While We’re Waiting… Colt Struggles, Cavs Fail, Buckeye Reality Show?

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Who had 1 bad game in the “blogger turns on Colt McCoy pool”? Collect your winnings- “Mike Holmgren was in the house, and his evaluation of Colt McCoy might as well read: Can’t throw it well in a cold Cleveland climate, is exposed when he doesn’t have a dominant running game (Hillis has nothing left), has great awareness in the pocket, can feel the blitz and get out of trouble with his legs, is an accurate thrower, but doesn’t possess the arm-strength to consistently win, would be better suited for the backup role. Sorry Browns fans, he’s not the one.” [Dawg Pound Daily]

Side plot #746 of the Sugar Bowl- “When Ryan Mallett committed to the University of Michigan in 2007, he knew his legacy would be dictated on his success (or lack thereof) against Ohio State. How ironic that Mallett, now a junior at Arkansas, is in that position once again. Call it a poetic twist of fate.” [Eleven Warriors]

This takes looking at the bright side to the extreme- “The best thing you can say about today’s Browns game is it makes Pittsburgh have to play their starters next week and for the 2nd year in a row, the Browns can take a bite out of the Steelers season with a late year win. Unfortunately they can’t knock them out of the playoff picture like last year, but they can still derail them and force Pittsburgh into a wildcard playoff game with a victory and a Baltimore victory against Cincinnati.” [Biletnikoff/The OBR]

Stepien Rules passes out some grades for the Cavs. (You know, the traditional 30 games out of 82 report card.)- “Jamario Moon – If he were on any other roster, I’d make so much fun out of him it’d be almost illegal. A genuine chance to nail down a starting spot in the league and play 30 plus minutes a night but turns out he’s just not that good. I’m sorry, but his $3 million dollar salary is an even bigger waste of money than this. Grade – Can I give somebody a W?” [Stepien Rules]

You have to be able to laugh at yourself. This picture is really funny. Well done. [Buckeye Battle Cry]

  • Jeremy


    Colt has one bad game as a ROOKIE and now he is not the guy. I am really begining to believe you people in Cleveland do not deserve to win if you turn on guys this quick.

    He looked pretty good last week in the cold. Is arm strength an issue, a little but not nearly what everyone seems to put into it.

    So how about lets look at other factors. One, receivers are not breaking on the ball like they should. Hell the receivers arent that good. Two, Running game was shut down making the Browns one dimensional; you telling me that Ravens defense can’t stop a team that is one dimensional without good receivers? Come on.

    Not saying that McCoy made some bad throws… because he did. But for God’s sake he IS a rookie and VERY young. My personal belief is that ALL rookie QB’s should not play the first 1-3 years in the NFL. They need that time to get stronger, learn the system, and get comfortable. McCoy is smart and already has the last two down, he is comfortable and learned the system pretty quick. What Colt NEEDS is a couple fo years to get stronger..he will it will just take some time is all; try some patience.

  • Slydawg

    I wonder if Grossi really wrote that blog, or at least someone from KNR.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com burntorange

    I’m with Jeremy 100%. Man, you Cleveland fans are unreal! You can be the best of fans sometimes and you can be the worst of fans @ other times. What is the deal? The kid is given ONE cold weather game to prove himself in Cleveland weather? ONE GAME?????? Peyton Manning–PEYTON MANNING–has had career-high interceptions this year in INDOOR games!!!

  • TSR3000

    That game does not convince me that Colt is NOT the guy. I think he still has “it.” He does need to learn how to play in the cold but he also needs a lot of help. A few of the deep balls could have been caught by a stud WR.

  • troy

    Arm strength isn’t everything. Just ask Derek Anderson. Let’s at least get a few guys who really are starting NFL receiver quality before McCoy is written off.

  • Ben

    Tom Brady looked awful in his start in Cleveland. I wonder if that guy has a future in the NFL.

    I am a blogger now!!!

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Anyone who wants to make a definitive call on McCoy after yesterday’s game on this below average team is an idiot. Plain and simple.

    This was the first really “bad” game he played all season. Give me a break on this “he’s not the one” BS. He may or may not be, but you sure as hell can’t make that decision based on one game.

  • MattyFos

    I don’t think that the guy was saying Colt is NEVER going to be a good QB. I believe the guy was just saying that his arm strength is something that should concern Browns fans. I for one have noticed that McCoy struggles getting the ball down field. I’ll make your argument for you
    He under threw MoMass by about 10 yards in Jacksonville when MoMass has the corner beat.
    Ok, true. But he didn’t and McCoy still under threw him.

    One of the other interception, I think it was Reed’s second. MoMass beat the corner on a double move. McCoy should have thrown it coming out of the second break. Instead waited (or maybe didn’t even see MoMass blow up the corner) and threw the ball about 5 steps too late, allowing Reed to make a break on the ball and come up with the pick.

    Now this Dawg Pound Daily guy is just expressing his opinion like I have with McCoy. I have been McCoy’s biggest critic (besides hopefully McCoy himself) but I have decided to ease up on my harshness with him.

    1. He’s a rookie QB.

    2. He’s completing like 65% of his passes (albeit to TE’s and Hillis)

    3. I was too harsh on him to begin with because I wanted Tebow or Clausen. So the Draftnik in me hated not getting “My Guy”

    4. The final and most important reason I was too harsh on McCoy was because the WFNYers and the entire Browns fan base wanted to put McCoy in the Ring of Honor after only 150 pass attempts.. Hell, they wanted to put him in the Hall Of Fame. It was irritating so I would knock every aspect of his game because it was really annoying to see grown men with boners for this kid.

    I believe the dude at Dawg Pound Daily may share reason 4 with me.

    But, McCoy is the QB you WANT to see as a rookie. Limit mistakes (not this week) and make the easy throws to get in rhythm and move down the field. It’s not his fault that Brian Daboll is a child in a man’s body.
    /had to get in a shot at D”A-hole”

  • http://216sports.wordpress.com Chris


  • bobby

    I think the wholr offense is limited by the OC. I heard that McCoy and Daboll were having an argument on the sidelines in game (I was there and did not notice), but I just feel that Daboll refuses to try to change gameplan. Jake argued with Daboll when he was starting too. I think the offense is doomed until hes out (hopefully January 3rd.)

  • Omega King

    If you watched the game, Flacco didn’t have a stellar game either. The announcers were mentioning that the wind kept messing with passes – because Flacco hung a few out there, too. Does he have a noodle arm too?