While We’re Waiting… Trading Telfair, A-Rod’s 600th HR and Browns O-Line

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Say it ain’t so, Sebastian: “They really had to go ahead and make Telfair a throw-in? Telfair was my island of happiness in this hellstorm of an offseason. Whatever happened, I could always look forward to Telfair getting real minutes in an up-tempo system. The man is a genius in the open floor, at least in flashes. He’s just been stuck in half-court systems since his sophomore season. Now he’s stuck in the triangle, not to mention 40 other point guards. I didn’t need to see Telfair live up to his potential as a great change-of-pace distributor/scorer guard in a run-and-gun system. What bothers me is that he’ll likely never get a real chance. This one really took the wind out of my sails.” [Cavs the Blog]

The Ohio State men’s basketball team will still wear LeBron James apparel on the court [Doug Lesmerises]

About that A-Rod home run: “If you’re sitting in Section 181, Row J, in the aisle seat between Section 180 and 181 tonight, I hope you brought your glove.

The folks at SeatGeek have determined that your seat is “The Money Seat” – i.e., the spot where Alex Rodriguez’s 600th career home run is most likely to land. It’s going to land in the aisle, so be nimble enough to catch it on the stairs.” [CastroTurf]

Four. More. Days. A look at the Browns offensive line heading into the 2010 season. [Dawgs by Nature]

And finally, Team USA is no longer LeBron’s: “Team USA has fallen into the capable hands of Kevin Durant, and while it’s easy to praise his commitment when KD has yet to even suit up for Team USA in a real game, he actually seems to be the most suitable face for the program going forward. Team USA’s renaissance has always been more about Kobe than LeBron, and it’s Durant that shares Bryant’s ridiculous drive, obsessive focus, and incredible will. The Durantula is humble and hungry, and though he never asked to be the leader of this team — and he won’t, ever — it just makes too much sense for him not to be.” [Hardwood Paroxysm]

Joshua Gunter, The Plain Dealer

  • JK

    Figured tOSU would stick with LBJ brand. Which is sad cause I won’t buy a thing tOSU bball while they have that on it. I had a bunch of OSU bball shirts that are now in shreds or ashes cause of him, including one of my favorite tOSU shooting shirts.

  • http://twitter.com/dj_2 DJ

    Man, why does KD have to play for that franchise? I want to see him succeed…but I can’t, not for that team and that owner. (I’m still bitter about the Sonics’ move from Seattle; that won’t ever change.)

  • Stinkfist

    Why did Telfair need to be included in that deal? We are under the cap (right?), so the salaries wouldnt be an issue. My thought is Cleveland just didn’t want him anymore as he would have created a log-jam at PG. I would have liked to see him stick around though, see what he could do. Oh well

  • jimkanicki

    i’ve seen simmons all burnt up about the the sonics move to okc. i admit i don’t know the particulars on the ‘why’ of the franchise move. but are you (figurative) really asking me, a clevelander, to feel sorry for seattle? microsoft-boeing-frasier-nirvana seattle??

    eff-off. seattle is fine without the sonics.

    meanwhile okc was nothing but great when they hosted the hornets and was the best playoff crowd last year when they had the lakers. i’m really happy they’re there.

    nope sorry.. this is one franchise move i can’t be outraged by.

  • http://shakesthesnowglobe.blogspot.com EZ


    We are not under the cap. When the Cavs decided to trade Lebron for the four Miami draft picks they retained the rights to all their free agents in order to stay over the cap and make use of the traded player exception they received from Miami. If the Cavs were under the cap the team would no longer get the TPE. They did this 1) for the draft picks and 2) because freeing all of their cap space would put them roughly $12M under the cap and the TPE they got for Lebron was $14M. They actually have a bit more flexibility to take on salary in trade by staying over the cap this year.


    I believe the new owner came in stating he wouldn’t move the team and then when Seattle wouldn’t build a new stadium (because they just built a new stadium for one of the other teams) he bolted to OKC. It came out later that he likely planned the move to OKC even before he bought the team, and likely picked the Sonics because he knew Seattle wouldn’t build another new arena so soon. In fairness, apparently that arena was the worst in the NBA. It’s not quite as fishy as Modell to Baltimore but it still doesn’t smell great.

  • Charlie

    I’m sure they wanted Telfair just an insurance since Flynn is hurt. But I agree with Cavs the Blog, this guy needs a shot. He’s always that one player just thrown in to make trades work.

  • Stinkfist

    I keep forgetting the details about the cap. TPEs, #6, Z, Shaq, Delonte… ahhh! Thanks EZ.
    Any word on the Cavs helping get Shaq out of town for anything? Might as well. Send him to whomever needs him to beat Miami. Get a second rounder and/or a C/SF with a short contract, fine by me

  • jj

    Sebastian Telfair = Ben Gay

  • Tim

    I keep hearing that the Hawks want Shaq the most, and given Shaq’s salary demand, we’d have to sign-and-trade him. That would be another trade with no downside since Shaq was never coming back here, and maybe we could even get a player that fills a need!