While We’re Waiting… Hickson’s Turn, Byron’s Offense, and Wright’s Redemption

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JJs turn to shine: “Shortly after Byron Scott took the Cavaliers job, J.J. Hickson sought out his new coach. It was his big chance at a fresh start.

Hickson, who often aggravated former coach Mike Brown with his defensive lapses, wanted his new coach to know he was capable of much more than he had shown in his first two years in the league. In a short period of time, he convinced Scott, too.

Scott has made it clear everyone has to compete during this camp and isn’t about to hand a starting job to a 22-year-old.  But after Hickson went to Scott and asked for more responsibilities, Scott told him to prove it in the summer league. He did.” [Jason Lloyd/ABJ]

What to look for in the coming weeks: “New Coach, new schemes. Byron Scott’s run’n’gun offense. The Cavs should be able to still score in bunches and have great athleticism that could give them the edge against many opponents. They, if nothing else, might be more athletically gifted then many of the teams who run traditional style offenses and that could create matchup problems and easy scoring opportunities.” [Lake Erie Soldiers]

Today, we spell redemption W-R-I-G-H-T: “Normally a player who performed as poorly as [Eric] Wright did spends the next week ducking reporters, but Wright stood in front of his locker and once again took full responsibility for the Browns losing. ‘The measure of a man is how he responds to adversity. I’m going to take it in stride and move forward. Obviously it means a lot that the support is there from Coach and the rest of the coaches and my teammates. They know how I am.'” [The OBR]

The future of Tribe: “The Indians need to hope to avoid the regressions and injuries that are unforeseen in Spring Training and that have become a part of the seasons’ narratives since 2008. Whether they can mature and develop while avoiding pitfalls elsewhere and plugging in more talent remains to be seen, but it has been done before as that 2003 team evolved into a contender in 2005 and again in 2007. The transformation wasn’t done overnight and didn’t have its surprise contributors (like Blake) and casualties (like Bradley and Gerut), but the Indians are attempting to pour the concrete again on the road that is sure to crest and dip and take many turns.

Whether that road leads anywhere better than where we’ve been…well, that’s a question that will reveal itself as we go along for another ride.” [The DiaTribe]

And finally, previewing today’s Buckeyes/Illini game in Champaign: “If the University of Illinois had any money, Ron Zook likely would have been bought out following last year’s disastrous 3-9 season. Instead, he was ordered to clean house and he brought in a new offensive and defensive coordinator. Despite the opening loss to Missouri, there have been improvements on each side of the ball for the Illini as they put their 2-1 mark on the line against the unbeaten Buckeyes in Champaign.” [Eleven Warriors]