While We’re Waiting… Browns Goals, CLE Fan’s Budget, Braxton Miller Hype

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Five things to expect from the Browns this offseason: “The goals and aspirations of new Browns head coach Pat Shurmur have become more evident than the sky being blue. In preparation for next year, Shurmur, along with General Manager Tom Heckert and executive Mike Holmgren have plenty of chores to do in the coming months.” [Eddy Jansen/SB Nation Cleveland]

Results from our last survey on the ticket spending habits of Cleveland sports fans: “In contrast to the Cavaliers, Browns fans seem to be impressed enough with the team’s performance to plan on attending more games in 2011. Of those surveyed, 17% more will be purchasing season seats for Browns games.” [Rick Grayshock/Still WFNY]

Showing some love for the Aeros’ creative food ideas: “Please don’t sue me, Adam Richman/Travel Channel. While the Indians aren’t making much offseason noise, here in Akron the Aeros are at least trying to grab the attention of the locals.” [Marc Bigelow/Deep Left Field]

More historical records to watch about those laughable Cleveland Cavaliers: “Second, last season the Cavaliers outscored their opponents by an average of 6.5 points per game. This season Cleveland is being outscored by an average of 11.3 points per game. If it holds, this swing of 17.8 points per game would represent the largest decline in point differential in league history.” [Justin Kubatko/Off the Dribble]

Our own Brendan Bowers catches up with the second-most famous member of the Sullinger clan: “JJ and the rest of the Sullinger family are front row for the show these days in Columbus, and they couldn’t be more proud. Coming off Ohio State’s recent beat down of 12th ranked Purdue, 87-64, I had a chance to catch up with the former Buckeye and talk all about it.” [Brendan Bowers/SLAM]

High praise for OSU’s quarterback recruit: “Three-and-a-half years later, Bolden is glad now he can cheer for [Braxton] Miller, already enrolled at Ohio State as the key piece in the 2011 recruiting class and rated as the nation’s No. 1 dual-threat quarterback by Rivals.com and the No. 2 overall quarterback by Scout.com.” [Mark Snyder/Detroit Free Press]

Evaluating Jim Tressel’s recruiting success: “We all know about former three-stars like James Laurinaitis and Malcolm Jenkins capturing All-American honors, but what about the rest of the players that pledged to play for Jim Tressel?” [Jason/Eleven Warriors]

And finally, updates on the CSU Vikings and their NCAA Tournament hopes in the Horizon League: “While the mantra for Cleveland State’s men’s basketball team is “focus, focus, focus,” the temptation is there to peek ahead. CSU (19-3, 8-2 Horizon League) produced a withering second half of both offense and defense to dispatch Illinois-Chicago on Thursday night, 63-49.” [Elton Alexander/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

(Photo above via Joshua Gunter/Cleveland Plain Dealer)

  • Terry O.

    Re: Jensen article

    I don’t think this guy has a clue.

    Point 1) Draft Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green, if he is available

    After sh _t canning the 3-4 & chasing off one of the best DC’s in the league, Holmgren & Co. are going to the 4-3. They have no 4-3 DE’s or MLB’s on the roster.
    They must go in this direction 1st.

    Point 2) Deal Shaun Rogers if someone will take the bait………..Ahtyba Rubin has the nose tackle spot locked up

    There is no NT in a 4-3. Rubin will be moved to DT.

    Rogers has virtually no trade value. After 10 years in the league he’s a part time player making $5.5 million, has had back to back injury riddled years & low, low production. Who in there right mind will want that?

    Point 4) 4. Their division will remain competitive, but expect the Browns to challenge the AFC North big dogs

    With what? You need to run the ball & stop the run in the AFC North to be competitive. WCO’s have been as rare as hen’s teeth in this conference. 72′ Bengals were probably the last & only. Walsh was the architect while the OC there & they played on artificial turf.

  • Shamrock

    The Browns could never make the 3-4 work so I’m not sad to see it go. I also don’t consider Rob Ryan to have been one of the best defensive coordinators in the game last year. The defense had it’s moments but they were few and far between. There was no consistency and nothing remotely close to a pass rush.

  • Sam B

    After that Deep Left Field piece I think I have to see the Aeros this year. Not for the base ball, for the hotdog in a brat in a kielbasa topped with sourkraut. Color me intrigued.