Introducing WFNY Tickets

We’ve partnered with Tiq IQ in order to give you, the best fans in the world a spot on the net to find the best tickets available for all the Cleveland teams.

Here’s the premise- you want to go to a sold out game, or you’d like better seats than what is available from the team. Instead of searching through all these different websites to see who has what tickets available, you can simply go to WFNY Tickets.

Powered by Tiq IQ, WFNY Tickets is an aggregate of sorts for secondary ticket brokers. You can view your choices and purchase tickets right from WFNY Tickets.

Why shouldn’t your favorite site for Cleveland sports info also be your spot to find the best seats?

Here’s a summary of all the things they provide:

1. Aggregated Listings: They aggregate listings from sites like StubHub, eBay, Ticketsnow and TicketNetwork.

2. TiqZone Categorization: They break each venue up into TiqZones, which are groupings of sections that we’ve determined are comparable in value.

3. TiqIQ Statistics: They provide ticket-level buying intelligence through our IQ rating and TiqIQ Statistics.

Have a look at their FAQ if you have any more questions on how the service works:

In addition to all of the above, we’ll also be working with TiqIQ to provide interesting and helpful information and graphics about what’s going on in the ticket market. Have a look at their blog to get a sense for the kinds of thing they’ve done before at

Today you can purchase your Browns tickets, like for Saturday’s exhibition tilt against the Rams. I know what you’re thinking- full price for a preseason game? Well, take a look at WFNY Tickets. There are plenty of seats available for under $10!

Cavs and Indians tickets will be available soon as well!

  • Kunal

    you guys are amazing

  • Tommy

    Could you put Bucks tickets on there too please?

  • sleepless in cincinnati

    This is pretty cool. Nicely done WFNY.

    On a side note – I hate to see tix for the pre season game can be purchased for less than $10 since I am a season tix holder and pay the full $60 for each game including the pre season.

    Go Browns!!

  • Rick

    Thanks Kunal. We’re cooking up a few more things that I think you will like.

    Tommy, Tiq IQ is in the process of getting NCAA tickets as well. WHen they secure their agreements, you can be sure Ohio State tickets will be on WFNY Tickets.

  • Mike Mayer

    Quite possibly the greatest thing of all time.

  • lilOUmikey

    ok so TipIQ pretty much interfaces its site into an ad on an affiliated site (WFNY)? Like there will be a or something like that? I understand the idea for the site but I’m confused as to how its laid out?

  • Rick

    Click the link. It’s easy to navigate and understand the site. We will have a widget in the sidebar soon that you can use to see what tickets are available, and to get to the ticket page.

  • Charlie

    Y’alls are gettin’ fancy!

  • bobby

    This is pretty cool. Im definitely checkin it out whenever i can get to a game.

  • Ezzie

    So who wants 50-yard line seats for this weekend? The Browns’ site won’t let me sell for under face…

    Cool stuff.

  • JK

    Im on the same page as #3

    It sucks that the NFL runs some sort of monopoly forcing their most loyal customers (PSL holders) to buy their preseason games for full price. Tickets we cant sell for 1/4 of face value. But they dont care cuz they get the money for it. Absolutly ridiculous.

  • TiqIQ

    @Ezzie, right now we don’t have the ability to list tickets directly, but it’s something we’re thinking about. If you want to sell your tickets for below face, I’d recommend listing on Stubhub where there are no limitations on list price.

  • Tommy

    Thanks Rick, good stuff.

  • bobby

    How much you want Ezzie?

  • Andrew

    Also, to make things easier for you guys, we have registered the domain Not that we don’t appreciate you clicking through from our site, but if you ever want quick access to the site directly, you can just use that domain ( and get your tickets instantly.

  • The Conductor

    How about Browns away games? I’m going to the Saints/Browns game in New Orleans this year. A little Bourbon Street Magic please….

  • TiqIQ

    @theConductor. We’re working on getting them up on the site. Should be before the season starts. For now, get your big easy Browns fix here:

  • MattyFos

    WFNY never fails to impress

  • Denny

    If this scores me OSU/Da U tix I’m all aboot it.

  • Ike


  • scott

    Is there any Promo Codes to type in most ticket companies offer good discounts

  • Rick

    @scott- As the different ticket agencies offer discounts and promotions they will be passed along to our readers.

  • Ezzie

    @bobby – Anything fair. They’re upper deck 50-yard line middle of the section. E-mail me (
    @TiqIQ – Let me know by email once you do, that would be great!

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