Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb Talk Pat Shurmur

Still not sold on Pat Shurmur?  Well, until the wins and losses start accumulating, cast your agendas to the side as all we have to go by are numbers and the thoughts from those who are respected across the league.

An hour or so ago, we heard from Shurmur’s former team, the St. Louis Rams.  Now, we get some science dropped from the mouths of some of the Shurminator’s colleagues from his days in Philadelphia.

“I’m extremely proud of and happy for Pat Shurmur and his family,” said Eagles head coach Andy Reid.  “He is a proven commodity in the NFL and has paid his dues as a successful assistant coach.”

Shurmur came from Michigan State to work with the Eagles in 1999.  He was promoted toquarterbacks coach in 2002, manning that position until 2008, working closely with Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb.  In 2004, Shurmur is credited with helping McNabb achieve his career-best season, where he threw 31 touchdown passes and only eight interceptions.

It was his time in Philadelphia, working with Tom Heckert and running an offense similar to that of Browns president Mike Holmgren during his career that made both parties feel that Shurmur was the man for the job.  He is outgoing, communicates well with all of his coaches and players and has shown the ability to work with young, developing players.

“Pat is smart, very well organized and has a great command and great feel for the ins and outs of the business of pro football,” Reid continued. “I believe, to a man, all of the players and coaches that have worked with and for Pat Shurmur have the utmost respect for him as a person and as a coach. And I’m right at the top of that list. He’ll do a great job for the city of Cleveland as their head football coach.”

When asked what he thought of the hire, former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb – who worked side by side with Shurmur for several years – echoed Reid’s sentiments, saying that the Browns’ current roster of players will love to play for their new head coach.

“I think it is a great choice for the Cleveland Browns,” said McNabb. “Pat Shurmur is a hard-working, dedicated and determined individual who demands perfection from all his players. The team will love playing for him.”

Image concocted by Scott Sargent/WFNY

  • Mark

    Well, I suppose thats better than those guys crapping all over him.

    The truth is, none of us know if this will work. He could be the next Sean Payton. Or, he could be the next Chris Palmer. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Stinkfist

    I’m just glad we didn’t try and hire some Belichek assistant again. The last half-dozen or so havent done to hot

  • Kevin

    Right. Whens the last time you heard someone say something that didnt sound exactly like this? Its all BS. Hey Donovan what do you think of Shurmur? Oh he sucks. Wake me up when that happens

  • VooDoo

    Agree with my fellow posters. Shurmur’s vast coaching positions and experiences are a positive along with the fact that until St. Louis he had been in numerous winning organizations.

    The one thing I’m hoping for, not to sound like a broken record, is that Shurmur can hire some equally experienced and knowledgable coordinators/coaches on both sides of the ball. I hope he doesn’t attempt to be head coach, offensive coordinator and QB coach all rolled into one. This has had a horrible track record in Cleveland since the return of the Browns. I think much of the success in St. Louis and even more so in Chicago comes from the presence of knowledgable assistants.

    Also count me in big time in the group that favors a 4-3 scheme on defense. Finally I like WR AJ Green @ #6 for the draft. I don’t see any free agent help availble at that position so if it were me I’d nab the best rookie WR in the draft and for me that’s Green.

  • Tim

    Agreed with Voodoo. I think A.J. Green is an incredible talent in this draft. He and Patrick Peterson are quite a bit above the rest of the players at their positions and could really make an impact right away. I would take either if they were still there at #6.

  • Joe in Wooster

    I like the Shurmur hire…

  • bobby

    Is saying Jauron’s first name something that gets caught in the filter or something here as foul language?