While We’re Waiting… Kosar Thoughts, Jeff Fisher, Holmgren’s Packers

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Continued perspectives on the Bernie Kosar rumors with several other NFL teams, and what the Browns should do next: “Now, merely hiring Kosar as a greeter, even a well-paid one, or as some other figurehead position haphazardly created for fan service purposes is not going to do it (See Brown, Jim).” [Doug/Cleveland Sports Torture]

I know this was on my mind as soon as this news broke: “With Jeff Fisher parting ways with the Tennessee Titans earlier this week, there is no doubt that a number of Browns fans were playing the ‘what if’ game.” [Steve DiMatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

Connecting those successful Green Bay Packers to Cleveland’s new team president: “Mike Holmgren understood, but he really understood deeply when he worked as Packers coach from 1992-98.” [Pat McManamon/AOL Fanhouse]

Awesome quote here from the elder Clay Matthews about the success of his kids: “‘It’s been a big year. It’s amazing,’ Matthews said in a telephone conversation. ‘I’m just enjoying it. My brother figured out the other day — in 38 years, we played in one Super Bowl. Clay got one in just two years in the league.'” [Tony Grossi/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

I’m definitely on board with this: “What I’m saying here is sure the 19-game streak is bad, and on some levels historic, but I really think the Cavaliers are well on their way to new heights on this beat-down streak. I think 25 straight is a real possibility, and if they do manage to drop their next six in a row, that would be historic.” [Brendan Bowers/Stepien Rules]

Overall thoughts on some unique Cavalier features: “I have been harping on Daniel Gibson’s inability to finish at the rim this season – he’s shooting 36% on shots inside the paint. The problem was illustrated on Friday, as Gibson shot 5-for-11 from beyond the arc, but just 5-for-14 for the game.” [Michael Curry/Cavs HQ]

The always humorous Skyenga climb up the scoring list. [Dave Wooley/Stepien Rules]

Dissenting opinions on the Indians’ farm system: “Specifically, there seems to be some concern brewing over the fact that the Indians placed only one player in MLB.com’s Top 50 prospects, ‘only’ three among Keith Law’s Top 100 and that Law ranked the Indians as the 17th best team in terms of organizational talent.” [Paul Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

Shooting down all the trade rumors: “I’ve learned through several sources connected to the Indians that they in no way have had any discussion with the Nationals about Sizemore and Carmona, and that they certainly are not looking to trade either of them right now.” [Tony Lastoria/Indians Prospect Insider]

The Tribe Tour continues today with a stop at Akron’s Summit Mall from 12-4 p.m. I’d be there if I was still in the 330. [Indians.com]

Positive reviews of Dane Sanzenbacher last night: “He made the most of the opportunity though. He drew nothing but positive reviews during practices, with many talking about his superb route running ability and hands.” [Drew Thurman/The Silver Bullet]

Talking about Cleveland State star Norris Cole’s merits for Horizon League Player of the Year. [Tom Mieskoski/The Cleveland Fan]

(Magazine cover above via Sports Illustrated/Andy Hayt)

  • Harv 21

    Like Jeff Fisher a lot, but his going ballistic this year at Vince Young and his statements that he really needs a break after 16 straight years as HC look like classic NFL coaching burnout. Dude needs to catch his breath with a couple cushy years in the network studio.

  • Shamrock

    Shocking that Daniel Gibson is only good at shooting threes. The Cavaliers are making the Nets from a few years ago not look that bad. Anyone seen Little Napoleon? I wonder how long before he does more play by play during games.

    And what the Indians great organization the one that wins minor league championships but not major league ones, isn’t as good as some thought? They aren’t even good enough to trade meanwhile all the big name teams continue to wheel and deal along with signing players.

  • Mark

    @Harv – you and I see Fisher exactly the same. A break to re-charge the batteries is in order.