While We’re Waiting… Jake Delhomme, Larry Doby and Beating the Bengals

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Does this seem a tad optimistic based on the rest of Delhomm’s throws Sunday?- “The interception occurred later in the period. Delhomme’s arm was hit just as he was throwing the ball. The ball shot up in the air in a high loop and was picked by Leodis McKelvin. Mohamed Massaquoi, the intended receiver, was behind McKelvin on the play. Mangini speculated it would have been a touchdown pass if Delhomme hadn’t been hit.” [Schudel/News Herald]

Really neat story about Tribe legend Larry Doby- “Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians smiles as radio announcer Mel Allen (right) gives the slow burn to the $3,500 mortgage on Larry’s home in Paterson, N.J., during ‘Larry Doby Day’ ceremonies at Yankee Stadium in New York, June 23, 1951, before the start of the Yankees-Indians game. The mortgage was paid off by people of Paterson.” [Duk/Big League Stew]

Former Browns WR Mike Fuerry is now a college football head coach.- [WSAZ]

Buckeyes looking at DB Byron Moore to help bolster 2011 secondary- “The 6-1/190 defensive back can play both corner back and safety, but would likely fill a void at safety for the Buckeyes next season if he decided to come to Columbus.Even better, because he redshirted at USC last season, he would have three seasons to play three years for the Buckeyes and ultimately comes in as a redshirt sophomore. [Eleven Warriors]

Browns with a lot to prove Sunday- “This unpredictable season has suddenly become far too predictable. The chance for the Browns to change this perception comes as soon as Sunday, as they travel to Cincinnati to take on the disappointing Bengals. No one – at least the realists among us – thought this team would make the playoffs, but once they show improvement, it’s reasonable to expect some of the older, undesirable habits to eventually wilt away.” [Dawg Pound Daily]

  • Reggie Ruckus

    How did I miss that Furrey started his college career at OSU? I think he’ll make a fine coach. Not too many guys in this day and age can say they played both ways in the NFL.

  • Chris

    Does this seem a tad optimistic based on the rest of Delhomm’s throws Sunday?

    No, it doesn’t sound that overly optimistic to me. Buffalo just shut our offence down, this wasn’t due to any singular player. Delhomme, however, did have a good look on that pass.

    Nobody lost that game for us individually. Everybody laid an egg. Like Mangini said in the press conference, after a win, there’s a tendency for players who aren’t used to playing to “exhale” a little bit and lose that edge. That’s pretty much exactly what happened. Nobody was focused, and our team lacks enough veterans to turn that attitude around mid game.

  • JK

    So that kid from USC is looking to transfer? Wouldn’t he have to sit out a year?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    Jk- he already has sit out a year. He went took some classes at a small college this past year.

  • MattyFos

    That Texans/ Ravens game was amazing last night. Schaub drove 99 and 96 yards on consecutive drives and finished with a 2pt conversion to force overtime.. AMAZING!

  • Haas

    I was just thinking to myself yesterday what happened to Furrey. He was a good guy, it’s nice to see him continue on in football now that his playing career is over.

  • Matt S

    I think Mangini’s right about that play… MoMass had pretty much burned the guy and it might have been 6. One more reason I don’t think the loss was really on the play-callers.

  • Right Side

    As an alum, let me tell you that Furrey is just what that young struggling program needs to get going.

  • Jay

    I’m ecstatic for Furrey. I was high on him when he played here. I love those type of character guys that just say “Put me anywhere coach. I’ll play any position to help this team.” I wish him nothing but the best in his coaching career.

    I’m not at all as ecstatic for the Browns game on Sunday. The Bengals have lost, what is it now, 10 in a row? And as far as I’ve heard the Human Pick Machine is still our #1 QB. We’ve caught some breaks this year, but I can’t help but shake the old feeling of “The Browns are coming to town. It’s just what our team needs to get a win!”