While We’re Waiting… Scott’s Honeymoon Over, Comparing McCoy and a Michigan Man

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Byron Scott draws some criticism- “It’s time to have a go at Scott, though. Not because of that record, but because he’s the latest to jump on the “our offense is fine, it’s the defense that needs work” bandwagon. You’ve seen it before, most notably from Scott Skiles and Larry Brown. A terrible offensive team that milks the clock and barely scores 90 a game most nights out will see its coach gloss over the terrible offense post or between games in order to pull the tough guy routine that the media just laps up — the idea that defense is of paramount concern.” [Dwyer/Ball Don’t Lie]

Comparing McCoy and Flacco- “They rave about the fact that Joe Flacco has been to the playoffs three times in his three years in the league. But he’s never been the difference in any one of those games. Sure, they Ravens went into Foxborough and eliminated Tom Brady and the Patriots last year, but he only threw for 34 yards in the cause. He doesn’t win playoffs games for the Ravens, his skill players and defense does.” [Dawg Pound Daily]

Might as well have said ‘Get off my lawn!’- “The bad news is that it’s also dragging its feet when it comes to widening the use of instant replay. Selig said on Monday that both of baseball’s hot-button topics won’t be resolved in time for the 2011 season.” [Duk/Big League Stew]

Ladies and gentlemen, your new opponent in The Rivalry- “The guy who finally accepted the job today, San Diego State coach Brady Hoke, is more like a leading off an inning with a bloop single, or a walk: Respectable, under the circumstances, but a long way to go before anyone gets excited. The university plans to introduce the new boss at a Wednesday afternoon press conference, for which one lucky, underwhelmed Michigan fan can win a seat.” [Hinton/Dr. Saturday]

Nuggets trade is holding up the rest of the league- “There are 15 players — and maybe more — who would be changing teams if the proposed Carmelo Anthony trade moves out of its current state of limbo and becomes reality. That’s a lot of players, and the Anthony trade has become a dam, holding up a number of other smaller trades, according to multiple reports.” [Pro Basketball Talk]

  • Justin

    How bout them cavs last night? Lets hope David Stern rigs the draft lottery for us again.

  • GhostToMost

    Who is the top prospect in next years draft?

  • JNeids

    I heard on the radio that after the Cavs game, Lebron tweeted something along the lines of “Karma’s a B****.”

    I can’t decide the right word/phrase to describe this. Ironic? Pot calling the kettle black? Increasing his (hopefully inevitable) comeuppance?

  • http://gooddoctorzeus.blogspot.com DocZeus

    If there was such thing as karma, LeBron would have torn his rotator cuff after delivering high fives to Wade and Bosh over the Cavs misfortune.

    Also, Pat Riley would go bald.

  • Jim

    So it’s time to consider whether this Cavs team is one of the worst in league history. 21 losses in the last 22 games with no end in sight. Last night was rock bottom. How do they recover? At some point somebody like Mo or Antawn has to stand up and say enough is enough. If they don’t 12 wins looks optimistic right now.

  • MattyFos

    @ DocZeus-
    As long as Bosely is still in business Pay Riley will never “go” bald

  • Shamrock

    This isn’t Scott’s fault the fault lies with Dan Gilbert and Danny Ferry. LeBron James is everyone’s scapegoat because he’s an easy target and people don’t know sports. James obviously carried this team on his back and for proof just keep watching, if you can. You can fault him for the way he kept but not for leaving, he was smart.

    A majority of people all loved Dan Gilbert after his stupid letter the night of “The Decision.”. How long before these same people wanna plunge the knife in his back because his team is so pathetic? Before I get called names and the rest take a look in the mirror. Also I haven’t spoken about any specific fan I’ve used the general term “fans” so if you feel the need to respond you have singled yourself out not me.

    Lastly where is that All-Star Mo Williams? He’s really stepped up to lead the Cavaluers hasn’t he? He was the biggest coat rider of all but fans made him out to be Scottie Pippen. Yea right. If I didn’t know any better I’d think Mo Willuams had retired.

  • Harv 21

    Given how many NBA teams take the night off against inferior opponents during the course of a long season, it’s not really possible to go on such a streak if you are giving reasonable effort most nights. No matter the talent disparity.

    This “team” (such as it is) is not buying what Scott is selling. Only options are to change the players or the coach. Since the coach is proven, best to try and find some humor in this race to the bottom while Chris Grant tries to jettison this stinking pile o’refuse.

  • 5KMD

    “Sure, they Ravens went into Foxborough and eliminated Tom Brady and the Patriots last year, but he only threw for 34 yards in the cause. He doesn’t win playoffs games for the Ravens, his skill players and defense does.”

    The same could be said for the QB in pittsburgh. They both screw around for 3 quarters, make dumb plays, let their defense keep them within 3 points. Then their defense gives them a short field in the 4Q and the QB is praised for “winning the game”. rediculous.

  • Dave

    Dave Berri over at Wages of Wins has up the final regular season QB Wins Produced:

    On that list, Colt McCoy is 29th, right after Carson Palmer and not far behind Eli Manning. Oh, and miles ahead of Derek Anderson, Brett Favre, and Jake Delhomme. So by their measurements at least, that kid is probably good enough to be who the Browns need him to be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ Destry

    My problem was a wall until I read this, then I samshed it.