Derek Anderson Causes Cleveland Twitter Explosion

Last night with the Indians idle and the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football, a strange thing happened.  People started looking forward to seeing Matt Leinart’s backup Derek Anderson in pre-season action.  Obviously, you can guess how that went for Browns fans.  There wasn’t necessarily any cheering against DA, but there was a lot of, “Yup.  That’s the guy we know.”  Derek Anderson came in and threw some impressive passes in his first drive.  He got the Cards all the way to the Titans’ three yard line.  Then he fired a bullet to a crossing receiver at the back of the end zone.  Fired the bullet so hard that it went right through the receiver’s arms at mach 11.  Then on a slant, his receiver did well to gain inside position.  DA fired another bullet… three feet behind him.  It glanced off the receiver’s hands.  The Cards eventually settled for a field goal.

On Twitter the Cleveland fans were getting after it.  As I said, they weren’t necessarily rooting against him, but there was almost relief that what we saw DA do in Cleveland is what DA is doing now in Arizona.  As paranoid fans, we constantly worry that a guy will be able to do something somewhere else that he wasn’t able to do here.  We fear that there could be something in the water.  We fear that statement of, “Well, now that he is out of Cleveland he can finally get to work.”

The Browns’ most active Tweeter Eric Wright is still trying to understand Cleveland. He was chatting with the fans and trying to figure out why so many people were “hatin” on Derek Anderson.

I see theres a lotta HATE out there fa DA.. Smh it pains me to even read sum of this stuff.. #NotCool

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Im fine wit that. I guess I jus dont do HATE very well. It def comes wit the territory tho #shrug

Some Cleveland fans reminded Eric Wright about the time that Derek Anderson got hurt and fans were either cheering on Brady Quinn to replace DA or cheering that DA got injured.  I would like to think it was mostly the former, but I am sure it was a bit of both.  I won’t lump everyone in obviously.  Anyway, Wright communicates with Cleveland fans very well.

Ima VERY forgiving person. However I do wonder how Id feel if I suffered a season ending injury at Browns Stadium n the crowd cheered in joy

All good tho.. Good talk.. I appreciate u guys keepin it sumwat respectful.. Glad we can have a coo discussion witout makin it a big deal

And so it goes in the instantaneous virtual water cooler of Twitter.  Derek Anderson plays and Cleveland can unite online to talk about it with current Cleveland Browns players.  Technology rules.

  • Joseph

    I sat at home last night watching the game and was waiting to see Derek and how he’d look. He pretty much did exactly what I thought.. threw a really really sweet pass on 3rd down to get them in the red zone and then throws two dreadful passes inside the 5-yard line.

    I don’t really hate or like the guy and if he does well in Arizona then so be it.. to me it’s a little curious and stunning how someone can throw some of the best passes that spiral perfectly into the receiver’s arms and then throw some that look worse than a 2-year old’s attempt.

  • MrCleaveland

    The Day the Spelling Died

  • dwhit

    ” Derek Anderson came in and threw some impressive passes in his first drive. He got the Cards all the way to the Titans’ three yard line.”

    I still think we should have used BQ as a “goal line QB” last season. Any time DA gets the team inside the 10, in comes BQ to try to punch it in. It would have worked towards both guys’ strengths… BQ loves to throw short, DA needs a ton of field to work with.

    Seriously, I’m only partially tongue-in-cheek right now.

  • Chuck

    Twitter forces bad spelling because of it’s character limits.

  • AdapterDesign

    @4 Does it also force double periods?

    Most of that poor spelling and grammar has nothing to do with character limits and everything to do with not drafting them for their eloquence.

  • Largebill

    I can see Wright’s point of view. He as a player understands that an injury is a possibility every time he enters a game. So, if players feel fans are cheering an injury to a teammate they naturally wonder “would they laugh and cheer if I blow out my knee?” Sometimes we as fans lose our sense of perspective. I would hope any cheering that coincided with an injury were cheers of encouragement for the player coming into the game. However, I’m not quite naive enough to completely buy that notion. I think Savage/Crennell/Mangini mishandled the QB situation. However, I can’t hate the guy wearing the uniform going out to do his best. I want them to do well and am disappointed when they don’t, but that doesn’t translate to hate. The problem with the Browns since returning has been an inability to consistently evaluate talent, inability to prepare the talent and a clear lack of understanding of the value of draft picks. Neither Quinn nor Anderson drafted Braylon Edwards or Gerard Warren or traded up for Winslow.

  • mike

    I love DA, even though he dissed Cleveland. I’m a apologist for DA, like the apologists that still love Lebron.

  • ben

    2 items:

    1) Eric Wright is a really cool guy.
    2) I watched the game last night WANTING to see DA fail. I was not disappointed. In my opinion, his 1 good season and no one’s ability to recognize it as a fluke set the Browns re-re-re-rebuilding back another 4 to 5 years. I’m bitter and I’m tired of seeing “our” athletes thriving when they skip town.

  • ben

    Also, Matt Leinhart looks pretty bad.

    It’s going to be BQ vs. DA Part 2: Rumble in the Desert.

  • Harv 21

    And how ’bout that Matt Leinart, Mr. Can’t Miss. Entering his 5th season and fighting DA to be a starter. Of course DA is probably optimistic as always – “Whoa, last year I was as good as a late first rounder and this year I’m as good as the 10th overall pick.”

  • humboldt

    I still think DA will be a good NFL quarterback. I wouldn’t call myself an apologist – his time was clearly up in Cleveland and his relationship w/ the team and city had become toxic. But he has all the attributes you look for, and just needs more seasoning and a stable organization.

    Craig, I don’t buy the “throwing too hard” line. If you’re an NFL receiver, just catch the ball like you do on the Juggs machine. The margins of being open are so brief in the NFL that QBs sometimes need to fire passes at short distances.

  • MattyFos

    I don’t hate DA. BUT, I do love the guy. he proved me right over and over and over and over and over again. And for that I’m thankful..

    The hate-filled Browns fans are the fans who bought DA jerseys and bought into the DA hysteria. They ignored the interceptions and the incomplete passes, the games lost because of untimely interceptions and incomplete passes. The angry fans saw 3000 passing yards and 28 touchdowns. Then were brought back to reality when the NFL caught onto DA and got game tape to scout…

  • Harv 21

    @Humboldt: agree that DA at least has a chance to be a good QB, not because he has the necessary attributes but because osmosis may do its magic if he can hang around long enough. Right now he can’t read a defense, goes color blind and panicky in the red zone, and has no feel for details of the game like clock management. He does have that gun, though, and some dull bulbs eventually get it. Vinny T. and Jim Plunkett come to mind, and even Bradshaw had trouble early on.

    More likely DA’s another Scott Mitchell, a guy with some physical ability who had one great year in the right system, signed a big contract and disappeared.

  • paulbip

    At one time it was said that Americans could only speak english. Those were the good old days.

  • Cavalette23

    I some how figured that last night’s discussion between “The Browns’ most active Tweeter Eric Wright,” and Cleveland fans would be commented on your WFNY site today!!….Man,I love the “instantaneous virtual water cooler of Twitter”

  • ClevelandSouth

    How about a Leinart/BQ – DREAM BOAT FINALS

  • DP

    But he has all the attributes you look for…

    Except accuracy…

    DA’s like the pitcher who can throw 99 MPH but can’t locate. He’s going to get some big strikeouts, but he’s also going to walk six guys per nine and drive you crazy with his inconsistency.

  • Robbie

    It’s easy to see that the majority of people “want” DA to fail for said reason: We don’t want someone who couldn’t get it done here to go somewhere else and be wildly successful.

    That being said, he is who we thought he was. The look on Larry Fitzgerald’s face when DA threw that laser over the guy’s head in the endzone was classic. He’s imagining his stats falling through the floor.


    Yeah, not sure why nobody seems to realize this, but fans could NOT have been cheering for Quinn, as he was already out for the year with an injury. Anderson had already been benched because the organization once again bowed to it’s fan base. He was playing in place of an injured Quinn. But hey, let’s not let the facts get in the way, here.

  • WaltWayne2

    What is it with the Cleveland fans? Your crazy wanting to win has driven many a jock to NOT perform at his best. Now it is wanting DA to flop in another city? That is just sick………. :(