Delonte West Gets Sentenced, Awaits NBA’s Decision on Suspension

After having his court date pushed back until after the end of the NBA season, Cavaliers guard Delonte West has officially been given a sentence following his mid-September arrest.  West and his team of representatives reached a plea with the state of Maryland that resulted in the much-discussed player being handed a punishment of eight months electronic monitoring, two years probation, 40 hours of community service as well as psychological counseling.

The Associated Press reported early Thursday morning that West was expected to plead guilty to charges of carrying concealed weapons and transporting loaded weapons – both stemming from the incident in which West was pulled over for reportedly cutting off a police officer.  Upon a search, West was allegedly found to have two loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun (in a guitar case) and a 22-centimetre Bowie knife while speeding on a three-wheel motorcycle.  The player, turning 27-years old this month, claimed that he was simply transporting the weapons from one home to another per his mother’s request.

Both charges were of the misdemeanor variety.  West was reportedly ashamed, claiming that he was concerned that he has let down those children that look up to him due to his profession.

Averaging 8.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists, West was the victim of a tumultuous 2009-10 season that saw him produce his worst numbers as a member of Cavaliers.  Suffering many ups and downs due to a bipolar disorder, West missed the entire preseason as well as various stretches throughout the course of the year, playing in 60 of a possible 82 games.  Looking as if he was overcoming his issues, West shot a combined 1-for-12 for 8 points (and four turnovers) in the final three games against the Boston Celtics.

Loaded with plenty of talent and a considerable amount of baggage, West has a very favorable contract heading into the 2010-11 season that has subsequently resulted in the guard being placed on the trading block.  Given the current state of the team and the roller coaster which was provided to both parties during the prior year, it is anticipated that the Cavaliers do not see West as a part of their future.

Regardless of his future team, it is widely assumed that West will be suspended for at least three games in the 2010-11 season.

Video of the incident and West arriving to court can be found below:

  • bigredwitness

    Not saying he’s gonna be back, but man I hope so (maybe we can release him and sign him to a new deal?). There is no one on the Cavs roster I enjoy watching play more than this man. Keep your head up Delonte!

  • JNeids

    “22-centimetRE?” Where are we, Canada???

    Seriously though, after the 08-09 season, ‘Te was easily tied for my second favorite Cav with Andy. It really is sad to see how far he has fallen (not talking about my list).

  • MattC

    Pretty fortunate for him not to be going to jail.

    Now he can get back to comforting Gloria

  • MattyFos

    So Deltone wasn’t all “drugged” up during his arrest? His driving makes it seems like he was. Maybe he was daydreaming about driving to the basket..

  • hectorakacd

    I would like to see LilRedz in a Cavs Uniform one more time against the Heat, just to see the ovation he gets in front of the “Lequeen”.

  • mgbode

    cmon. are we really so classless to use an unsubstantiated rumor as a taunt?

    delonte is going to be cut because of his salary structure. not sure if we trade him first or if we sign him back either way.

    because of this general sentiment, i am hoping that we do not.

  • dgriff13

    I’ll miss Delonte, got my number at #13…. wish we could find a way to keep him around. He’s only turning 27…
    wish him luck, wherever he goes.

  • hectorakacd

    It might be a little classless but so was the way he left.

  • mgbode

    so showing as much class as LeBron makes us any better, how?

  • Ohrly

    Delonte is one of my favorite Cavs to watch. I’m glad he’s avoided jail time, but I’m also glad he was stopped by police before anything tragic happened.

  • MattC

    Oh get over yourself mgbode. And for what it’s worth, this rumor is far from unsubstantiated. It’s got serious legs among people on the business side in the Cavs organization and with some players’ agents, too.

    Can’t wait for Shaq to start running his big mouth.

  • Denny

    I’m honestly shocked that he didn’t get charged with driving while impaired. Then again, pretty much everyone on the Beltway drives like that, plus or minus 7 swerves per minute.

  • jimkanicki

    gotta hand it to him. he had enough sense to tell the cops he was (heavily) armed. cops appreciate this.

    now why he was armed…

    who among of will devote two years of their life to writing the screenplay of the the 2010 cavs? there are dollars to be had here my friends.

  • 5KMD

    JNeids, your line of, “‘Te was easily tied for my second favorite Cav with Andy” made me laugh. I’m not sure why but saying someone is EASILY tied with someone else for second place is kind of comical, especially on a Friday.

  • mgbode

    mattc – not sure how to ‘get over myself’ i’ll try some backflips.

    even if completely true, i think it’s classless to bring up. sorry for having ethics?

    besides, we have plenty of ammo on LeBron. we don’t need to stoop to that level to get it.