While We’re Waiting… T.J. Ward, The Letter M, Tony Grossi and More

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National Football Post talks to T.J. Ward about a variety of topics including some missed interceptions.  But, um, when did the Browns play the Colts? – “I got my hand on a couple of balls earlier this season where I just wasn’t able to bring them in. I had one against Baltimore that I dropped. We played New Orleans and I tipped one and it went off my fingertips. I had another one against the Colts where it kind of got knocked out of my hands. Sometimes, you get balls tipped. You’ve got to be at the right place at the right time.” [National Football Post / Yahoo]

Everything Michigan is under attack on OSU’s campus, including every instance of the letter “M.” [Eleven Warriors]

Just in case you thought it was just Frowns, Tony Grossi is under attack elsewhere too.  “I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been doing this very long. Nobody, sans a few close friends, knows who I am. And to be completely honest, I don’t really care much who reads this, how popular it is, or how many hits I get from this post. The entire reason I started doing this is because I’ve had absolutely enough of the garbage that gets posted by local mainstream media outlets, and even printed and sold. It’s downright embarrassing.” [Chris / 216 Sports]

Well, at least we have Justin Masterson, right? (Sniff) “Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski has been very aggressive so far this off-season, committing to a total of 11 contract years and almost $90 million when you factor in the four-year, $50 million deal he’s giving to Martinez. As has been his way in the past, Dombrowski moves swiftly when he identifies a player he covets and is often willing to outspend his competitors when it comes to negotiating a deal.” [MotorCityBengals]

Rick will have plenty about Snow Days, but in the meantime, check out Cleveland.com’s video of the opening. [Cleveland.com]

Still plenty of time to get your gear before Saturday’s game, or to get your tickets of course.

  • Believelander


  • 216in614

    WFNY staff…please do a post on what enables the tigers org to spend like that. are cleve and det markets for baseball that different?

    last time i was in detriot it looked like they still haven’t recovered from the bombing raids of the american/canadian war…

  • ben

    I don’t have many positive opinions on both Mangini and Frowns’ writing style, but both Frowns and Chris absolutely on the mark in their pieces.

    It is guys like Grossi, who insult the intelligence of their readers/listeners, who have pushed fans to blogs and podcasts instead of papers and television/radio.

  • Tylor

    There were many ex-Indians names thrown around in that article and in the comment section: Manny, Thome, Victor, Peralta… just sayin

  • TSR3000

    @2- I am a Detroiter with family in Cleveland. Those low blows are unwarranted. Both are struggling blue collar cities with good people. I get sick of defending Cleveland to people up here and defending Detroit to people down there.

    As to your question, Detroit has about 5 million people in the area and they draw many more fans than the Prog, even with mediocre baseball.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am an Indians fan, but in my opinion Detroit is a better baseball town and Cleveland is a better football town.

  • 216in614

    @5 sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. Just trying to make a joke, while pointing out Detroit is economically in the same boat as Cleveland. Of course there both great cities with great people…

  • Chris

    @3: Not to mention it’s guys like them who whip people up in to a frenzy and, in part have lead to the underperforming/constantly rebuilding teams we’ve had for the past 11 years.

    @5: Cleveland was all about the Tribe in the 90s. I really think it’s just a product of the way the ownership has treated their fans. Literally every player the fans form an attachment to gets traded off for garbage (sorry, I mean “prospects”) when they become too expensive (even players who wanted to play here). Even when we were consistently winning and packing the house! How can you possibly expect Clevelanders to care about baseball? We used to care, but we got sick of having our hearts ripped out.

  • Harv 21

    @ Chris: Neither Grossi nor frenzied fans have had anything to do with “underperforming/constantly rebuilding teams we’ve had for the past 11 years.” The people running the drafts and hiring the coaches are fully responsible.

    The only fan impact on the org I can remember was Randy Lerner reacting to the public uproar over John Collins’s failed power move to oust Savage, and maybe Romeo finally firing Mo Carthon. Do you have any examples of what you mean?

    Re Grossi, an erroneous little statement he wrote about Modell after a game years ago made Modell so furious that the PD actually pulled Grossi as the main Browns beat writer for a few years. To claim he’s influencing the direction of the franchise is way off base, imo.

  • mgbode

    @5 – the answer is because of the state Detroit resides in:


  • MattyFos


    Cleveland was all about the Indians in the 90’s because the Indians were winning in the 90’s.

    We Cleveland fans are a fickle breed.