While We’re Waiting… Pryor Over Harris, Missing Carlos, and Browns Reversion

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On height, leadership, and luck: “[Terrelle] Pryor and [Jacory] Harris share a lot in common. They’re tall; Pryor is 6-6 and Harris is 6-4. Both are juniors. For each, Saturday was his 27th career game. Harris came into Saturday’s game having amassed his 4,700-plus yards mostly through the air. Pryor had thrown for more than 3,600 yards and added more than 1,400 running.

But Pryor proved on Saturday that he has matured into more of a winner, if not leader, than Harris. He raised his record as a starter to 21-3. The Hurricanes lost three games last season alone –- all of which they were favored to win –- in large part because Harris failed, as he did again Saturday, to live up to his billing. He was intercepted eight times in those losses.

Pryor is, of course, luckier than Harris in one way. He signed to play for a better program.” [Kevin Blackistone/FanHouse]

Miss you, Carlos: “Apologies to Lou Marson and Chris Gimenez. I’m sure you guys try really hard, and you’re good teammates and all. Hell, Anthony Castrovince (who knows and watches the Indians more than I do) even went so far as to call Gimenez a “pile-jumper,” someone who would jump on the pile after a Game 7 World Series win.  But man, I really miss watching Carlos Santana play.” [Deep Left Field]

Turns out that Miami’s Jacory Harris was rocking a Tressel-esque sweater vest before Saturday’s game. [SportsbyBrooks]

On CC *not* getting another Cy Young: “I don’t think it will surprise anyone … but Hernandez has really pitched better than Sabathia so far this year. Last year, a lot of people — including me — thought that the picking of Tim Lincecum and Zack Greinke for Cy Young was a rejection of the pitcher win as a way to judge pitchers. I think it was just an odd year. But if King Felix … or Cliff Lee … or really anybody was to beat C.C. Sabathia, well, THAT would be a rejection of wins.” [Joe Posnanski]

And finally, the game that will be the talk of the day… “How did the Browns look so good in taking a 14-3 lead against Tampa, only to see the offense revert to 2009 levels of play calling and execution, eventually turning what looked like a sure opening-day win into a 17-14 loss to the Buccaneers?

It wasn’t even so much that they lost – this team is still rebuilding and will lose more games than it wins this season – as much as how they lost. The one thing you didn’t want to see was Jake Delhomme turn the ball over and make some of the bad decisions that haunted him last season in Carolina. He really needed to carryover his performance from the preseason, both for his confidence and to retain the confidence of the fan base.” [Red Right 88]

(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)