While We’re Waiting… LeBron Appreciation, Moeller’s Return, and Santana’s Start

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“Sometimes it takes an event like LeBron Appreciation Day to help us realize just how complicated the English language can be. And to help us remember just how quick folks can be to hate.

Case in point: Local corporations team with the University of Akron to bring a morning of family fun to Akron’s Infocision Stadium in the name of appreciating LeBron, and we have to be lectured by locals and outsiders alike about how pathetically desperate the whole thing is.

We might write some of this off to a basic misunderstanding of the meaning of the word “appreciation.” Like that shown by New England Sports Network’s Caylan Davis who writes that “the event is meant to drum up support for keeping James in Cleveland” under the headline “Akron Tries to Keep LeBron James in Cleveland with LeBron Appreciation Day.'”

But the idea that LeBron should stay in Cleveland hardly needs any additional support in Akron or anywhere else in Northeast Ohio, and there’s no reason at all to assume that the event was meant to do anything but what it’s name says it was meant to do; simply, to show appreciation for LeBron.” [Cleveland Frowns]

Oh, and there was also a LeBron James rally in….Portland. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Cavs fans vs. LeBron fans: “Of course, if your center of media gravity is the New York market, then this is a clear indicator that James is already headed to Madison Square Garden to play for the Knicks.  Right?  It’s not like people overanalyze James’ every action or anything.  However, New York petulance aside, what was striking about the Akron celebration was the size of the crowd.  5,000 people?  Really?

I realize it’s summer and people’s priorities are rightfully scattered, but still – only 5,000 people for the alleged second coming?  This again proves my theory that LeBron fans far outweigh actual Cavalier fans.  Or, how about this for a comparison – what if a handful of Browns decided to play some flag football at a similar venue?  Would the attendance triple in size?  Would the NY media care?  Don’t get me wrong – LeBron is great for NE Ohio, but we all know that football is king.” [Cleveland Reboot]

A silver lining: “Fortunately, there is some good news that’s been a little overlooked and it comes in the form of Tyler Moeller’s clearance to participate in fall camp. We touched on the story late last week but it was swallowed up so I wanted to explore what this could mean for the Buckeyes while also gauging your feelings on what you expect, if anything, from the gritty kid who hasn’t played since 2008.” [Eleven Warriors]

And finally, Santana’s start: “But again, tempered enthusiasm. Nine games doesn’t mean anything, otherwise Michael Brantley and Matt LaPorta would be big leaguers right now. Hopefully Santana bucks the trend of regression by Tribe prospects (although it’s honestly unfair to Brantley, who’s only been in the big leagues for a little less than a couple months), and instead makes actual progress. If the Indians screw this guy up … then the Dolans may need to seriously re-evaluate the organization, from the ground up.” [Deep Left Field]

Image: Paul Tople, Akron Beacon Journal

  • ben

    I’m holding a LeBron James Pep-rally right now at work every time my screen saver starts

  • Fortunes in American Slang

    Would Lebron have shown up to the Appreciation Day had it been held in Cleveland?

  • Matt#2

    Frownie, what can you say about Frownie?
    Some days you love him, some days, well….

    But that was a nice piece.

    It is (to me) healthy, even necessary, for local institutions to publicly recognize local individuals.

  • Vare-A-Jay

    I think there being 5,000 (or 8,500 according to some sources) on hand is just a sign of it being: A) Summer B) Father’s Day weekend & C) Lebron being steadfast in not making his decision public. Had he signed an extension with the Cavs already there may have bene more people. Had he made it known he was going to Chicago, or NY, or Portland (Really? Portland?) there may have been less people. All it accomplished is Akron telling LBJ they love him and LBJ telling them he loves them back.

  • mgbode

    So, the PDX is holding LeBron rallies on Father’s Day and Sam Smith is trying to make a case for LeBron to sign with the Twolves.

    Just can’t wait until the NBA draft is over and we can really get geared up on LeBron mania.

    the Warriors trade a backup guard? THEY MUST BE GOING AFTER JAMES.

    the Mavs and Bobcats swap 2nd round picks? THEY MUST BE GOING AFTER JAMES.

    Good times.

  • Mike

    There was, what, a 10% chance LeBron would be at that rally? If people were sure he was going to be there, it would have been 20,000 easy.

    By the way, the notion that Browns fans would show up to watch some of the players play flag football isn’t loyalty, it’s stupidity. The whole “football is king” element is laughable when you see how many empty seats there were in the middle of last season. Browns fans are just as fickle as any other fans, they’re just a little more gullible at the start of each season.

  • ben

    @Mike: I think it’s only recently that football has lost its “kingship.” 10 years of terrible football with no conceivable end in sight has soured even the most die-hard of browns fans.

    Myself included.

  • mgbode

    how many fans did the Buckeyes get for their spring “game”?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    The Reboot FOOBAWW BE KING note made me do a dismissive motion.

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com Cleveland Frowns

    Matt, thanks. I think someone said something once about pleasing some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time.

    As for DK, he’s right. You guys keep missing points relating to football being an inherently more interesting game than basketball and football’s unique connection with this area. Absurd to even suggest that football’s lost its kingship here. Watch what happens if they even go 7-9 this season. Let alone if they had anything comparable to LeBron. If the latter ever happened this area might turn itself into the first fully sustainable utopian tailgate in human history. All year round.

  • Cavalette23

    #4 @Vare-A-Jay D)Had Lebron publicly commited to attending the event, InfoCision would have been packed to the rafters–and others would have lined the streets of Akron.

    However, True Lebron Enthusiasts know that if an event is given in his honor, on the Campus of Akron U, or at his beloved St. Vincent-St. Marys–it is extremely likely that he will attend…For,he is drawn to those campuses,like a magnet.

    Also, if Jay Z, Drake, or Young Jeezy gives a concert at Blossom or in any Cleveland/Akron venue it is highly probable that the Chosen One will be in attendance to perform live, as well.

  • John W Sharp

    LEBRON WANTS TO GET OUT OF CLEVELAND. How come no one wants to talk about this. It’s too painful. Some people want to get out of LA. what’s the big deal.

    The big deal is Cleveland’s massive inferiority complex and painful sensitivity to rejection: “How come nobody want’s to come here. How come we can’t ever win anything. What’s the matter with us?”

    Lebron was with us for 7 years; I appreciate that. Let’s love him wherever he goes. goes. I