While We’re Waiting…Wrapping up the Tribe’s year, Cavs season predictions, Namath rips Braylon

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Vince with a Dear John letter to the Tribe: “Dear Cleveland Indians, I’ve recently been informed that you are still here. If I seem taken aback by that news, it’s because I distinctly remember kicking you out earlier this year.  You remember, don’t you? It was May 17, to be exact.  In fact, it was the specific moment on May 17 when Jhonny Peralta lumbered his way up the middle, in the awkward and unathletic manner of which only Jhonny Peralta is capable, and collided with Asdrubal Cabrera, breaking Cabrera’s left arm and sending him to the disabled list and operating table.  It was the perfect literal and figurative emblem of the season: Old fat shortstop vs. new young shortstop, one of the last vestiges of old Tribe continuing to ruin the promise of the new Tribe, a guy on the field that no one wanted to see going above and beyond the normal miscues of errors and strikeouts to physically maim a guy everyone wanted to see and screw the team over in a whole new way.”  [Vince Gzegorek at Big Leauge Stew]

Four ways this upcoming Cavaliers season could go down, the most optimistic of which…. “The 2011 Cavaliers might look an awful lot like the 2008 Wizards on paper.  The Wizards won a respectable 43 games but were viewed as a disappointment thanks to unrealistic expectations.  They had some talent on offense, spreading the wealth between Arenas, Jamison, and Butler and finished 12th in the league in offensive efficiency.  The Cavaliers will, similarly, look to Mo Williams, Ramon Sessions, and Jamison to create offense and could finish in the top 15 in offensive efficiency.  Their downfall will be that of the 2008 Wizards – depth, defense, and creating easy baskets.  Make no mistake, the Cavaliers are going to be a jump-shooting team – that’s what happens when you lose 3 of your 4 best finishers in the off-season.  Defensively, they will be giving up a lot of size underneath with the absence of O’Neal and Ilgauskas.  Heavy minutes for Mo Williams and J.J. Hickson could spell trouble defensively as well.  Like the 2008 Wizards, they will have some offensive weapons and some shooters and barring injury they could out-shoot most teams on most nights – they just have to hope that opponents try to get into jump shooting battles with them.  43 Wins.”  [Tom Pestak/ Cavs: The Blog]

Joe Willie Namath rips into Braylon for not being able to catch the damn ball.  Braylon responds, tells him to stop by and say that to him at his locker.  Namath can give him pointers on cultivating that New York essence.  [Steve Dimatteo/ Dawg Pound Daily]

Keys to a Browns Week 2 win: “There is no explanation for only running 18 run plays with your running backs when you are winning a close game when they are averaging over 5 yards per carry combined. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Brian Daboll is bad offensive coordinator, and the Browns should have won that game with better clock management and better play calling. SO again this week, it is extremely important for the Browns focus to be on the ground, as it was last year when Harrison set the franchise record against the Chiefs for running yards in a game. If the running backs are gaining yards at will then they should be given the ball much more frequently.” [Zach/Lake Erie Soldiers]

OSU looking to work out the kinks against OU today:  “Much like Marshall, the team that upended Ohio in the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl last season, the Bobcats are hopelessly overmatched from a talent perspective, meaning this should be a great game for the Buckeyes to work out some kinks, whether it be in the aforementioned kick coverage game or in the red zone.  It’s important for the team to come out and take command of the game early, build up a nice lead, and get some of the youngsters onto the field. I’m particularly excited to see some of the younger receivers get a chance to shine, with the chance one of them will begin to emerge as Pryor’s third receiver, and the second team offensive line figures to get into the game early, perhaps within the first four series.” [Jason/Eleven Warriors]

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Vince is spot on. That Peralta-Cabrera fiasco was amazingly symbolic of what was to come for the rest of the season…

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    Braylon Edwards’ Essence < Joe Namath's Essence

    Is there a comparison operation for "really less than"?

  • Chuck

    I think it’s “<<<<<<<" or something like that.