While We’re Waiting… Cavalier Uniforms, Woody’s Paper Boy, and Tomlin’s Innings

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The new kits get a thumbs up: “The differences are both subtle and dramatic — taking the deeper shade of burgundy for the new jersey, and removing all the side piping and the blue accents — going for a very simple and elegant two-color (burgundy and gold) jersey with five-collar stripes (gold-burgundy-gold-burgundy-gold on the roads, with the opposite sequence on the homes). The numbers on the roads are gold on a burgundy field and burgundy on a white field for the homes. That striping pattern is repeated on the road and home waist band and hems, respectively.

Like the Jazz, who unveiled Monday, this takes elements of their original jersey set and updates them. Very simple and subtle, and very effective.” [Uniwatch Blog]

A crazy good story… “Growing up in Upper Arlington two streets over from where Woody [Hayes] lived was very special. I was also his paper boy for four years. Back then Columbus had two newspapers — the Columbus Citizen Journal and the Columbus Dispatch. The CJ was the early morning paper and this was the one I delivered. Coach would be waiting for the paper every morning as I delivered it at 6. If the paper was late coach was not in a very good mood. It didn’t matter if it was my fault or the paper’s fault. His quote was always the same, “Damn it Billy, where is my paper?” I always got a chuckle out of coach bitching about the paper being late.” [Dodds and Ends]

An interview with  J.R. Moehringer, the GQ Columnist who produced the latest LeBron James dial-moving interview. [Kevin Arnovitz/TrueHoop]

Seems to be a consensus sentiment: “This [signing day] could turn out to be quite a haul for the Indians. The Tribe was expected to sign three, maybe even four of the five, most likely failing to sign either Washington (a Scott Boras client) or Wolters (who had high demands as well, and probably slid to the third round because of that). They landed all of them.

People ask me what the Indians do with the money they supposedly saved when they traded away Russell Branyan, Jake Westbrook, Austin Kearns, Kerry Wood, and Jhonny Peralta. Here’s your answer, folks.” [Deep Left Field]

And finally, saving Josh Tomlin: “What’s wrong with the right-handed starter? Nothing, and the Indians want to keep it that way. A prevailing theory that has been adopted by virtually all major-league teams is that starters 25 and younger should be strictly limited in the number of innings they throw per season. Shoulder and elbow fatigue can lead to injury, and it has been postulated that 200 innings or more can put these starters in harm’s way.” [Sheldon Ocker]

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  • stin4u

    Thank god we didn’t get those variations of the blue alternate uni’s those looked absolutely horrible. These are really simple but I like them, a far cry from powder blue gradients.

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    Maybe it’s listening to my grandfather bitch about this over and over again… but what’s with the arm fatigue thing?

    Bob Feller:
    1938 — 277.2 Innings — 20 CG
    1939 — 296.2 Innings — 24 CG
    1940 — 320.1 Innings — 31 CG
    1941 — 343.0 Innings — 28 CG

    (grumble, grumble, grumble)

  • http://twitter.com/cpmack Chris

    Varejao also probably destroyed his ankle in an international game, according to Sam Amico’s twitter feed.

    They don’t normally take guys to the hospital for just rolling an ankle.

  • JK

    That Woody Hayes article is pretty cool. But I like how at the end it says please keep this to yourself and the guy published it to the whole world.

  • Pete

    Haha, ya amazing story, but I was wondering the same exact thing. Maybe he was joking when he said, “I know you’re a reporter, but don’t tell anyone.”

  • Mark

    @ Robbie- my question to you is, what do you think it is? Are the kids today just wimps? Are their arms, shoulders and elbows not as tough as the good old days? Or, maybe Feller was a freak and probably not a good comparison.

    I bet, because owners had not invested millions in these pitchers, they didn’t particularly care if they broke down left and right. We just never really knew why.

  • MattyFos

    @Mark, I think it may be because of the millions invested. With a side of kids throwing Curveballs at the age of 10. Those two scenarios is what makes Managers/GMs/Owners worried about over working arms early in careers.

  • JK

    If you read the comments, everybody is blasting him.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Walter Johnson used to pitch like mad too. It’s a different era, na’ mean.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    @Chris- I bet the gym they were playing in didn’t have an MRI or even an x-ray machine. Early reports I’ve seen on twitter are that it isn’t severe. Nothing official yet.

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