While We’re Waiting…the Vikings prep for West Virginia, and Arenas to ORL talk

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CSU Coach Gary Waters on today’s game against WVU…tip-off’s at 2pm people:  “They [WVU] have size on the backline. They hold you down, we are going to have to find ways to score on this team. It’s not going to come easy. The difference is that we can shoot in the 40s and still be in the contest. ”

Waters also did talk about his two key players of the game, first Jeremy Montgomery.

“He came in those games and did not have any fear. I always tell Jeremy he’s a gamer, when the game time is on, Jeremy comes to play. When it comes to putting the ball in the basket, he’s ready to play.”

Then Norris Cole [pictured].

“I am trying to evaluate who will guard him and I don’t know if you can say that they have anyone to do that. The one that I think that could mirror Norris is Flowers. Put a bigger guy on him and see if he can slow him down in what he does.”

“Our goal is to go out there and play as hard as we can and compete. I want us to compete at our highest level. I have to get these guys ready to compete and I have to make sure that they are not full of themselves on this 12-0. That can easily be knocked right out of you.”  [Robert Ivory / CSU.com]

Arenas to Magic trade talk escalating:  “Orlando and Washington are engaged in serious discussions for a trade that would send Gilbert Arenas to the Magic, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Arenas has privately told people for days that he believes a deal will soon send him to Orlando, where he’ll be reunited with Magic general manager Otis Smith, a friend and mentor from Arenas’ days with the Golden State Warriors.

Sources said Orlando has escalated its pursuit of a deal in recent days. After losing five of their past six games, the Magic have shown more urgency to find a perimeter scorer who can help them stay a viable contender in the Eastern Conference.”  [Yahoo! / Woj]

Browns – Bengals, what to watch for:  “Colt McCoy makes his triumphant return from his high ankle sprain. I sure would have liked to see him play against the weaker defenses that Delhomme faced, but that’s the world we live in.

Granted, the Bengals aren’t the Steelers, but they are much better than the Bills or the Panthers. It’ll be interesting to see if Daboll will open up the play book more with McCoy back in play. You will not see the no huddle as much with him in as the coaches do not think that he can run it as well as Delhomme.

While I’m glad Delhomme was here to help McCoy in his development, I’m glad that he is not going to be under center for the duration of the season.”  [NoLogoNeeded]

Self control from Mr. Gilbert of late:  “Speaking of coming so far, I’m truly impressed at the way Dan Gilbert has refrained from writing any more letters. Seriously though, I was really expecting a fully blown, comic sans fonted rant before the HEAT game. But he held back, he didn’t get out the Macbook and start typing so maybe he’s over the whole fact that number 23 dissed the whole organization and rode out of town.  I almost kept a straight face typing that last sentence.”  [David O’Leary / Stepien Rules]

Week 15 NFL picks and a letter to Mr. Claus: 

BROWNS AT BENGALS Colt McCoy is already the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Of course, Brady Quinn once held that job. Browns 40, Bengals 20″  [WhatZgonnahappen.com / BT]

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