Joe Haden Impressed With His Own Speed

On Joe Haden’s interception, a lot of us wondered if Dan Dierdorf was just blowing smoke when he said that Haden got torched before intercepting a bad pass.  It seems that even Haden is willing to admit that he got beat on the first of two moves in Brian Hartline’s “double move” on Sunday.  Thank goodness for Joe Haden’s God-given speed and Chad Henne’s God-given… um… well… hmmm… whatever it is that he has that let him underthrow the ball.

  • MrCleaveland

    What distinguishes Haden from the large pack of usual suspects is that he actually looks back for the ball. He plays the ball and not the man.

    I can’t stand it when DBs don’t turn around.

  • Scott

    I’m all about his help in the run game. Dude tackles, as crazy as that sounds.

  • Craig Lyndall

    Re: tackling… “p’shaw” – Brandon McDonald

  • Robbie

    All I know is I heard Keyshawn (for what it’s worth) ragging on the fact that Kyle Wilson hasn’t made a play on the ball, even touched a ball since week five. I wonder which DB Rex would prefer to have right about now? Though… his two starters aren’t half bad.

  • Stinkfist

    Someone should have asked Haden where he thought he ranked among the best corners in the league and seen how far his cockiness took him

  • subadai


    Those two starters haven’t done much tonight. And I haven’t heard Wilson’s name called once. We clearly got the best CB in the draft.

    BTW. This MNF game is one of the most surgical demolition jobs I have ever seen. The Pats are getting EVERYTHING they want. I love watching the Jets fail. I wonder if Rex is gonna cry in the press conference. I hope so.

  • t-money

    that dude asking him the questions is a freak! look at his mouth as haden starts talking… and then his laugh? how maniacal!

  • Jason M.

    I love how one of the other recommended articles that I’m seeing is “Report: Joe Haden may be too slow”! Oh the irony…

  • Anthony


    Jim Donnovan looks straight out of Anchor Man sometimes…..

  • Garry Owen

    Why is Neville Longbottom standing behind Jim Donovan?

  • Jay

    I couldn’t be happier with Haden, and Ward for that matter. I’ve been eating crow for 4 straight weeks now. I was the first one to not be pleased with the Browns picking Haden at 7 in the draft. But I’m so on board now. In Holgren I trust.

  • Robbie

    @6 — It takes something special to get me to root for Belicheck and Brady, but the whole arrogant, braggadocios attitude of the Jets take the cake. It was fun watching them get blasted after talking and talking for the past 10 days. The Braylon we all know and love showed up a few times as well.

  • PNR

    Couldn’t watch the game last night – did Braylon drop any passes?

  • mgbode

    Braylon only dropped passes on 3rd downs last night (2 of them right at him). So, he can say he didn’t drop any passes on 1st and 2nd down (that I saw, turned the game off early for obvious reasons).

    Haden is great, love Haden. Can tackle, can cover, can pick off the pass. What more would you want in a DB?

    Props to HH&M for the draft too.

    Haden – starter, looking good.
    Ward – starter, looking good (though gets lost in coverage sometimes)
    Hardesty – IR (better luck next year?)
    McCoy – starter, looked good before injury.

    That’s a heck of a first 3 rounds.

  • Scott

    “Couldn’t watch the game last night – did Braylon drop any passes?”

    Had a third-and-one hit him in the hands and hit the ground, but it had a decent degree of difficulty.

  • Brooks

    You are to nice Scott. I turned on Sports Center today and wouldn’t you know it the first thing that popped up was Braylon “Stone Hands” Edwards dropping a catchable ball. I must say I don’t miss him a bit.