Jerome Harrison Could Still Pay Dividends

Jerome Harrison hasn’t really shown up yet this season for the most part.  He was inactive last week with a thigh injury and before that most people think of fumbles more than they think of his dominating end-of-season running performance during the winning streak.  Last week, when he was inactive, Harrison’s name was further pushed out of our memories by the dominant performance by Peyton Hillis.  Obviously, it must be very frustrating for Harrison.  When asked by the media about how Hillis’ big day changes his role, Harrison replied with a biting statement. ”I never knew what my role was, so I can’t answer that question.”

Let’s just say that I don’t think that frame of mind is conducive to contributing on the football field.  An NFL player is at his best when he is feeling confident.  He must feel confident in what his assignments are on the field.  He must feel confident that he is capable of making plays on the field.  These are a lot of the same things we were talking about relative to Eric Wright having a short memory and bouncing back from his bad day.  Jerome Harrison needs to find a way to bounce back from his injury and also Hillis’ good day.  For whatever reason, I kind of expect it too.

Assuming Jerome Harrison is healthy there is no reason why he shouldn’t carry some of the workload and be really successful.  Terry Pluto wrote about it this week when talking about Hillis’ big day.  Hillis gained 49 yards in 6 carries to the right and 89 yards on 13 carries to the left.  In the first two weeks against the Bucs and Chiefs, the holes didn’t seem to materialize the way they did against the Ravens.  I can’t prove it with any level of certainty, but it seems to me that the addition of Pashos to the right side of the line could have had something to do with the increased production on the ground.  Maybe it was a bad day for the Ravens who terminated Trevor Pryce’s contract this week, but we’ll see.

The point is that whether Pashos improved the line, or the Browns offensive line is gaining some fluidity as a whole, when Jerome Harrison hopefully gets back in there this week there will be some production to be had.  Assuming Harrison is healthy and assuming he doesn’t put the ball on the ground again, it really still could be a two-headed monster between Hillis and Harrison.  Hillis looked great a week ago, but some of you noted that he doesn’t look natural once he gets out into the secondary.  If Harrison gets out there in the secondary you have to assume that he will be able to turn some of those home run performances in too.

It is just funny how fickle the Cleveland fan base is sometimes.  Some of you have already given up on Jerome Harrison again because he didn’t pick up right where he left off a year ago.  Newsflash though.  The team as a whole didn’t pick up right where they left off a year ago.  That includes the offensive line, the quarterbacks and everything else.  There is still time.  This is a long season and I haven’t ruled out the thunder and lightning running attack that I thought we would see coming into pre-season.

  • b

    Hillis doesn’t look natural? I take that to mean a good thing, but I’m not sure you meant it that way. Because there was absolutely nothing natural about the way he tore through the front 7 on one of the more memorable plays of recent history, and would have pushed LaRon Landry into a backpedal 50 more yards to the end zone but for the half dozen Ravens Landry needed to bring Thunder down. Dude is a freak!

  • dwhit

    To be fair I don’t think anyone wanted the QBs to pick up right where they left off last season.

  • Lyon

    Harrison will be okay if he doesn’t dance in the backfield like he’s been doing so far this year. Hit the hole and run! Also, calling dives up the middle for Harrison doesn’t really play to his strengths, they should send him outside a lot more.

    He’ll be fine. don’t forget, he’s also playing for a new contract.

  • Craig Lyndall

    @Lyon that was my point about the offensive line. Harrison was dancing toward the “hole” because there was no hole, really. Peyton Hillis was more successful because he pushes the pile and falls forward. Harrison needs a hole in order to speed through it and make people miss in the open field. I think the offensive line played SIGNIFICANTLY better against the Ravens in terms of run blocking than they did the previous two games.

    I am not sure if Pashos is the reason or whether they are just starting to get going, but Harrison could have done some serious damage to the Ravens too with what the line was opening up last week.

  • Lyon

    I hear ya Craig. I just made a general statement about Harrison, nothing really about your article. Line did look better w/ Pashos. We’ll see if this is a trend or an anomaly.

  • mgbode

    harrison has always come across sort of moody, comments like the above don’t help shed that persona.

    anyways, i expect from him what i always expected from him. a few big plays mixed in with a bunch of frustrating plays. even in his performance from the last 3 games in 2009, he rushed under 4ypc against OAK and JAX.

    He has the capability of being our Jamaal Charles with Hillis being our Thomas Jones (example used since we just played KC), but he’s got to be willing to accept that role and excel in it, which I think he can.

  • Dan

    This guy is still one of my fav players on the team, and I think the Browns offense could really use him.

    I hope they do!


    I don’t know why they don’t use Hillis and Harrison as a tandem on occasion, with Hillis playing the FB role. Don’t get me wrong, I think Vickers is a beast, but when he lines up, the D knows he is there to block. With H& H in the backfield, who knows????

  • Gren

    Sacrificing playing the best FB in the league for trickery isn’t a good idea. No matter how tricky it is. You don’t play Joe Haden as a Nose Tackle to create confusion.

  • wiino

    what about all three in the backfeild?

  • atlantic

    all 3? Sure, the wishbone is due for a comeback

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  • Bigmike 34

    In week one Harrison gained 52 yards on 9 carries 5.8 per carry and unlike last year we were not using Vickers as the lead as much. We did not start Harrison in week one….He was injured in week two…and while the press continues to talk about his fumbling …there has only been one fumble that is highly disputed..To the point where it has been challenged by the Browns coaching staff to the League Office…Harrison has been dissed by the Browns from day one this year beginning with NO STATEMENTS challenging GROSSI’S constant drum beat in the press that Hardesty was brought in to be the lead Back and Hardesty would be the #1 back WHEN PRE SEASON TRAINING STARTED….Mangini NEVER stepped up to dispute those comments about a rooking RB who was NOT SPECIAL in College (not an All-AMERICAN or EVEN all conference no honors as an RB AT ALL)

  • Bigmike 34


    A problem with the Browns is not making up their minds about the running game…Who is the Featured Back …Who is the backup…NO REAL COMMITTEMENT to Run the ball for the entire game….for some reason we give up on it in the Second half?

    The new Kid they brought in “Martell Mallett” Had a lot of success in Canada last year…Has been on the Philly practice squad …Was a little rough because he played at a very small school….He was Rookie of the Year in Canada however….

    With the New Kid and Davis and Hardesty if he gets healthy next year….we have plenty of backup for Hillis if we are now committed to making him the lead back….

    SO WHY NOT TRADE HARRISON… NOW… WHILE HE STILL HAS VALUE…There are a lot of teams that need back up or starting RBs. IF we leave Harrison on the Bench and Whine about his Whining and keep dissing him while knowing that he will not resign with us next year and we don’t care……SO WHY NOT TRADE THE GUY NOW…..Like Fish…He is losing value every day we wait

    Lets face the truth for a change, We spent a 5th round pick on Harrison we can get better then that back now ….Lets grab our profit instead of watching the investment go down the tube….

    We obviously made the decision NOT to start him at the beginning of the year (we started Hillis in the First game) After What he did For Mangini and the Coaching Staff and be dissed the way he has been It is easy to see why he is more then a Little disenchanted with being a Brown…Who can blame him…Throughout his Football career he has been put down because of his size and it has been a struggle for him to be Recognized for his actual accomplishments ..The same was True at Washington State where he didn’t start until, I think the 7 game With lots of big runs to make his point before the start. (he enrolled at WSU as a junior. I think he was over 100 yards in every start he made there 16 in a row a Pac 10 record.)

    The decision is made…Is everyone in our front office TOO STUPID TO SEE IT…MAKE A MOVE…

  • Bigmike 34



    Senior year: Averaged 172 Rushing yards PER GAME…ALL-Conference and Consensus ALL-AMERICAN ….HOLDS THE PAC 10 Record for Consecutive Games over 100 yards (16) …5 of those games were over 200 yards….Heisman Finalist….In a conference with Reggie Bush, Maurice Jones Drew, Lendell White, and Marshawn Lynch

    With limited Carries….Broke the Browns 40 year old record for Rushing yards in a single Game (his friend Jim Browns record) Has the 3rd Best Rushing Game in the HISTORY of the NFL, 286 Yards…Has two Rushing TDs over 70 Yards…


    At one time or another all of the following “reasons”…..Too Small, Can’t Catch… Can’t Block…Not smart enough to learn the plays…Doesn’t finish his runs…Fumbles….Cannot stand the pounding of a Featured back….GROSSI SAYS INJURY PRONE….More so then Hardesty?

    THE FACTS…He carried over 30 times a game in college and 4 times last year for us….He has gone over 100 yards in all of those games and never had a serious injury…(Year ending type or something that would result in Continuing re-injury)…In his 4 heavy games with us he was ready to go the following week and went over 121 yards in each of those games….All RBs will miss a game here or there due to Semi-minor injuries

    Even Romeo finally admitted he could Catch (Our top receiver last year in terms of catches tied with a WR)…and Mangini now says he is good at picking up the Blitz…..Fumbling…IN HIS CAREER …He has LOST, I believe 3 fumbles in regular season games… 2 last year and the disputed one this year…Too dumb to learn the plays…(Even Grossi could learn them given enough time) Does he finish his runs…you guys have seen him play.