Breaking News: Cavaliers Reportedly Trade Mo Williams

Multiple news sources are reporting that the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to trade former All-Star PG Mo Williams and SF Jamario Moon to the Los Angeles Clippers for Baron Davis and a 2011 1st Round Pick.

We’ll have more analysis on this deal later this morning, but for now it’s worth noting that this move gives the Cavaliers a chance to have 2 first round picks in this draft.

We wish Mo Williams and Jamario Moon nothing but the best and hope this deal works out for the best for both.

  • C

    Hopefully the Clips tank and we have two top 5 picks!

  • J2theB

    Gotta love Donald Sterling and the Clips organization… Thank you!!

  • crazycav

    Like the deal. Add more picks and get rid of dead weight Moon and Mo who seems to be injured a lot. Even Davis with a poor attitude is better than those two. Let the rebuild begin. Go Cavs.

  • Judy.O

    So apparently,Mo was happy last night.Am assuming he was told then. I was just about to say how bad i feel for Mo being a fan favorite and having embraced this town completely.If this is true,then i guess he couldnt wait to leave which absolves me from bad feelings. I wish him well and hope having another star relieves him duties of having to carry the offense.That said,am not sure am thrilled with this trade.The pick is ok.But Baron Davis massive contract and massive issues?Not so much.

  • 5KMD

    I’m sure you guys will talk about it later but what are the particulars on Baron’s contract?

  • crobarred

    Davis is owed 28.6m over the next two years. Gotta love the NBA and their guaranteed contracts.

  • Josh Stein

    They’re adding what amounts to $5 or $6M for the next two years less whatever Jamario was to make…in exchange for getting another pick, while being in a pretty good spot cap wise. I love the trade, but they can’t miss their two early 1s now.

  • oribiasi

    I like this a lot, but I worry that even two first rounders in this upcoming draft aren’t that amazing. Especially if people like Sullinger and that kid from Baylor (yikes, can’t remember) don’t come out.

  • theherd10

    Happy to be here, happy to leave, I don’t really know, as none of us can know for sure, but this trade leaves me a little melancholy. Stepping away from all the down-the-road implications, the picks for the future, etc., the Cavs, if this is indeed true, have traded away one of the guys brought in to help bring that trophy to the shores of Lake Erie. I mean, he was to be a major cog. With a 10-whatever record, it is obvious this team is lottery-bound anyway, but this trade, to me, is the final strike of the last nail in the coffin containing the hopes from ’06-’10.

  • Mark

    Gotta like waking up to good news. Two #1’s this year, even if it is a weak draft class is nice. Good job Cavs!

  • Dwhit110

    @9 that nail in the coffin came long ago.


    Baron Davis is notoriously a guy that doesn’t give it his all when playing for bad teams…..lets hope that attitude doesn’t rub off on the young guns this year and next.

    Also, saw a blurb at the bottom of the ESPN recap for the game last night that B. Scott has over 100 suits, and never wears the same one more than once a year….I think there should be a Byron Suit Montage Poster, with pictures of him face-palming, shaking his head, and yelling in as many different suits as there are pictures…I’d definitely hang one in my office.

  • theherd10

    @11: Agreed. Just kinda spectacular watching something go down in flames.

  • Eli

    I like it. The current build of the team is going no where and there is no reason to keep just about anyone over 28 at this point. Those guys will not be in a state to help the team by the time it returns to respectability.

    The one trouble I have is that Davis is not the guy I want mentoring the young PG we take with one of these pics.

  • Joe

    Now…it’s time to finish this by 3PM: Move Parker, Powe and the classy Jamison. Boobie, JJ, Wild Thing, Session and Skyenga should be the new core. Now, a couple key free agents and some GREAT draft picks need to be garnered!

    Hard to believe ALL this started when Gordon Gund got screwed over by Carlos Boozer back in the day. A core of LeBron & Boozer would have been epic…OIC!

    Can hardly wait for Goldie on WKNR to rip this trade and then start his daily OSU bashing, hanging up on callers, reminiscing about his days in his beloved Denver, cover a random metro-sexual topic, TELL US HOW EVERY 25 YEAR OLD MOVES OUT OF CLEVELAND WHEN THEY HIT THAT AGE IF THEY HAVE THE MEANS and who knows what else, while Rizzo complains with his ubiquitous rant of “Aaron”??!!

    ONE CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE ABUSE THAT WILL BE RAINIING DOWN ON GOLDIE WHEN THE REALLY BIG SHOW IS BROADCAST LIVE FROM THE AUTO SHOW NEXT WEEK. HOPEFULLY, NOBODY TAKES A SHOT AT HIM… When someone yelled at him while WKNR broadcast from the Galleria prior to a Brown’s game, I thought he was going to cry…he sounded really close. It is pretty hard to screen or rudely hang up on someone while they are up in your face, Goldie!!! Enjoy~~~

  • Right Side

    I wonder if there’s any chance we end up trading one of these picks for some talent and a 1st rd next year?

  • 5KMD


    I actually think it will benefit the Cavs to get 2 guys that don’t elevate them into the playoffs immedaitely like #6 did. They will be able to continue to accumulate young, cheap, talented stars next year as well.

    Best case the #1 and #2 picks. Grab Irving and someone else (one of the joneses) and then stink it up again next year and get Sullinger who decided to stay in school.

  • Lyon

    I’d expect us to be constantly trying to unload Baron until the day his contract expires. He obviously isn’t part of our future and we’ll be looking for the next team to dump him on.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t currupt our guys with his poor attitude. Keep him and JJ away from each other.

  • Leroy

    I think Sessions is a superior player to Baron Davis at this point and he is young enough to be part of the next decent Cavs team. Do the Cavs have the awareness or courage to bring Davis and his massive contract off the bench?

  • Dan

    What are the chances that we’re able to buy Davis out? I’m sure he’s not pleased to be leaving LA and his “budding film career” so i just hope there’s a quick exit for him.

    Or maybe even another trade prior to the deadline??

  • Stinkfist

    no way Davis would agree to a buyout unless its substantial. He has too much money to lose, and its not like he will get it in another contract

  • stin4u

    Dude you guys are missing the point

    Baron Davis Beard > Mo Williams beard.


  • Shamrock

    So Mo really turned out well for the Cavaliers huh? Maybe Grant can trade Davis, what I’d do. How long will it take for Davis to report? My guess is with every ice/snow storm that happens here the longer it’ll take?

  • stin4u

    @22 – I don’t think the cavs were eyeballing Davis to turn this team around….to me the sooner they dump him the better.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    Great trade, even though Baron is going to be terrible for us. It’s all about the young talent!

  • Matt

    So, someone’s probably answered this before, but please enlighten me:
    If there is a lockout, would we have these same draft picks two years in a row?

  • The Conductor

    Baron Davis best friend = Cash Warren

    Cash Warren’s wife = Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba = BONER

  • Mark

    @Larry – I was wondering the same thing. Does Scott have the stones to bring Davis off the bench? How much are they willing to put up with this lazy play and poor attitude? My only concern is will Davis end up napalming the whole rebuild by infecting the younger players with his “don’t give a crap” disease.

  • Mark

    @Leroy – I was wondering the same thing. Does Scott have the stones to bring Davis off the bench? How much are they willing to put up with this lazy play and poor attitude? My only concern is will Davis end up napalming the whole rebuild by infecting the younger players with his “don’t give a crap” disease.

  • Harv 21

    The talent influx starts next year, this year strictly giggles. Let’s not waste these perversely funny times with any seriousness about the on-court product. Right now Baron Davis is winging toward our fair city, bringing his special brand of lightness and joy.

    Whoa, feel a locker roon sitcom coming on, “Baron v. The Twan.” Yuck it up with grouchy, messy Oscar and finicky and proper Felix as they both try to escape Cleveland without driving each other craaaazy.

    [sorry for the re-posted comment, didn’t see post devoted to trade before]

  • 5KMD


    I find it hard to believe the Cavs would get the traded pick two years in a row. That one would probably go back to the Clippers.

  • Mark

    and apparently I’m posting responses to Larry and Leroy. Sorry I’m a moron everyone.

  • christopher


    dont forget how Danny Ferry screwed the team more epic than Boozer. his first free agent signings along with the unbelievable mistake of drafting Luke Jackson over Jameer Nelson set this team back further than you can imagine.

    Ferry’s potential core of #6, Boozer and Nelson…OIC.

  • Roosevelt

    So what’s the consensus? GOod trade/ bad trade? We gave up almost nothing, because when you’re 10-46 quality players have no short term value. But on the other hand, if there’s a lockout, this draft will be the worst in history.

  • kdev

    Worst Case Scenario: Cavs have awful lottery luck and end up with 2 picks outside the top 5 in a shallow draft. Baron Davis becomes an untradeable cancer and sets back our rebuilding project significantly.

    Best Case Scenario: Cavs get 2 top 5 picks and end up with Kyrie Irving and Sullinger. Baron acts like a professional and, along with Antawn, provides this team with sound veteran leadership.

    Which sounds more likely to you? Yeah…I’m not sure how I feel about this deal yet. Its a huge gamble on a weak draft.

  • EdgewaterJoe

    Baron Davis can be a poison — and he definitely will NOT want to be in Cleveland At. All.

    OTOH, how many of these players are likely to be on the roster when the Cavs get competitive again? Probably very few, if any, so to Dan Snyder it’s just money. I also wonder if it’ll turn into a Van Horn thing where he just won’t play at all or they’ll strike some kind of deal …

  • Harv 21

    christopher: if you’re implying Ferry drafted Jackson – that distinction belongs to Paxson, I think. John Lucas said he needed “a biiiig. But regarding Donyell Marshall, Larry hughes, et al. eating up the cap, ugh, so right.

  • christopher

    harv – my bad, i should have made that seperation of Paxson making the draft move along with Ferry’s first FA class.

  • Denny

    It’s too early for going transitive, El Conductor.

  • Vengeful Pat

    Ack… not sure I like this trade. Baron Davis is terrible and he plays even worse when his team isn’t winning. I’d rather see him as Ramon Sessions’ backup, but I am guessing with a contract like Davis’s, our GM actually brought him here to start. The #1 pick is nice, but Baron can really be a cancer if he’s not happy (just ask Golden State).

  • Shamrock

    The PG spot on the Cavaliers is like the QB position for the Browns. Just keep flinging stuff at the wall and hope it sticks. Of course this means the first round pick, the highest, will undoubtedly be a PG. Oh well at least Grant did something though.

    Btw Davis doesn’t have a heavy enough coat so he’ll need time to buy one before he can report.