While We’re Waiting… Fixing Browns, Running Cavs and Catching Tight Ends

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Six steps towards fixing the Browns: “I look at the Browns like a family member and right now it is time for some tough love. Don’t get me wrong, this team is leaps and bounds ahead of where they were last year. Which is actually really sad to see just how far away from being a contender the Browns are. f the Browns were a house being built from scratch, they have the frame up at this point. They are a long way from being nice home ready to be lived in. The first three steps are aimed at fixing the Browns this year and the next three will be for this offseason.” [No Logo Needed]

“Three days into a fast-paced training camp, new coach Byron Scott’s Cavaliers are a work in progress.  So Scott plans to use Friday night’s annual Wine and Gold intrasquad scrimmage to judge just that, progress, without much worry about which players are playing with particular lineups. He’s more focused on fundamentals, grasping the offense and capitalizing on the up-tempo philosophy he’s been preaching this week.” [Zac Jackson/FSO]

The Browns aren’t the only TE-friendly team: “Back in June I wrote what many of you (none of you) might consider to be my magnum opus. I called it Pax Stoneburna, and in it I predicted that Jake Stoneburner would be the third leading receiver on the team, and would catch between 25 and 35 passes for 500 yards. I also implied that the tight end would now be an integral part of the OSU offense in a manner which hadn’t been seen before. Thus far into the season, Stoney has 9 catches for 110 yards and is indeed the third leading receiver. This puts him on pace for 30ish catches and around 350 yards. What’s more, OSU TEs have 12 catches total for 149 yards.” [Eleven Warriors]

On Hector Ambriz and Tommy John: “Look, I may not have all the facts here. This may be minor, and while Ambriz will most likely miss all of 2011, he still will have three options when he returns, meaning the Indians could have another serviceable arm to add to their stable, and all it cost them was 48.1 sucky innings during a lost season. This might be no big deal.  But another way to look at it is that  the Indians knew he didn’t feel right, and kept using him (admittedly sparingly), just to keep him on the roster.” [Deep Left Field]

And finally, Brian Windhorst chats with the folks over at RCF [Real Cavs Fans]

  • Fred Beene

    Re: the house analogy — I’d say the Brownies are still working on the foundation — this after going through a revolving door of contractors in the past dozen years.

    Just hope Lerner can stick with the right builder.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    How many current Browns players would start on a Super Bowl caliber NFL team?

    I’ve got Thomas, Steinbach, Vickers, & maybe Mack on offense.

    Rogers, Fujita, Sheldon Brown, & maybe TJ Ward & Robaire Smith on Defense.

    That’s an optimistic 9. If Haden develops that would make 10. Throw Cribbs in there, and you have 11.

    The way I look at it, we are almost half way there. It’s going to take at least 2 more years to get the other 11-12 pieces in place.

  • Lyon

    In the Cavs chat w/ Windy he stated he’s thinking of going to ESPN to focus on the Heat…. that would really kill Cleveland’s basketball coverage.

    Is Stoneburner going to play Saturday? Or is he still hurt? He’s a good TE to have, very good receiver.