CNBC: LeBron James’ Q Score Plunges

The negative opinions surround LeBron James and the summer of 2010 have been rampant.  Now, thanks to an exclusive from CNBC, we have hard data to back up the vitriol that’s been sprayed at James like his free agency took place in the game Contra. 

Per Darren Rovell, James’ Q Score prior to The Decision (January 2010) reflected that of a 24 percent positive, 22 percent negative opinion.  Today, that number is drastically lower as James has a positive opinion of 14 percent with the negative side elevating to 39 percent – a 77 percent decline over the course of a summer.

Henry Schafer, executive VP of Q Scores Company brings the thunder.

“Instead of his change to the Heat being seen as the best way he can win a championship, many have looked at it and how he chose to announce it as a selfish move,” Schafer said.

Rovell reports that the Q Scores of his new teammates have also declined, signaling that James’ move to Miami cast an anchor of sorts on their respective totals.   Schafer added that LeBron’s “Decision” was one of the most catastrophic acts – not related to any anti-social behavior —  by a sports star in the 45 years of the Q Score’s existance. 

A lot has been made of James’ decision to join his friends in Miami not only due to leaving Cleveland, but also for what it does to the future of the NBA as the perception is that there will now be a handful of “powerhouse” teams coupled with everyone else.  In a recent interview with SLAM Online, James seemed apathetic towards outside opinion of his Decision, casting it as an inability to “make everyone happy.”

“I think that’s one thing learned over the summer,” said James. “I learned throughout my life, that’s one thing you can’t base your life or base your career on, trying to make everyone happy. You have to go out and do what’s best for you and your family, and at the end of the day you know that you played as hard as you can, you know that you gave blood, sweat and tears, then you can be satisfied with that.”

  • ben


  • JD

    Spread gun in Contra ftw!


  • Billy Thomas

    I don’t know whats worse, James stories or Brown stories.

  • JK

    If you dont love it, leave it.

  • Eli


    Lebron will certainly forever be negatively affected by the events of this summer. However, once he’s throwing down slams and chasing down people for blocks, the scores will partially revert to their former status. Miami has built a huge bandwagon that they are expecting a lot of people to climb onto.

    Now only if Durant can capitalize on this…

  • Nicko

    Am I going to get every Heat box score down the road too here? Come on guys, this has to stop. Who cares.

  • Kevin


    Just ignore those particular stories. Like I do with the stories about a hockey team and college football team that play in a city over 100 miles away from Cleveland.

  • dwhit

    I wonder what happpened to Tiger’s Q score after Thanksgiving 2009.

  • Illmatic8

    As a daily reader, I’m a fan of the LeBron-related posts as well.

  • Robbie

    I agree with Eli, though, he must win big. If he fails to win a championship in Miami, the negative images will be emphasized. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a matter of if he wins a championship, but rather how many he wins.

  • J Blair

    Think we can get Donte Stallworth to drive through Miami again when Lebron takes an early morning stroll?

  • Chris

    There’s always the option to stop clicking on the links also.

    I actually enjoy reading these.

  • stin4u

    Who? Which one is he in the picture?

  • JohnS

    I gag every time I read LB saying ‘doin’ the best for me and my family. his family isn’t struggling, neither is the family of all his posse.
    He screwed the pooch with his decision and probably cost himself million$ in the end. Just nobody in his inner circle wants to tell him that and remain part of the gravy train

  • MrCleaveland

    Can’t we have some DA and Brady updates too?

  • Card

    When you pick your place of employment, don’t you also decide based on what’s best for you and your family? Would you make your decisions based on what’s best for your and your family or would you succumb to the cries of a bunch of fair-weather fans? He shouldn’t be held to a different standard in this instance just because he’s a professional athlete.

    The biggest thing that no one wants to talk about is that this summer may have made Lebron the biggest star in sports. Haters just come with the territory. He was famous, but he wasn’t nearly this big 3 months ago. Name me one other athlete or basketball player that gets 50 articles written about him just because he may or may not attend a college football game?

  • ben

    DA and Brady are just going out there and doing what’s best for them and their families, playing as hard as they can, and giving their blood, sweat and tears. And you know what? They’re satisfied w/ that.

  • MrCleaveland

    Are they taking mental notes?

  • mike

    these guys are so out of touch. lebron and his family were going to be fine no matter what. the guys that need to “do whats best for him and his family” are the ones playing on an NFL practice squad, the ones in AAA for 10 years just praying to finally get a chance in the majors or the ones who have to sign hoops contracts to play in russia one year, then serbia then china then mexico.

  • triberocks4

    Lebron just has to feed his family like Rasheed Wallace, guys. Cut him some slack. Caviar can get expensive.

  • BB

    I too enjoy the Lebron related posts. Sorry.

  • Charlie

    We love negative LeBron stories because he left us and it hurt our feelings and we want him to feel our pain ’cause he’s a real big jerk. We get it. Stop wallowing. And to answer Eli’s question up at #5: Yes, I would prefer to read stories about the Cleveland Indians because they actually still play in my home town.

  • Snip

    Was this a poll about liking the Lebron articles?

  • Scott

    “I wonder what happpened to Tiger’s Q score after Thanksgiving 2009.”

    He’s now one of five athletes more disliked than LeBron.

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