Great Peyton Hillis Highlight Video

There are a lot of garbage highlight videos on Youtube. This is not one of those. This video is very well done.

Then I read the first comment on the video that speculates (in completely unsubstantiated fashion I must add) that Peyton Hillis “accidentally hit on McDaniels wife at some function.”  I don’t believe that rumor, but it made me laugh. I am sure Denver fans are scratching, scraping and even making up stories to try to explain why McDaniels would part with Peyton Hillis.

Plus, we know this story isn’t true because if Peyton Hillis had hit on McDaniels’ wife, wouldn’t she now be Hillis’ girlfriend?

Just jokes people. Enjoy the video.

  • Ezzie


  • ClevelandStrikesBack

    I just got a boner.

  • canuk

    Great job! Great Video! Great player!

  • 216in614


  • Nicky Z

    I never thought I’d say “dude just jumped over that guy!” so many times in one season!

  • John

    getting his jersey for Xmas… hells yeah

  • Chris

    I’m with 216. I have such a mancrush on Payton Hillis.

    The clip at 1:38 is where I first saw Hillis leap over someone (you’ll always remember your first), I was floored.

  • Chris

    Oh yeah… if Hillis had accidently hit on McDaniel’s wife, she’d probably have gotten a concussion at the least.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    I think my favorite highlight is the pre-season Rams game when they stopped the play after the ninth guy tried to tackle him and he was still making forward progress.

    That was the moment…the moment my mancrush began.

  • JM

    Josh McDaniels wears Hillis pajamas.

  • Fern

    dood looked tiny in his Denver uni, glad we got him some nice big shoulder pads

  • Lloyd Braun

    wreckin fools

  • Vagabond

    I’ve lived in Denver almost 3 years. Listening to sports talk radio has never been so much fun. Schadenfreude!

  • Hamfist


    What are the fans saying about Hillis, and the lack of a Broncos run game?

  • Garry Owen

    Peyton Hillis doesn’t accidentally hit anyone. There is always malice aforethought.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    @ Fern…I’m glad he changed his number to 40 too. A guy that big needs a number in the 40’s. To me, a number in the 20’s says, “you’ll never catch me!” while a number in the 40’s says, “I vill clush you.”

  • C-Bus Kevin

    With all the Josh McDaniels talk, is it true he’s on his way out of Denver, because of the whole video thing?

    If anyone listens to “Hang Up and Listen” on Slate, one of their reporters (who used to cover the Broncos) said that McDaniels is basically a grade-A, first class jerk that belittles players and assistant coaches in front of ownership for the simple purpose of asserting his authority.

    Also, in other unrelated news, did anyone hear about Tomlin saying he was worried about James Harrison’s kids with all the fines he’s been getting. He basically went all Sprewell on his behalf.

    /comments section hijacked…sorry.

  • Ezzie

    Maybe the Browns should get McDaniels to be offensive coordinator.

    /mostly sarcastic, but…

  • Vagabond

    @14…This is a pretty spoiled fan base. They’re used to winning 9-10 games each year and did so with a pretty formidable running game at worst supplementing their offense, even when they cheated to win a Super Bowl. There’s a lot of whining going on right now and I love it.

    On numerous commutes, especially after Donkey losses and Hillis Avalanches, I’ll be greeted by Jim Donovan’s radio calls to remind the fan base what they gave up. It’s nice to hear a familiar voice.

    Coach McD is not long for this town, if I had to make a guess. Bowlen will most likely hire a GM first next time.

  • Du

    The Cavs need to play this highlight during a commercial break at the Q on Thursday.

    @Fern and C-Bus Kevin: I was thinking the same exact thing. Amazing how much smaller he looks in that Bronco uniform. Also, completely agree with giving him the #40.

    What an absolute robbery of Denver!!!

  • Lifelong Donkey Fan

    Watching that video makes me sick.
    We traded THAT for a backup QB and a 6th rounder? Man are we dumb.
    Happy for him, he is one of the good guys.
    Hope we get to play you next year and Peyton runs for 200+ to remind Mr. Bowlen of the catastrophic error he made in hiring McDumba$$