Cavs Mailbag: Boobie’s Wedding, Scott’s Commitment, and Potential Trades

Q: Will there be any teammates included in Daniel Gibson’s upcoming wedding to Keyshia Cole?  – Carolyn Cooper, @Cavalette23

A: Daniel said that all of his teammates will be a part of the wedding in terms of helping the couple celebrate, but if anyone of his past or present teammates are in the wedding party, it will be LaMarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trailblazers.  The two players were in the same class at the University of Texas, entering in 2004 and being drafted in 2006.

Q: Do you think Byron Scott is committed to being a part of the long term rebuilding process or is this more than he bargained for? – Mike Latin, @weather_guesser

A: Scott’s last two coaching stints were both rebuilding projects.  Similar to Mike Holmgren and the Browns – and while he would have liked to have LeBron James to work with – Scott is aware of his abilities as a coach and understands the challenge.  While injuries have forced his hand a bit, Scott’s willingness to play his younger players for extended minutes is a good sign.  Recall, other coaches in Cleveland’s past, perpetually playing underachieving veterans merely to squeak out marginal wins and cover their own.  Also recall where those coaches are today. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Scott is in lockstep with Dan Gilbert.  There is also no doubt in my mind that he is the right man for this job.  The rest will come down to Chris Grant’s ability to provide the right tools for the reconstruction.

Q: How much are we paying the guys that are not named Boobie, Mo, Antawn or Andy?  Is it worth the investment? – Joyce Keough, @joycekeo

A: Aside from those mentioned, the Cavaliers are full of expiring contracts (Leon Powe, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon), low-paid filler and rookies. 

Ramon Sessions is scheduled to make just under $9 million over the course of the next two seasons.  J.J. Hickson is due $2.3 million next year with a qualifying offer of $3.3 million in 2012-13.  As it stands right now, the Cavaliers are only on the hook for $21 million in the 2012-13 season; unfamiliar territory given the last few years of veterans and a superstar.

That said, the team is in a great place to be paying a combined $3.8 million this season for Christian Eyenga, Manny Harris, Samardo Samuels and Alonzo Gee – a considerably low price for trial and error, low risk with potentially high reward.

Q: Who on the Cavs can sqaut the most? – Denny Mayo, @dennymayo

A: I can’t confirm this, but my guess is Samardo Samuels.  After all, when he attended the Nike Skills camp a few seasons back, those in charge had to reinforce the baskets because of the big man’s dunking and tendency to pull the entire goal down with him.

Q: What single player outside of the draft do you think can help begin the process of rebuilding for the Cavs? – Jimbo Body, @KrikLOB

A: The likelihood of a player coming over in a trade at this point is very low.  Unless you count a big contract along with a draft pick, the Cavs are in a very difficult place due to the brash of injuries which have occurred over the past two months.

Complete speculation, but if a team like the Sacramento Kings was willing to part with someone like Jason Thompson, it could be a nice start given his youth and production (consistent 14 points and 10 rebounds per-36 minutes).  Someone like Jeff Green or James Harden – both would be solid additions – would have been more attainable prior to Anderson Varejao’s injury.

Q: What are some of the Cavs’ realistic trade options or partners for picks? – Brian Siegel, @BSiegel83

Q: How long until Jamison/Parker are traded? What’s next when Jamison is gone? – Jordan Diamond, @DatNewMusic

Q: Last week, you mentioned Anthony Parker and the Bulls. Do you think acquiring James Johnson is possible? He’s the former 16th overall pick and is only 23 years old.  Could be worth taking a chance on. – Mike Schreiner

A: To answer the first two questions, I still think that Anthony Parker to the Bulls for cash/considerations/second-round draft pick seems to be the most realistic.  I wrote a few weeks back that the Cavs have all but taken Antawn Jamison off of the trading block – given what teams are willing to pay for him, he’s worth far more to the team in terms of veteran leadership and presence in the locker room.  Not counting out a move, but unless Chris Grant is wowed, I wouldn’t anticipate Jamison (and his expiring 2011-12 contract) to go anywhere.

James Johnson is intriguing, but it’s worth mentioning that Joey Graham is also a former 16th pick overall.  But also, as mentioned, he has fallen out of the rotation with Chicago adding Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Kover in the offseason.  Given Chicago’s assets, Johnson would be the only player I can see coming back in a trade. However, it sounds like the team would rather acquire draft picks than a player at this stage.

That said, the Cavaliers’ biggest assets are in the form of expiring deals and Daniel Gibson.  Parker falls into the former, as do Leon Powe and Jamario Moon – both of whom could be moved by the deadline.  Ramon Sessions continues to garner some interest, but his play has really picked up and he’s going to be needed as long as Mo Williams is out.  A lot can change between now and the end of February, but I wouldn’t expect anything big occurring until before the draft.


    This trade works on the Trade Machine, so it can definitely happen in real life!

    Get it done Grant, then re-sign Melo! We need two stars that don’t have egos!


  • JNeids

    REEPJP – Why would we want to make that trade? It only gets us 5 more wins…


  • Andrew

    “Q: Who on the Cavs can sqaut the most? – Denny Mayo, @dennymayo”

    LOL, nice Denny.

  • The Conductor

    Do you think Antawn Jamison parties on West 6th at Liquid? Do you think he gets a panini sandwich at 2 AM after grinding on the dance floor in the basement of Blind Pig?

  • mgbode

    how does the ability to pull down hoops demonstrate leg strength?
    it requires upper body strength and mass (for the gravity effect) to pull down hoops. your legs are just sort of dangling in the air once you get the required hops to get up to that height.

    leg strength is more taken by which player doesn’t get moved in the block and can actually push out opposing players by backing into them. most of our frontcourt players are relatively thin and this is one of our weaknesses on the team, which is what makes that question especially pertinent.

    (ok, that’s my best attempt at a serious answer to a question Denny posed :) )

  • Denny

    Thx for the important answer to my important question.

    Alternatively, you could have done an in-depth comparison of the players’ backsides, since Jared Sullinger’s behind is all the rage these days.

  • Shamrock


  • mgbode

    @Denny – well, my wife has made it clear that Gibson has the best backside, but I don’t think he can squat the most weight. Or is that not where you were going with that one?

  • MattyFos

    The Cavs should hire me to scout. Messing around on NBA 2K11 I started a franchise with the Clippers and drafted Perry Jones after about 4 seasons (simulating) he was a 90 overall.. I also drafted a Center in the second round named Greg Jones (I think) and he progressed from a 72 to a 79…..

    We all know video games are 100% correct!!!!1!1!!1!

  • James

    What about our trade exception?! Does it count for anything?? Awwww drat..

  • Harv 21

    How many season tix will be sold for 2011-12?

    Given how most NBA teams show up unfocused on any given night in a long season, especially if the opponent has won like one game in 2 months, does coach Scott hate himself when he says he likes the players’ effort?

    If a team figures out a way to somehow lose 29 out of 30 or whatever, has clearly tuned out an established NBA coach and the coach publicly admits that nearly half either won’t or can’t learn the offense, how does one determine that any given player player is providing “veteran leadership and presence in the locker room”?

  • WayneEmbrysKids

    Love the Q/A idea

  • 5KMD

    Despite all the despair, if you aren’t one of the top 4-5 teams in the NBA you have no shot to win it. So the Cavs aren’t all that differenet from 25 other teams, other than they will get a better pick and have more cap space.

    Ideally, they would get the number 1 pick this year, suck again next year and get another great pick. Then in year 3 have a key player get hurt (like the admiral did to get duncan) and get another great pick.

    The greatness of #6 the player (along with a downturn overall in teh East) was what hurt the Cavs. They should have gotten top picks a couple years in a row but #6 made them too good too fast. So, no running mate (once Boozer was let go…ah, the memories).