A couch, HD TV, and endless hours of college football

I couldn’t be happier.  The rain outside around Cleveland’s a nice touch too.  This morning I was entertaining the possibility of cutting the grass today, but since then mother nature’s dictated I shelf that.  No problem.  There’s not too many things I enjoy doing more than watching College Football all day and all night long on Saturdays.  I suppose I’m a degenerate in that regard.

With the Buckeyes now looking towards week two – and The U – after thumping Marshall on Thursday, the games I will be keeping an eye on and why – through effective use of the remote control – are noted below.  

3:30 Games:

UConn at Michigan (ABC):  Let’s go Huskies, huh?  Rich Rod has managed to get himself on the hot seat in week one this season, and that’s impressive.  If he loses, his seat will be scorching, and it will be hilarious to watch the reaction from Wolverine Nation.  Part of me wants to watch the train-wreck that will ensue as a result of a UConn win here.  The other part wants Ole Rich to coach up north for the next decade.  But even that part can’t entice me to root for Michigan in any capacity.  So I won’t root, just watch.  And UConn can absolutely win this game.

Purdue at Notre Dame (NBC):  Interested to see the new look Brian Kelly led Irish make their debut today here in less than an hour.  He came to South Bend with the expectations of improving an already efficient offense, and he’ll break in a new QB today in a quest to do just that.   Dayne Crist will get the start under center for the Irish, and the two QB’s before Crist – Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen – were both NFL draft picks.  No pressure kid. 

Other 3:30 Games include Texas at Rice (ESPN), UCLA at Kansas State (ESPN2). 

At 7:45 Oregon State is at TCU (ESPN), but the game I’ll be watching then starts 15 minutes later when the  Butch Davis led UNC Tarheels – in a show me year – square off against  LSU on ABC at 8pm

I’m rooting for Butch in this one.  I’m not really mad at him for anything Browns related, and I’d be glad to see an SEC team who beat the Bucks once upon a time go down here.  An interesting note on this one is that if things do start off and continue to go badly for Les Miles – and Rich Rod – it could be Miles on the sidelines next season for the school in Ann Arbor.

10 pm game:

Cincinnati at Fresno State (ESPN2):  I’ll be watching this one as long as I a.) don’t fall asleep at halftime, or, b.) go out anywhere tonight.  Don’t think I’m heading out tonight and I am anxious to see Cincy in year one of the Butch Jones era.  They went from a program that seemed poised to make a run at becoming a perennial power to now a team the nation has seemingly forgotten about with the departure of Kelly.  I gotta think they still have some horses though, and it’ll be interesting to see how they do tonight against a Fresno State team that is always tough.  

Around Ohio…besides the Bucks (and Cincy):

Miami (Ohio) vs. Florida:  This game is in progress at the time of this post with a score of 27-12 Gators in the fourth quarter.  I know Tebow’s gone, but Florida is still ranked #4 in the country.  Respectable showing by the Redhawks today.  Fact is, if they cashed in a couple of those FG’s for six it could’ve been real interesting.

Akron:  The Zips will square off against the Syracuse Orangemen, sans Greg Paulus, to open InfoCision Stadium at 6pm today.  I’d watch it, and the game will be televised on ESPN 3 (Micheal Reghi and Jerod Cherry on the call) however I don’t have ESPN 3. 

Syracuse won last season when the two teams met 28-14, and Akron won in 2008.  Its the first time the Cuse have been to the AKR, and good for Akron to have a Big East team who they should be able to compete with open up they’re new stadium. 

Willoughby South grad Patrick Nicely will get the start under center for the Zips, and the sophomore will try to build on a freshman season that saw him throw for 1,349 yards and 6 TD’s. 

Toledo: The Rockets were able to get Arizona to play them at home to open their season last night, and they were able to fill the stands with almost 26,000 people.  Bad news is they got smashed 41-2.  Rough start.

Kent State:  Opened season with a 41-10 win over Murray State on Thursday.  Spencer Keith threw for 275 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Golden Flashes to the win. 

Ohio U: Opens against Wofford tonight at 7pm.  The game is in Athens.

  • Jewpants

    anyone else watching Miami University shut down Urban Meyer? at the start of the 4th quarter they kept the gator offense to 31 yards. 31! Of course the redhawk offense is awful but did manage 4 field goals, despite giving the gators a pick six and another int that was returned inside the 5. 12-20 is pretty damn good. and then they gave up a 72yrd TD run by Demps.

  • jimkanicki

    @1 i sure did. if you didnt hate urban meyer before, you got to now. what arrogance:
    1. stuffed three times in a row going for it on 4th down.
    2. fumble two consecutive shotguns then take another one in the endzone.. leading to what WAS a safety (but not called).
    3. how many injuries for florida? is miami really bigger and stronger than florida? like… do they do any conditioning down there?
    4. the shotgun snap. did meyer run this play in offense in camp? didn’t look like it.
    5. roughing the passer twice in a row. discipline much, urban?
    6. run it up at the end. pure luck TD on 4th and 21 gets florida over 30 points. you’re a d.b. urban meyer.

    on the other hand miami stood up to the punks. gators thought they were gonna push us around. i was very impressed with the redhawks defense.

    very entertaining game (for a miami alumnus).

  • Alex

    am i the only one that wants to see UM be back to respectability? It will help the whole conference, which is good for OSU.

  • Dan Cooley

    I, for one, root for Michigan every time they don’t play us, because it makes us look good when we inevitably beat them.

  • Josh Stein

    “Syracuse won last season when the two teams met 28-14, and Akron won in 2008. Its the first time the Cuse have been to the AKR, and good for Akron to have a Big East team who they should be able to compete with open up they’re new stadium.”

    Never mind the grammar error, but Akron kicked off InfoCision Stadium last year. This is their second year at the new digs.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Bowers

    @ Josh Stein – I really feel like I’m getting old. I was thinking this morning that I was just having a conversation with somebody about Akron’s new stadium. Apparently that was this time last year. Yikes. And points off on the grammar error, duly noted.

  • seadome13

    what about bowling green, if your going to mention toledo you have to mention BG who are playing the sunbelt champs in Troy.

  • stin4u

    Good win for the Irish today. Not overly impressed with Brian Kelly’s offensive system but def a quality win over a good team.

    Finally, this team showed some life on defense…on offense Dayne Crist looked tentative to stretch the field most of the game, Evan Sharpley 2.0, maybe. Next weeks game vs. Michigan will tell everyone alot more about both teams.

  • doug1121

    @Alex…you’re not the only one. Like as not UM is a signature program in the Big Ten and their success only elevates the conference. Plus, it saps some of the energy from the OSU-Mich rivalry when UM is basically on par w/ Minnesota these days.