While We’re Waiting… LeBron’s “Thank You,” Browns Defense, and Headbands in Miami

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What LeBron’s “Thank You” really meant to say… [Cleveland Hope]

Better late than never… “It has been almost 4 weeks since LeBron James made his decision to go to South Beach and I have calmed down and gained my senses back.  If I were to have written about it that Thursday night, it would have just been scattered and irrational thoughts thrown together.  I felt it my responsibility as a writer to wait, see the aftermath and then write a well thought out column.  Or at least try to.” [Thunder Treats]

Is “Munch” Bishop doubling as MySpace’s Mz Bootie? [’64 and Counting]

De-fense!!! (clap, clap): “Certainties in life are death, taxes and the Browns giving up around 150 yards rushing per game. Well, not anymore. I don’t think the Browns will be great on defense this year, but I think they will be much improved. The addition of Chris Gocong, Scott Fujita, and Sheldon Brown should make the defense better all around. But the real difference is going to be seen on the defensive line. By having Shaun Rogers play defensive end and inserting Rubin at nose tackle, the Browns will be extremely tough in the trenches. This will make it easier for the linebackers to make plays. The Browns only need to give up about 25 yards less a game on the ground to be in the top 20 and I think that can happen.” [No Logo Needed]

Headbanned? “Even though Winderman’s guess isn’t a definitive answer, LeBron will most definitely be headbanded next season. And really, it’s for the best. Seeing LeBron without his headband is like seeing Gene Simmons with his makeup off in that both of those are very weird. Once LeBron is bandless, you realize how old he looks and just how far back his hairline has been pushed back since joining the NBA as a teenager. The headband does wonders for him, and I’m glad it’ll be sticking around.” [Trey Kerby/BDL]

And finally, the audio of my appearance on yesterday’s edition of WMMS’ Alan Cox Show, talking Browns and LeBron [Alan Cox Show dot com]

(Jon Cole/WFNY)

  • Tim

    I wish LeBron couldn’t wear a headband next year. Take away the headband, the powder, and everything else he loves and then see how great LeBron is!

  • MattyFos

    What’s going to help the Browns defense out the most is the additional secondary help. We got two good (hopefully one great, Haden) corners this offseason. Plus we added Ward at Safety and Ward can be a huge plus. Also Asante will help out some too. This added talent to the secondary will be the reason for any defensive turnaround. We have the talent in the defensive backfield to free up Linebackers and Safties to blitz.

    You can’t do anything on defense if you can’t cover

  • Pete

    I agree matty,

    better coverage allows so much more aggression from the LB’s. I’d like to see what Rob Ryan can scheme up with a solid backfield. If it’s anything like the kind of blitz packages we saw against the squeelers this past year, it could be very fun to watch.

  • bobby

    While I agree with you Matty, No Logo is really on the key. Rubin in the NT did wonders the 2nd half of the season by staying disciplined and eating blocks instead of bulldozing through them. This allows LBs to be free and make the plays or get into the back field. Ive been saying from day 1 this year, the browns have a top 10 defense with Rubin in the middle and the added help outside.

  • mgbode

    DL is probably my biggest concern about the Browns defense (along with 3 rookies making rookie mistakes as DBs).

    Shaun Rogers and Robaire Smith will be getting suspended. But, for how long? Will we be without both of them when they are suspended or might their trials end up making us only without one each for a particular stretch?

    we are not deep on DL and DL guys get tired. so, if we are missing our starting DE’s (on point with Rubin being the NT), then that will most definitely hurt our defense.

  • bobby

    @5- yes I agree… until you look at the last 5 games where Rogers, Smith and Coleman (I believe all 3) were hurt. As long as the 3-4 has 3 DL that eat blocks they will be alright.