NFL Playoffs: Torture for Cleveland Fans

Seriously? Ravens vs Steelers and Jets vs Patriots? Could you just gouge out my eyes instead?

How was a Cleveland fan supposed to watch these games? First you have the Steelers, sworn enemy of every good Clevelander. Cheap shot artists, thugs and criminals. Oh, and consistent winner. Don’t forget that. You know, kind of the opposite of us. And then there are the Ravens. Do I even have to go there? No matter what your opinion of Ray Lewis is, had he been wearing orange and brown he would have statues in this city. Ozzie Newsome as well. For his career on the field and in the front office. Instead, he is making smart picks for Baltimore. Sigh.

Then you have Braylon and the Jets. No way you can root for him. And the arrogance of that team makes me ill anyway. The Patriots? As much as I hated Belichik when he started winning in New England, that has nothing on my disgust of the New England/Boston fan-base.

Now we have a Steelers/Jets conference championship. Great. All I can say is that no matter who wins this one, I’ll be pulling for the NFC.

I’d especially like to see Aaron Rodgers get his title. A couple reasons for this. First, I like many am really done with Brett Favre. It would only be sweeter if Rodgers were to beat the Vikings in the NFC title game. I liked the kid coming out of college, and thought he got a raw deal for a couple years in Green Bay. Especially hearing how Brett treated him. Second, I would love for Colin Cowherd to have to eat a little crow. He’s been calling Rodgers a fake all season.

Above all, I would much rather see Rodgers, Clay Mathews Jr. and A.J. Hawk get rings than either Braylon Edwards or the Steelers. But that probably goes without saying.

So who are you rooting for?

  • Kunal

    I’m definitely rooting for the Pack to take it home too, can’t stand any of the other teams left

  • Cgutta

    Yeah I’m 100% with you on this one. I’ve been rooting for Rodgers ever since Favre became his “mentor”. This weekend I found myself rooting for the Pats and the Ravens, two teams I absolutely despise. Oh well.

  • Susanna

    I am rooting for NY Jets because I am a Mark Sanchez fan since his USC days.

  • Glasser812

    I completely agree Rick. Would like to see the Pack win it all, with a preference of a big/convincing win over either AFC team.

  • Eli

    I’m cheering for a meteor to strike Heines field next weekend.

  • Cooley Ford

    Go Pack go. Screw the remaining AFC teams, and I really don’t like Cutler, at all.

  • Dan

    Wow…Colin Cowherd is such a joke of an analyst/host or whatever his title is. I hate his show and his stupid ****ing impression of Ron Burgandy. Aaron Rodgers is the real deal and the PAckers are the only team left in the playoffs that I can tolerate. Especially when Rodgers rushes for a TD and motions the Championship Belt.

  • b

    Somehow it’s not funny enough to God that our teams stink, especially in 2010 and 2011 so far. He also brings great success to our rivals and other jerks we can’t stand, year in, year out.

    If there is even a sliver of silver lining, at least between the 4 worst options that remained in the AFC going into last weekend, we get to see 3 of them and their fan bases lose big playoff games, and hopefully the 4th will fall in the super bowl.

    Go Packers! The least disagreeable team left.

  • Garry Owen

    I like Eli’s meteor strike.

  • Rick

    Eli, I root for that every time the Stillers & Ratbirds play.

  • Garry Owen

    The Packers kind of look like the love child of Glenville and St. Ed’s (I know, chicken/egg problem), so I can sort of see this as a Cleveland victory. Go Green Bay Targles!

  • Chris

    IF the Jets do make the superbowl (though I have a bad feeling it will be the Steelers) I’d like to see BE drop every pass that comes his way.

    I’d prefer the Bears over the Packers, but will be happy with whichever one beating the AFC Champs

  • Nathan Gilbert

    Pack or Bears would be easier to swallow than a Steeler or Butterfinger Edwards win.

  • Dan the beagle

    GO PACK GO!!!!

    I don’t hate the Bears either, actually like what Cutler has done this year.

  • christopher

    @5,9, and 10

    i make the same prayer for:

    yankees vs. red sox
    michigan vs. notre dame
    SEC team vs. SEC team

    i shall again bow my head for the stillers vs. jets game this coming weekend.

  • Josh

    As much as I hate Edwards, I wouldn’t be upset if the Jets did pull it off. I’d love to see Buckeyes like Mangold, Holmes, and Golston get rings, not to mention guys like Tomlinson and Jason Taylor who have been around for a while and deserve it.

  • Clown Baby

    Please let the lockout come early.

  • MrCleaveland

    I like to look at the glass being half full of schadenfreude. I can’t stand the Steelers or the Jets, but I love that the Ratbirds and Patriots lost. And this Sunday either Braylon or Rapistberger will lose, so that’s something to look forward to.

    Come the Super Bowl, either the Pack or Bears would be fine with me.

  • JNeids

    I have been pulling for the Packers the whole time, and wanted whoever won their game with the Falcons to win it all. So let’s go Pack!

    And I know I wasn’t the only one who was hoping that Braylon would pull a Bill Gramatica on that victory backflip. I can’t wait until the NY faithful turn on him.

  • Chris

    I vote we lobby the NFL: Should a meteor ever strike the earth during a pittsburgh/baltimore game, it shall be recorded in the books as a win for Cleveland.


    Did some one say they hope a meteor hits Heinz field? Is it 2012 yet? close enough for the Mayans. GO PACK!!!

  • Garry Owen

    @ Chris:

    Given our luck, on the weekend that this event occurs, there will be a debiliting blizzard that will have covered the entire east coast from Pittsburgh to Baltimore. Because the game will be a playoff game, normally scheduled to occur in Pittsburgh, the NFL will have transported both teams to Cleveland in advance of the storm and will hold the game in the otherwise empty Cleveland Browns Stadium. The meteor will strike, destroying not only the Steelers and Ravens but also the entire city of Cleveland. As with all Cleveland victories, it will be pyrrhic.

  • MattyFos

    Oh and we passed up Aaron Rodgers for BE 17, so we have that going for us too!

  • Garry Owen

    Note: “debiliting” is not a word. Meant “debilitating.” I’m going to quit while I’m behind. Good night.

  • MattyFos

    Yeah Colin Cowherd is a douche! He was talking trash about Rodgers being 0-1 in the playoffs coming into this post season… I seem to recall Rodgers throwing for like 400+ yards and 4 or 5 TD’s against the Kurt Warner led Card-in-als. He scored like 45 points and his defense gave up like 50 some points… Rodgers is the man! Go Pack GO! There are so many reasons to like the Packers
    Tramon Williams
    BJ Raji
    Clay Matthews
    Aj Hawk
    Charles Woodson
    The fact that I hate Brett Favre

  • BB

    As a Chicago based Browns fan with Bears season tickets, I’m rooting for the Bears so hopefully I can get some super bowl tickets and sell them.

  • Ezzie

    Since I live in NYC, I found myself rooting for the Pats this past weekend, and :::shudder::: the Steelers this one. Rex Ryan I’m sure is annoying enough in Cleveland – here, it’s positively “I wanna gouge my ears out”.

    Go Aaron Rodgers, who’s one of the most incredible players to watch play since… well, since Peyton Manning’s best years. Except Rodgers has more talent around him.

  • modell2hell

    @ 8: Agreed. The knife in the heart that is Cleveland sports fandom is being twisted hard in the NFL playoffs.

    All I can really wish for at this point is for the the Steelers to lose. If God wants to throw Cleveland a bone, it’s anybody but Pittsburgh, please. If he’s really feeling generous, Braylon Edwards can drop an easy catch in the end zone to lose the Super Bowl.

    Pretty sad, isn’t it?

  • Robbie

    If the Steelers win another Super Bowl, northeast Ohio is going to become Pittsburgh west. There are already an unbearable number of bandwagon fans here. Please, Jesus, Allah, whoever… show us a little mercy.

    Personally, I think I was a Jewish, Yankees fan living in NYC in my previous life. To even things out, I was reincarnated as a Catholic, Cleveland sports fan in NEO.

  • MP34

    Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks 1992 – Present:

    Brett Favre – 16 seasons / Don Majkowski – 3 games in 1992
    Aaron Rodgers – 3 seasons / Matt Flynn – 1 game in 2010

    Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks 1992 – Present:

    Bernie Kosar, Mike Tomczak, Vinny Testaverde, Todd Philcox, Mark Rypien, Eric Zeier, Tim Couch, Ty Detmer, Doug Pederson, Spergon Wynn, Kelly Holcomb, Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Trent Dilfer, Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Bruce Gradkowski, Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace, Colt McCoy.

    Packers fans got it good.

  • Chris

    Man… WFNY needs to do a “where are they now: QBs edition”…

  • Jon

    Whoever wins the NFC, but hopefully Green Bay.

  • Omar’s Magic Glove

    Da Bears!

  • TSR3000

    Nothing worse than watching Pittsburgh sin the super bowl. I am scared it will happen again.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    But Aaron Rodgers hates cancer patients. I think this means the Bears are our only choice.,50142/

  • Christopher


    You are so correct. I live in Hudson, OH and have refused shopping at the giant eagle by my house as they have decorated the entire store in Steelers colors, banners, balloons, etc.


  • mike

    No Bears love Rick? When I first grew up watching football, the Browns were leaving town. Started loving the Bears, mainly because of tradition (Dave Wannastache couldn’t draft or coach). The only other team in football that has just as rich, or richer, tradition than the Browns. Hate the Pack, Steelers, and Jets. Bear Down!

  • Daryl Brownell

    I’ve lived my entire life in Toledo, but I’ve been following the Browns since the 1986 season. All I see in T-Town is black and gold diarrhea flowing everywhere. Some of my family members and I are the only Browns fans that I know.

  • Rick

    @Mike- Not really anything against the Bears. Just have many more rooting interests on the Pack. If they beat Green Bay, I’d pull for the Bears over either AFC squad. So there’s that…

  • Cathy

    I have decided that i am boycoting the Super Bowl if it’s Squeelers/Packs. why? I despise the squeelers to the end of the earth and i am dating a Bears fan…

    Bears/Squeelers… Da Bears
    Bears/Jets… Da Bears
    Packs/Squeelers… Go Cheeseheads
    Packs/Jets… you got it… go Cheeseheads

  • Omar’s Magic Glove

    The only thing I can feel happy about as a Cleveland Fan during these playoffs is that I just read that Brian Daboll is taking his talents to South Beach! Great for you Miami!

  • Swig

    My only beef with the Jets is Braylon. I seem to be in a minority but I dislike the Patriots and Ravens (and Broncos) more than the Steelers. Sucks they are there, but far from the worst option.

  • mgbode

    Cutler in the Superbowl against a top3 defense (either Pitt or NYJ). Umm, I trust Rodgers a heck of a lot more to not give that game away (Neil O’Donnell style).

  • Dave

    I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the Packers. They’re a small-market team, for starters, so if they can win it all maybe there’s hope for the Brownies.

    But unlike many here I don’t hate the Patriots – mostly because they were my home team growing up, and were pretty mediocre until 2001. Another sign that there may be hope for the Browns yet.

  • 5KMD

    Only 3 options for me every year:

    1. Browns win superbowl.
    2. pittsburgh does not win superbowl.
    3. baltimore does not win superbowl.

    J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. Yeah, I hate them too but I live in pittsburgh now and…I…just…can’t…take…it…anymore.

  • Doug

    Anyone but the Steelers, even the Braylons would be preferable…there are no Jets fans around here and Braylon’s the only real reason to hate the Jets (don’t care about Rex Ryan’s shenanigans), but NEO is lousy w/ bandwagon PITTS d-bags and the black and gold will come out in full force should they win again. Ultimately, I’m rooting for the Packers.

    Ugh is all i can say…we as C-town fans have nothing left but to hate on other teams/players and it makes me sick.

  • 5KMD

    Doug, stop encouraging those bandwagon fans in their thinking that their team’s colors are anything but black and yellow.

    The saints are black and gold.

  • St. McDuck

    Packers. Although the Bears would be an okay Super Bowl winner for me, the Favre factor certainly has me pulling for the Packers more.

  • OhioMike

    The Pack or the Bears!!! Always loved both teams…Big former Butkis fan!

  • me

    hey, I’m a Colts (well kind of sort of in a state of denial right now) and it could take anywhere from 3 to 7 years for their next Supre Bowl appearance. 7-8 is the average right for returning teams with losses since the Bills trifecta of Super Bowl losses to open the 1990’s ended in 1993. John Elway is the blueprint and he took 8 years to win his first title after losing three in a row in the 80’s. This is of course assuming Manning gets a 7 year contract extension which is highly unlikely. He moves on to his hometown Saints (irony) or his collegetown Titans (maybe not as realistic) in 2015 after the 4 year extension expires.