Maybe Cleveland can’t support 3 franchises, especially in this new economy. We’ve “never” had 3 good teams so maybe we’ll never find out.

    The stab at Pluto is uninformed. As long as I can remember keeping sports in perspective has been part of Pluto’s style.

    What would LeBron say to a boy from the projects in Akron … about leaving the Cavs now? That it’s business and nothing more?
    I’m sure multiple articles could be written about this one sentence. Every year it becomes clearer and clearer that money drives everything. Am I just getting old, or has the landscape changing?

  • stin4u

    In other news….Kerry Wood is terrible…..sorry im still stinging from last night…..*kicks dirt*

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Landycakes broke the internet, brah.

  • Shamrock

    Why should any boy in Akron have allegiances to any Cleveland sports team? Proximity automatically includes some kind of loyalty, why? I would think the lack of winning better yet the lack of any real winning traditions would automatically eliminate Cleveland from almost all conversations. The only hope the Cavaliers have for those young fans in Akron is if LBJ stays otherwise their loyalty will probably follow the chosen one to another city. Cue Freebird!!!

  • Lyon

    Stin… when we took the lead, I turned to my buddy and said now Wood’s going to come in and blow it. Lo and behold.

    What fun it is to watch the Tribe !!

  • Fortunes in American Slang

    Enough Wood… Where’s Joe Borowski and his 52 mph heater?

  • JK

    Im glad Im part of history, since I updated my facebook status at approx. 11:45 with “DONOVANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!” Got 2 likes and 1 comment too.

  • swig

    Shamrock, against better judgement…

    1) It is the cleveland/akron metropolitan area. Proximity is the predominant factor in allegiance. Winning is for the bandwagon.

    2) Family is probably close 2nd. If your Dad roots for the Cavs most likely the son/daughter will too. Again, proximity.

    3) If proximity and allegiance are not measures for loyalty why would any kid follow LeBron. By your logic the entire nation should root for the Patriots Steelers, Celtics Lakers, and Red Sox Yankees

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @ JK – I spent like half an hour ‘liking’ every status update in my FB feed that had to do with the USA. ‘MERICA! YEA!!

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    Shamrock/Swig — My knee-jerk reaction is to point at the pervasiveness and speed of the media today, as well as how easily and frequently people’s homes can change, as to why loyalty to sports franchises isn’t what it used to be.

    My idealistic view of the past is: Most people had a home and they were fans of the team that represented their home or region. And, most of their exposure to sporting events (pre-cable TV) were for that regional team.

    Nowadays, you can watch every game for every team on the television or internet, and a large number of families move all over the country. It just seems like a natural progression to me.

    Still, band wagon fans can **** a **** and **** ****** *** **** for all I care. They might think I’m crazy, but I bleed NEO colors and always will.

  • swig

    Ha, I think we forget that fan is short for fanatic. Thus, by definition it is illogical.

  • Harv 21

    And no one comments on Raab’s special curse for Modell – wow. So zingy and yet dovetails with the other biblical imagery. Sweet.

  • paulbip

    Remember that I was the only guy that thought that trading down to get Mack was a stroke of genius and the only guy that stood my Mangini all year long. You can look it up.

  • Shamrock

    @swig I don’t buy the proximity thing but that’s just my opinion. I think kids from Akron are more loyal to LeBron and not the Cavaliers because he’s their own. I’m an LBJ fan and I always will be whether it’s here or not. I thought there wad a good chance LBJ would stay but as time goes on I think he’s out of here. The Cavaliers are a mess and I just can’t see why anyone would want to play for them. It’s painful to say that but unfortunately I live in reality.