WFNY Black Friday Contest: Free T-Shirt, Chance to Win Tickets to Cavs/Heat

Looking for a Black Friday deal that doesn’t require you to stand in line, in the rain, for all hours of the night?  We here at WFNY have got you covered for the best price in town: Absolutely free.

Thanks to the kind folks at 16 after 2 Designs, one lucky winner will win the t-shirt to the right.  If you’re like me and have entirely too many t-shirts, it makes the perfect gift for any Cleveland sports fan.

But that’s not all.  Knowing full well that many fans are not really looking to shell out hundreds of dollars to see the Cavaliers play the Heat this coming Thursday, 16 After 2 is giving away one pair of tickets to see the LeBron James homecoming.  All you have to do as a fan is either follow them on Twitter (@16After2) or become a fan of their work on Facebook.

It’s that simple.  No strings attached.  Naturally, we encourage you to check out their other designs (the City Love design comes in all three colorways) and spread the word to anyone who’s looking for some independently created sports gear for the holidays.

Oh, and I’m sure you’re wondering about how we’re going about the t-shirt giveaway.  Unless you’re new around these parts, you know the drill as it is Haiku time….

Topic: The Cavaliers hosting the Heat next week.  Please keep in mind our strict commenting policy; we will not be approving anything vulgar and said Haiku will not be entered to win the prize.

Good luck, kids.  Contest ends Monday at 8a!

Update: Contest has ended! Congrats to Kris (comment #18) – email forthcoming.

  • DiLo

    Welcome Back King James
    You bring an apology?
    I didn’t think so

  • Dave P.

    LBJ comes home
    Comic sans writing fills stands
    Cavs have last laugh…win

  • Brian Hartman

    You left your hometown
    Took your talents to South Beach
    We miss Delonte

  • Ezzie

    Cleveland shows its class
    LeBron on line no time left
    MISS! Cavs fans laugh, cheer

  • andy

    Lebron James, so what?
    It’s Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    I’m going to see.

  • Gren

    Are you having fun yet
    Miami Heats early record eight and seven
    Are you having fun yet

  • tribefan30

    i’m going to bet
    money that james wont show up
    he’ll claim he’s hurt, wimp

  • Rich

    The Heat at The Q
    Wade, Bosh and the Would-Be King
    It’s good to see Z

  • Kirk Lammers

    Oh, LeQuit James, if
    I were you, I’d think about
    being inactive

  • Scotty

    Delonte West is
    going to take his talents
    to Gloria James

  • triberocks4

    Fans who witnessed whined;
    But a golden history.
    Mo than just a game.

  • Kris

    Metal detectors
    Cannot find rocks in pockets
    I am just sayin’

  • Kris

    Or we keep classy
    Turn our backs like he did us
    Will bruise his EGO

  • Tara

    Lebron’s not having any fun
    If only Miami was fun like Cleveland
    Ain’t karma a bitch Lebron?

  • Timothy

    Welcome home, LeBron
    You’ll find our city has lost
    Her open arms, too.


    Your Name is Garbage,
    Twenty Three Jerseys are Trash,
    Global Brand, barf

  • PayDaMan

    You will never be,
    Jordan or Kareem because,
    You don’t have the heart

  • Kris

    Before fans commit
    Crimes, think twice. Although, won’t be
    A single “witness”

  • Kris

    Sell my tickets I
    Shall. Let your sorry ass help
    Pay my rent. Thank you!

  • Darren

    Mo, JJ, Hillis
    The new kings of this city
    Dethrone the prior

  • Kunal

    Lebron sucks
    Zydrunas Ilgauskas is the real king
    Lebron sucks

  • Zach Z

    Quitness to us all
    Time 4 Cavaliers revenge
    I love C L E

  • Dan Cooley

    Welcome back, Queen James.
    We have a message for you,
    [expletive removed].

  • Charlie

    *This is not a haiku*

    I’m not sure if anyone remembers the shirts that that “City Pool” place offered on here but this 16after2 completely ripped them off. Check out their store.


  • http://wfny charles norris

    Obama’s split lip
    A similiar fate awaits
    Quitter #6

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  • bobby

    Someone coming home?
    Its not that big of a deal.
    Let silence follow.

  • J-Dub

    Boo birds will rain down
    With the Quitness back in town
    He once wore a crown

  • Jeff Schwartz

    Hard working town
    No true heart in South Beach
    C U Next Thursday

  • Brian

    Ditching Cleveland
    You’ll regret this “decision”
    The quitters way out

  • tammigirl

    I still like Lebron
    But I don’t want his team to win
    Go Cavs! Beat the heat!

  • brownsfan019

    LBJ is back
    With his new jersey and team
    But much of the same

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  • Mac

    Lebron James comes home.
    He expects to win big time.
    How wrong is he? Very!