NFL Wild Card Sunday, Browns Coaching News Open Thread

The NFL season is over for the Cleveland Browns, but fans can still enjoy wild card Sunday’s slate of games. The Baltimore Ravens face Kansas City at 1 p.m. in the AFC, and in the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles host the Green Bay Packers at 4:30 p.m.

With yesterday’s results, it is already guaranteed that the New York Jets or New England will be in the AFC Championship game. A victory by Baltimore today would set up a pair of epic rivalries facing off in the Divisional Round next week.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen (h/t @MaryKayCabot on Twitter) reported earlier that St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is emerging as the favorite for the Browns head coaching position. Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinwheg is another leading candidate according to rumors, while Atlanta Falcons OC Mike Mularkey interviewed yesterday. Stay tuned for any developing news.

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  • brownsfan019

    We can only hope they get this right this time. This decision will impact the franchise for years.

  • DKH

    Why does a Rams OC generate excitement? Their team was terrible, and Sam Bradford wasn’t as good as everything thinks he was.

  • Robbie

    My wish list: The future HC exhibits human emotions.

    Yeah, I know it doesn’t matter to coaching ability. Bill Belicheck hasn’t expressed a human emotion in 20+ years and Josh McDaniels did back flips on the field… but I’d still like to seeing anything but another stone-faced, emotionless HC just staring-off into the distance when it’s falling apart on the field.

    Like I said, it doesn’t really matter, but I’d like it is all.

  • pepe

    “We can only hope they get this right this time. This decision will impact the franchise for years.”

    Judging from past experience, the decision will impact the franchise for only two years. Then there will be another decision that will impact the franchise for two more years. Then there another decision…

  • JM

    Maybe they should draft good players and get free agents so they aren’t doing this again in 2 years.

  • humboldt

    @Robbie – completely agree. I think that’s why Gruden appeals to so many people. He cares, and he shows it on the field

  • MallaLubba

    @Robbie – I agree. …and even on topic: Not that I’m a fan of his teams but I refer you to the Seattle sidelines during the playoff game vs. New Orleans (or any game for that matter).

  • Harrion

    They wanted a new coach, and for their sins, they will get one. I hope everyone learns a valuable lesson regarding the hue of the lawn beyond the encumbrance…or something like that. But, at least he may “exhibit human emotions” or whatever.

  • SlawDawg

    Can we sign Nmamdi Asomugha immediately? Anyone else see this as a no brainer?

  • humboldt

    @Mallalubba – I was thinking the exact same thing. I hate Pete Carrol and think his conduct at USC was more than dishonorable, but I loved his whole aura on that sideline yesterday.

    Obviously, there are many variables that make a great coach, but this is a surface one that can really make being a fan of a franchise more enjoyable. Sort of like having a president who people can relate to; is not the be-all-end-all of a good president, but it helps

  • Ezzie

    @SlawDawg – I’d love to see them go after Asomugha and Clabo (RT on Atlanta) this spring. Get those two, keep working Lavauo at RG, then concentrate on DL early in the draft and see how to get a WR/depth at RB elsewhere. Browns are lucky that their real needs are available on the market; now let’s see them get them.

  • Harv 21

    “… Pat Shurmur is emerging as the favorite for the Browns.”

    I see. Someone privy to the H & H’s private conversations is already spilling to a mole for Chris Mortensen. Rank speculation dressed in purposely vague language (“emerging”-from what, just two interviews?) posing as inside knowledge.

    Just ridic. Wake me when they meet with someone a second time or call in the contract lawyers.

  • Hugh Thomas

    I have also been making a case for Nmamdi Asomugha. It seems like a no brainer to me. We offered Joe Thomas, Shaun Rodgers, and Eric Steinbach big money to play here. Jake Delhomme was due to make 5.4 million, Eric Wright’s money is available (he should be let go). A guys like Revis, Woodson, Asante, Reed, Polamalu, and Hall (all guys I consider top DBs) are making about 6-8 million dollas a year and were paid to sign. We need to make him an offer in that neighborhood with a good bonus to sign. We gave Haden a signing bonus of $12 millon. It would take somewhere around $55 Million and we could probably have him for 5 years.

    Charles Woodson sp: 5yrs/$55m/21m adv&bonus/6.5m salary
    DeAngelo Hall sp: 6yrs/$55m/22.5m guaranteed/15m bonus
    Asante Samuel sp: 6yrs/$57m/14m bonus/5m incentives/7m salary

  • Anthony

    I would love to see Nnamdi in a browns uni next year. What are the odds, 200 to 1?

  • bobby

    Does everyone forget that we have Montario Hardesty? Theres been nothing I read that we should expect anything less except a full recovery by training camp and with him and Hillis we have our top 2 guys. Maybe get a guy in the 6th or 7th round to fight for the 3rd back, but I dont think you go and draft another RB in the top 4 rounds.