Cavs Finish Second Deal Under the Wire

According to reports the Cavs have made a deadline deal to send a second round pick in the 2013 draft (the one acquired in the Sessions deal) to the Boston Celtics for Turkish center Semih Erden and forward Luke Harangody.

Harangody and Erden are both playing their first year in the NBA. Harangody has played in a mere 28 games this season, averaging 2.3 points and two rebounds a game. He was player of the year in the Big East, leading Notre Dame in scoring and rebounding. At least Austin Carr should be happy to have another ND alum around.

Erden is a seven-footer that could develop into a decent back-up center. If you are interested in high comedy, check out his youtube highlight video. Personally, I love how every play is shown six times and occurs with the Celtics up 20 points.

Regardless, giving up a 2nd round pick two years from now will seem like a steal if either of these guys ends up being a contributor for the Cavs. They simply weren’t going to get any minutes to devlop on the Celtics bench.

  • Scott

    Best hope is that Minnesota turns things around and that second-rounder is of less value. This deal is fine by me.

  • DocZeus

    If Erden steals minutes from Ryan Hollins, it should be considered a victory by default.

  • Cooley Ford

    I actually like this deal a lot. Harangody and Erden will be decent-to-good backups in the NBA for a while. Erden actually filled in for Shaq without making a total ass out of himself at times, as well.

  • PayDaMan

    Who comes off the bench first, Erden or Hollins?

  • Shaun

    Does anyone know what was up with the deal for Rip Hamilton?

  • Robbie

    Dang… feels like a Fred Martin Superstore commercial with all these DEALS going-down!

  • Harv 21

    “In a desperate but tranparent attempt to sell season seats for the 2011-2012 season, Dan Gilbert, in a deadline deal, has tripled the number of caucasians on the Cavs roster.”

    Kidding, calm down. A dead man could out-rebound Ryan Hollins, and both these dudes should be upright for a while.

  • Shamrock

    Didn’t cost Cavs anything really. They should get a pick back if they move Parker.

  • Wyatt

    Anybody that rocks #86 is a solid pick-up…

  • The Other Tim


  • Shamrock

    Not sure why my C’s traded PErk but I like Jeff Green. Gerald Wallace went to Portland unfortunately.

  • Roosevelt

    Why in the world did Boston do this? To get Harangody some PT? Here’s the deal in a nutshell – Two second rounders for a future second rounder.

  • PayDaMan

    Make room for Troy Murphy. Better to get a 2nd rounder then out right cutting someone.

  • Tommy

    I’m curious to know how the conversation went in regards to what draft pick we would give up. Do you think Boston valued our own 2nd round pick in 2013 or the one we got from Minnesota higher?

  • Bigshow74

    I got to say, I love these deals. Though Mo had a great personality, he showed his colors in the playoffs and is nothing more than a good “regular season” point guard in my book. Moving him for Baron is a wash, but the 1st round pick we get for it makes it a very good deal to me. Second round picks often don’t ever pan out, so getting two guys (especially big men) for a future second round pick is also a good deal to me. I believe LH may turn into a decent player, maybe never an all star, but I think he has a decent up side for what we gave up.

  • Lyon

    so who gets cut to make room for these 2? I believe this makes 16 on the roster

  • Scott

    “so who gets cut to make room for these 2? I believe this makes 16 on the roster”

    Leon Powe should be bought out by this weekend.

  • Lyon

    Makes sense. Wish we could’ve gotten out of him what he gave to Boston. Wish him well.

  • Ike

    Say what you want about Erden, he’s a step up from Ryan Hollins. Cavs have nowhere to go but up, especially when it comes to big men.

  • typo

    Leon powe has been waived according to realgm

  • Jason A of schererville

    Luke, keep your head up. With this trade you’ll begin to see plaing time. Your home town is here for you. Play hard, play tuff because one day it will be a memory.

  • Shamrock

    Powe or Murphy can go to Boaton now.

  • Roosevelt

    Scott, are we going to see anything from you on the trade deadline activity?