While We’re Waiting… Holmgren speaks, Braylon Complains

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Watch the Mike Holmgren press conference. [ClevelandBrowns.com]

Kind of surprised by Holmgren’s admission about coaching. Nothing like adding fuel to a fire- “It’s not the most talented team in the world, but they have been a tough out and competed into the fourth quarter of every game on the way to a 2-5 record. That reflects well on coach Eric Mangini, who Browns President Mike Holmgren said Tuesday is safe through the end of the season. Holmgren said he will evaluate the coaching staff after the season, and his decision won’t just be based on wins and losses. It may also be based on Holmgren’s anxiousness to get on the sideline.” [Rosenthal/Pro Football Talk]

At least one writer was pretty disappointed in what he heard- “How many things do you hate about these statements? I’ve got at least five but whose counting: 1) I disagree completely with the “coaches decision” statement. It’s the president’s job to chart the course, not the coach’s. The coach gets the team ready for Sunday. 2) Those are total Mangini non-descript responses. Holmgren was brought in to be the Brown’s credible leader, so we didn’t have to listen to that garble anymore. WHAT’S THE PLAN!” [Dawg Pound Daily]

Good stuff on the mid-season award piece from DK- “Ghosts of Browns’ Running Back Past – 2010 Inductees Jerome Harrison and James Davis. And the list grows….Joining the ranks of Madre Hill, Ben Gay, Lee Suggs, James Jackson, William Green and others are two of the biggest teases in the recent history of the Browns. Welcome home, gentlemen. Ghosts of Browns’ Running Back Past – 2011 Inductee Montario Hardesty.” [DK/Cleveland Reboot]

The headline alone is hilarious- “Braylon Edwards scolds fellow wide receivers for arrogant approach after several Jets drop passes” [New York Daily News/ (h/t Dawgs by Nature)]

For those shoe aficionados: the 25 Best Signature Shoes. [Nice Kicks]

I’d be surprised/disappointed if these really are an option for the Cavs this season- [Scene ’64]

Mike Holmgren press conference transcript [Browns Gab]

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Which QB to play should indeed be the coaches’ decision. If Holmgren is telling Mangini who to start, might as well give Holmgren the headset and get on with it.

  • Lyon

    @1… totally agree. Holmgren may suggest something to Mangini, but ultimately it should be left up to him. If you can’t trust him to make a logical pick for a QB to save his job basically, then why even have the guy?

    Sounded to me like Holmgren wants to coach, but really, do we want that? They’ve got this team going in the right direction and I like H&H running the top of the org. Not sure throwing Holmgren in there would really make that much of a difference, especially considering his age and how long he would actually hold the position

  • mgbode

    they are called Cavsfanatic jersey’s because you have to be an absolute fanatical Cavs fan in order to even think about buying/wearing one of those :)

  • JM

    Holmgren is not going to magically turn this team around with the talent it has on it. Let Mangini Coach and Holmgren and Heckert can concentrate on the other things.

  • Nicky Z

    @ Rick

    Did Holmgren specifically say he was anxious to get on the sideline? The quotation mark at the end is kind of confusing. Thanks!

  • Nicky Z

    Nevermind 😉