While We’re Waiting…Gibson ready, Browns rookies rising, More Antonetti rebuild discussion, Delhomme Sharp

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Boobie ready for more run: “With less than a month before the Sept. 28 start of training camp, Gibson is looking forward to erasing the memory of last season and making his mark in Scott’s up-tempo offense. Although he usually responded when called upon, he couldn’t seem to find a regular spot in Mike Brown’s rotation last year.  ‘I definitely feel like I didn’t get a fair chance,’ Gibson said of last season. ‘But as a person and a player I continue to work and have faith in God and the system we’ve put in that it will turn. That’s what I tried to do — continue to stay positive. I’m still continuing to work and hoping this year things will be different. I’m ready to play and ready to help.'” [Mary Schmitt Boyer/Plain Dealer]

Rookie output: “How about those rookies? Shawn Lauvao got the start at right guard, going against the Lions’ Ndamukong Suh and held his own. Both Joe Haden and T.J. Ward made a few good plays in the secondary. Wide receiver Carlton Mitchell took the ball on a perfectly-executed reverse, even though he was lit up at the end of the play. Even second-year players like Brian Robiskie (having his second impressive preseason game) and Mohamed Massaquoi look much improved.” [Steve DiMatteo/ Dawg Pound Daily]

The music of attending an OSU game: “So, if Michigan isn’t pissed off enough about Rich Rod or the Free Press, they can now get even more pissed since we’re stealing their songs and not only making them better, but making them part of our hallowed traditions.  There are other songs here and there that we all should probably remain familiar with, but in the end, TBDBITL is an integral part of the game day experience that I hope all Buckeye fans can appreciate; even those who can’t scrounge up the money to go to games. I had a friend last year who attended his first game at Ohio Stadium in his 21 years (unfortunately, it was the SC game), and he never noticed the band much beyond Script Ohio. Needless to say, he realized it’s different in person, and hopefully, everyone reading this who hasn’t will be able to make it to the Shoe and be able to fully appreciate the pageantry, which is something Ohio State does like no other school in the country.” [Sam/Eleven Warriors]

A boy named Suh: “In the second quarter of the Browns-Lions preseason game, Suh absolutely brutalized Delhomme. Suh grabbed Delhomme by the facemask, yanked him down as he threw the ball away, then tossed him to the Ford Field turf like a rag doll. It was an ugly, dirty play, albeit a play that showed the kind of fiery aggressiveness that makes for a great defensive tackle.  When the referee announced the penalty, the fans in Detroit started to boo, but if anything, Suh was lucky he got nothing more than a 15-yard facemask penalty. The ref easily could have given Suh two separate personal fouls, one for the facemask and one for throwing Delhomme down after the facemask, and even would have been justified in ejecting Suh. There’s no question that Suh will get fined by the league.” [Michael David Smith/Fanhouse]

Q&A with Chris Antonetti: “The plan is to get back to a championship-caliber team. What we need to do is be able to balance and make sure we have a good group of position players and balance that off with a very strong group of pitchers. I think when you look around the diamond, once you get past some of the injuries to some key guys, you can begin to see some talented players position by position across the diamond for most of the positions on the field.  Grady and Santana have the potential to be two elite-caliber players, and you balance that off by some of the development of the other guys that are getting opportunities this year and you begin to see that nucleus of position players starting to come together. I think we’re starting to see some guys solidify their roles in the bullpen. With Chris Perez closing games and some of the other guys in front of him starting to pitch more meaningful innings and have some success there.  The challenge then is to be able we make sure we align enough starting pitching around that team. That’s really what our focus has been as we’ve looked to acquire players in deals over the last year and a half, as we’ve looked to draft and sign guys as well. That will be something that will continue to be a focus for us as we go into the offseason.” [Pat McManamon/Fanhouse]

How nice…A tangent entitled “Browns offense is oddly fun to watch.” [Gregg Rosenthal/PFT]

Ragin’ cajun: “In three preseason games, Delhomme is 38-for-48 passing for 345 yards and two touchdown passes. He has not thrown an interception.  ‘I thought he was outstanding tonight and he’s been outstanding the whole preseason,’ Browns coach Eric Mangini said. ‘He’s pretty close to 80 percent completion. The way he runs the offense and gets us into good plays when we’re not necessarily in the best situation, that’s what I’m looking for from our quarterback. You want him to be efficient, but also be a really good decision maker.’  Against Detroit, the Browns’ no-huddle offense worked quickly, but also maintained possession. The Browns’ three drives that resulted in a touchdown consisted of 15, 10 and nine plays, respectively. In the first half, Cleveland owned time of possession 19:39-10:21.” [Don Delco/OBR]

  • http://www.msblsim.com boogeyman

    Is Gibson still on the Cavaliers? Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! I wonder if that great contract Ferry gave him has anything to do with it.

  • MrCleaveland

    It’s disturbing that none of the Browns offensive linemen got in Suh’s face and shoved him around after he rag-dolled our QB. You can’t just ignore something like that. Jake didn’t look the same after that, mishandling a couple snaps.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Brendan

    Agree – Pashos was standing there and I was just waiting for him to flip out and crush Suh.