While We’re Waiting… Jets Arrive, Browns Book, Manny Ramirez Rumors

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Previewing yet another monster game: “In three weeks, the Cleveland Browns went from being among the dregs of the NFL (again), to an up-and-coming team that is getting noticed on a national level. Convincing wins over the defending Super Bowl champions, New Orleans, and the team with the best record, New England, will do that.

As a result, Browns have a big game Sunday. When was the last time that sentence could be used? Try, Dec. 23, 2007, as the Browns traveled to Cincinnati. That day, a win would have sealed a Browns’ playoff berth. Instead, four Derek Anderson interceptions later, the Browns lost 19-14.” [Don Delco/The OBR]

Breaking down the positions, starting with everyone’s most hated NFL player: “Are you ready to boo the hell out of Braylon Edwards? I am. I personally feel more “rage,” or however you want to define being upset at an athlete, than I do against LeBron James. Not only does Cleveland need to beat the Jets, but there needs to be a misfortune during the game for Edwards to make the weekend complete.” [Chris Pokorny/Dawgs By Nature]

Some positive comments and insight into the team from the centerpiece of the offense: “‘All along, we were running some good stuff,’ Browns C Alex Mack was saying of the Cleveland offense recently, referring to the team’s 1-5 start, when the Browns were undoubtedly competitive.” [Mike Wilkening/Pro Football Weekly]

Another exciting week of NFL picks for Browns fans: “So these Picks will be returning to America soon, proud of all the nothing that they accomplished on their overseas trip. Then we’ll find out whatzgonnahappen.” [BT/Whatzgonnahappen]

The first chapter of the latest Browns book from Terry Pluto is available online: “Being a Browns fan is completely, utterly irrational. But you already know that. If you were born after 1960, you know that being a Browns fan makes no sense. None. Zero. That’s because the team’s most recent championship was in 1964.” [Terry Pluto/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Could Manny return? “Things are very quiet these days on the news front with the Cleveland Indians and really will continue to be until the calendar flips to 2011. But an idea starting to catch on with the national media and now the fans seems to be that enigmatic outfielder Manny Ramirez could return to Cleveland this offseason.” [Tony Lastoria/Indians Prospect Insider]

Analyzing the Tribe’s pitching depth: “The Indians have a large number of “interesting” pitchers in the system. I’m not even going to make a bullpen depth chart because the list is too long and most likely too volatile. And while this list emphasizes the quantity of pitching depth heading into 2011, there is a fair bit of quality here as well.” [APV/Let’s Go Tribe]

Reviewing what happened in yesterday’s Buckeyes comeback: “It looked like the Madison Masscare all over again and if you asked Ohio State fans at half time what they thought, you would think the world was ending.” [Alex/Eleven Warriors]

An impressive win for the Big Ten championship race: “Penn State returned to the field that where they committed an unforgivable crime two years previously. It started out looking like they might do it again, but the Buckeyes scored 35 unanswered points in the second half to defeat Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions.” [Eric/Buckeye Battle Cry]

Photo above via AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    Manny Ramirez returning to the Indians, for good-old-times’ sake, doesn’t interest me 1/2 as much as Omar Vizquel or Jim Thome returning. Omar seemed to love Cleveland and we loved him back. Thome kinda left in a bad way, essentially chasing a bit more money, but he isn’t a disruptive force like Manny appears to be since his days in Boston. I’d rather not have an influence like that around this young team.