Cavs Offbeat: Rookie Doughnut Duty is Alive and Well

A ritual made public by former Cavs guard (and then embedded correspondent) Delonte West on The Jim Rome Show continues through the season of New Expression. 

Despite all of the change that has occurred in the hallowed halls of Quicken Loans Arena, the rookie players of the Wine and Gold will continue to supply Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the entire 15-man roster after game-day shootaround.

That’s right – three boxes of a dozen, warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Thirty-six doughnuts for 15 men plus a few coaches and staff members.  The new breakfast of champions?

And while most seasons have forced two men to split the doughnut duty, this year the Cavaliers have three rookies that can share the ever-so-important game-day job.  First up?  The newest rookie to grace the Cavaliers’ roster in guard Manny Harris.

When asked to grade Harris’ first day on the job, point guard Mo Williams gave his teammate an “A-plus.” 

Though forward Jamario Moon hinted that Harris may have “put a laxative” in a few of them (subsequently followed by a Porcelain God reference), he did say that Harris did a “bang-up job,” getting not just three boxes, but each one of them was of different style and flavor.

“Sprinkles, chocolate cream, you name it,” said Moon.

It’s worth noting that the average Krispy Kreme doughnut is about 250 calories with 13 grams of fat.  It’s also worth noting that with Byron Scott’s conditioning drills and plans to run the floor for 48 minutes, those calories are a drop in the bucket compared to what gets burnt by your Cleveland Cavaliers on a daily basis.

The Cavaliers rarely have shootaround on the second day of a back-to-back stint, so the next rookie may not have to supply the warmed-up Krispy Kremes until next Tuesday when Atlanta comes to town.  While we don’t know who’s on deck, we do know that Harris has set the bar pretty high.

Whether via planes, trains or automobiles, the tradition lives on.

(Image via iLTHY)

  • Glasser812

    Glad to see somethings never change.

  • oribiasi

    Scott, you mean “hallowed halls” right?

  • Scott

    That too. They were also pretty empty…

  • The Other Tim

    Not winning the championship, they’re gonna keep that one going too.

  • ClevelandStrikesBack

    I wish I had a teammate to bring my Krispy Kreme every morning…

  • saggy

    where the hell is the team nutritionist?!?!? i bet if they were actually eating healthy they wouldn’t have faded down the stretch in so many games.


  • Scott

    “where the hell is the team nutritionist?!?!? i bet if they were actually eating healthy they wouldn’t have faded down the stretch in so many games.”

    These guys eat complete garbage at times. Though a lot of them had salads and stuff after practice today, I’ve seen some of them polish off a full pack of Ramen noodles and then chase it with a 5 Hour Energy Drink.

    [shrugs shoulders]

  • Joe h

    I miss Delonte….

  • Harv 21

    He would have insisted on hot sauce in his bag …

    I miss him, too. Loved that freaky guy.

  • mgbode

    gotta love the donuts. and maybe this was the real reason Harris was kept?