Rediscovering the Tribe, as they beat Rays 3-1 in rain

I took a seat along the right field fence in the sixth inning after the rain delay put the Indians-Rays game on pause for a while, and according to my estimates, there were about six thousand or so other fans who joined me.  While looking around, I couldn’t help but think that these sports fans are what Cleveland’s all about.  These are diehard Tribe fans, and they don’t really care that their clothes are now saturated with rain water, the beer guys were gone, or that their team was 12.5 games back.  Whoever wants to sneak away to South Beach can, they’ll be here in Cleveland rooting for the Tribe.  I mention this, not to infer that I’m one of these fans right now, but because I feel I owe the Indians, and this contingent of supporters, an apology.  

I became bitter over the last year towards the Indians, and I’m not proud of it.  Losing to the Red Sox a few years back in that game five at home hurt.  As I then watched Cy Young winner after Cy Young winner leave over the last couple seasons, I decided I’d make a personal protest for the 2010 campaign.  I paid attention to the Tribe, but didn’t watch a full inning until after the All Star Break.  Ridiculous idea.  As a Cleveland fan, I went all in on the Cavaliers emotionally, and turned up my nose towards the organization that actually got us as close as we might ever get to a title in this town…twice.  I was wrong.  It took ‘the decision’ to make me realize that.  I went to my first game this season last Friday to watch Westbrook get the W, and watched Carmona notch number ten yesterday.  I’m 2-0 this season, and I’ll be working my way back to the Tribe for the duration.

So on the actual game, Shin Soo Choo jumped off the DL and offered a web gem in collision with the wall for the first out and it was a huge play.  Fourth pitch of the game, Choo snagged what would have been a double, and could’ve rattled Carmona early.  But he caught it, Carmona settled in, and ended up pitching five innings, allowing only one run, on one hit, and struck out seven.  He looked like that All Star he was a couple weeks ago, and over the last eight he’s 6-2 (10-7 overall). 

Another All Star type play was the laser Santana offered to prevent that theft of second base, I mean you can’t throw that ball any better.  Offensively, while Santana didn’t get a hit, he did walk twice and accounted for one of the three RBI’s.  The other two runs were driven in by Choo who went 1 for 3 on the night, as well as Trevor Crowe who went yard in the sixth.  Crowe went 2 for 3 on the rain shortened game, Asdrubal Cabrera 3 for 4, and Micheal Brantley went 1 for 3 with a walk while scoring twice.

Those two runs scored by Brantley were all the Indians needed in the end.  The Rays only manged one run when Jaso Jago drove in Carlos Pena in the second.  When the game was officially called in the 7th, the Indians had notched their 18th straight home win over Tampa Bay – which is crazy by the way – and their 41st overall of the season. 

Said Rays Manager Joe Maddon on his club’s inability to win in the CLE after the game:

“We have not played well here or done anything consistently well here.  Why? I have no idea, but it’s true.”

What’s also true, is that we’ll be getting a real good idea of what these young kids are made of on this team over the next week.  They have the Rays at home tonight, finish up on Sunday, and then open a four game set with the Yankees through Thursday – all at home.  So if you can relate at all to any of my thoughts to open, I suggest you head down to Progressive Field at somepoint over the next week.  It helps the healing process, believe me on that.

  • MattyFos


  • Greg

    I also gave up on the Tribe this year, and have started paying attention again after The Decision. But I disagree that it was wrong to give up on them. Trading Lee and Martinez with a full year left on their deals was an specific message to the fans that management was giving up on this season. I stuck through 2003 because the moves made sense. But I still don’t understand why you give up two of your best players a year and a half early unless the deals blow you away–and no one seemed to think these were that kind of deal. That said, I’m happy to be done punishing them and excited to see what they can do this year and in the future.

  • Dirtywax

    I’ll third the sentiment of not paying attention to the Tribe. I’m back on board, for better or worse.

  • jimkanicki

    me too. i’m sucked in. god help us. let’s go masterson! come on shelly duncan!

    because seriously… our karma bank is maxed out. something good — no great — has to happen for us.

    it’ll go like this:
    1. lovable low salary indians win world series… beating lee in division round, sabathia in alcs.
    2. jake delhomme leads browns to super bowl. hardesty rookie of the year. lawrence vickers unlikely super bowl mvp.

    [and while we’re at it.]

    3. cleveland clinic cures cancer. cuyahoga-summit become medical corridor driving employment and property values on a scale greater than silicon valley. lebron’s palace that sold to josh cribbs in 2010 for 1.5M is worth 30M five years later.
    4. wade and james want to finish their careers with cavs but hickson and boobie tell them to screw because it’s their team now.

    [wow. these are very easy to write.]

    5. the asian carp carries the pathogen key to cleclinic’s cancer cure and thus the lake erie fishery thrives.
    6. dan gilbert’s fledgling entertainment/sport programming network partners with nfl and nba networks for exclusive broadcast rights. this leads to cutbacks in bristol. stu scott out of work.

    ok, that’ll do for now.. that was fun.

  • chompchomp

    I can safely say that I never stopped paying attention. As ticked off as I was (am) about Lee and The Vic, players like Cabrera, Choo, and the new ’95ers kept my interest piqued. Grab your seat on the bandwagon now, friends. Next year could be huge.

    … and by the way,

    “the asian carp carries the pathogen key to cleclinic’s cancer cure and thus the lake erie fishery thrives.”


  • Christopher

    I smell 2007 in about 2 years.

    I too have kept the tribe at an arms distance this year (text alerts but no actual live viewership).

    In SMS alerts alone though they have kept me interested in the new kids on the block. The article mentions Choo and Santana but don’t turn away from Nix, Donalds, Crowe, LaPorta and hopefully Chisenhaul soon.

    We find some pitching and the next 2-3 years coil be very interesting with this team.

  • DK

    i never stopped watching. i will never stop following them, as I understand the economics of baseball.

  • Karsten

    I’ve kept up to date with every single game, listening to a number of them even as I sit here in my dorm room in Australia. When you love a city and you love a sport as much as I do, you can’t tear your eyes away. As always, if nothing else, I hope we keep wrecking other central division contender’s hopes. Namely CWS and DET.

  • Pat18970

    Can’t help but think where the Tribe would be this year with Lee and Martinez still around. We’d still have Choo, Cabrera, La Porta, Crowe and Santana (with Vic playing first). Not a bad team at all… and fewer alienated fans.

    Maybe not in the division race, but certainly within shouting distance. Lee alone would mean 7-8 more wins.

    We would not have had to suffer through the Branyan and Marson experiments. The only missing pieces from today’s roster would be Donald and Masterson… both easily replaceable at this point.