Great Lakes Produces “Quitness” Ale Paying Homage to LeBron James

By now, you have likely seen the shirts and YouTube videos that have provided Cavalier fans an outlet to unleash their collective angst.  Adding to the mix is one of Cleveland’s own, Great Lakes Brewing Company – the award winning microbrewery on Cleveland’s west side – via their limited production of “Quitness,” a dry and bitter pale ale named after the recently-departed LeBron James.

Great Lakes has long produced beers that are references to city-specific occurrences as well as a handful of sports-related names.  The use of the dry and bitter ale for “Quitness” is means which to epitomize the mood of the collective Cavalier fan base.

“Connecting to our city, our fans and our community has made Great Lakes Brewing Company what it is today,” said co-owner Patrick Conway via the GLBC website.  “Making lemonade out of lemons comes naturally as evidenced by some of our other beers like the Burning River Pale Ale and Blackout Stout.  Rest assured Cleveland – GLBC isn’t going anywhere and we will continue to win world [beer] championships.”

On the night of The Decision, Great Lakes planned on selling all of their burgers for $6 had LeBron James announced his desire to remain in Cleveland.  The new, limited edition ale is a decent consolation prize.  Quitness will only be available for a limited time.  The “training camp” is set to kick off this Wednesday at 4PM and will be for the having while supplies last.  While having a “Quitness” bottle would have made for a decent collectible, Great Lakes’ willingness to cater to the Cleveland fans continues to be appreciated by many.

Other sports-related brews featured by Great Lakes Brewing Company throughout the year include The Stein Bach (named after the Cleveland Browns offensive lineman), Cleveland Brown Ale and (site favorite) Wit ‘Till Next Year.

  • Eli

    3 cheers for beer.

  • Alex

    Love me some Great Lakes beer

  • Jason

    Hooray for beer! Not to be a killjoy, but multiple reports have Z going to Miami, and Al Jefferson dealt to the Jazz. We’re running out of options very quickly…

  • MP34

    @Jason, Windy is reporting Z to the Heat.

    I love Great Lakes beer.

  • Titus Pullo

    Those guys are the best!

  • Tom

    I still like the name Betray Ale better, but I’ll drink it all the same.

  • dgriff13

    I need to get back over there and go to the brewery for once. Like, now.

  • Stinkfist

    With so much brewin at GLBC,
    its kinda hard being stuck in the 7-1-3,
    but they, somehow, some way,
    keep comin up with tasty a** sh** like every single day

  • MattC

    Love GLBC… a community staple, for sure. Can’t wait to try Quitness tonight on my birthday… Z gave me a wonderful birthday gift… leaving Cleveland :/

  • opchee

    @Stinkfist #8:

    Rollin down the Q, burnin jerseys, sippin on gin and juice
    Quitness [with my mind on the decision and the decision on my mind]

  • stin4u

    I can’t blame Z…I still love him, and beer as well. Lebron is a butt head.

  • MattC

    I’m still digesting how I feel about Z. I know in the end, I won’t hate him or anything like that. I also know I will not be rooting for the Heat, no matter how much I want to see him get a ring. But, I don’t know where my true feelings will end up falling in between those extremes. At any rate, it’s a tough pill to swallow.

  • Stinkfist

    I wish Z the best, but there were 28 other teams he could have gone to. Now I can’t root for him.
    Also, we all need to be careful how we handle Z leaving and going to Miami. We want nothing but the worst for LeBron and the Heat because our homegrown star ditched us and was a jacka** about it, yet we all want to wish our longest-tenured player (well, kinda) and fan favorite the best as he leaves us for one last shot at a ring. Just keep that paradox in the back of our minds as we post, as I guarantee some d***head from Miami, Boston, or New York will call us out on setting a double standard.

  • stin4u

    In the words of Sergio Roma from get him to the greek…Lebron is getting his mind____ on. My head is spinning…I think I need to lay down.