While We’re Waiting… Cavs/Heat Tickets, MLB Struggles, and Browns Staff Changes

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Your Wino and Gold update: “A little incentive for you all. Miami New Times has graciously donated a pair of tickets to the Cavs vs. Heat game in Miami on December 15th. The person who drops off the most LeBron gear before our deadline (October 11) will get them. Yes, the tickets are for a game in Miami, but we really don’t care if you go or if you sell them. In fact, similar tickets to these (Section 114, Row 29) are going for close to $200 on StubHub. So sell away if you’d like. Bring us your stuff and the tickets could be yours.” [64 and Counting]

Five key issues for the Cavaliers as they head into the 2010-11 season [Brian Windhorst]

Why is baseball struggling?  The Internet! “MLB never adjusted to the sea change brought on by the Internet and television expansion. Baseball always had one inherent advantage over football: its frequency. Seven nights a week, there were games. Watch on TV. Go to the ballpark. Whatever the case, baseball could guarantee itself kingship during the week.

Once the Internet allowed football fans to interact and discuss the sport in places other than over a barstool, baseball had no rejoinder. The sports media machines kicked into gear and turned football into a seven-day-a-week sport. College games were played on Tuesdays and Thursdays and whenever ESPN offered primetime timeslots. The NFL Network offered fans the ability to break down film on weeknights.” [Jeff Passan/Yahoo! Sports]

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And finally, are there some changes brewing? “I believe, unless this team shows a significant improvement overall in comparison to the 2009 season, we are going to see a change in staff and philosophy. The potential lock-out could prolong the status of those on staff. At 0-3, Mangini and company are not on the verge of being shown the door just yet, but the temperamental Mike Holmgren may be getting an itchy trigger finger.” [Lane Adkins/The OBR – S/R]

(photo via Cavs.com)