Colt McCoy Talks Browns, Steelers on The Dan Patrick Show

Dan Patrick caught up with Colt McCoy today on his radio show, and in case you missed it, I wanted to run down some of the stuff that Colt had to say.  If you would like to listen to the entire segment, you can do that on

DP: “Are you the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns?”

CM: “Well, I finished the season as the starting quarterback, so I hope so.”

DP: “Do you have a business card that says, ‘Colt McCoy – Starting Quarterback’?”

CM: “No, I don’t.  I just work hard every day, go to work, and know that I am the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.”

DP: “Have you been told that?”

CM: “(laughing) I’m on the hot seat already.  It was unfortunate that I got hurt, but I think that was the intent to finish off the season….”

DP: “Who has bigger arms… Peyton Hillis or Joe Thomas?”

CM: “Peyton’s muscles are pretty big, but probably the line.  When Peyton takes his shoulder pads off his muscles shrink a little bit.  I hope he’s listening.”

DP “I want you to go back to the Patriots game.  Because I think that’s the one game that stood out the entire year that shocked people.    How surprised were you that you guys beat New England that day?”

CM: “Honestly, we went in to every game expecting to win.  I felt like as a team, as a group, we were really well prepared.  Our coaches coached in New England. Coach Mangini and Coach Daboll.  That game meant a lot to them and we just went out there and played pretty close to perfect.  We executed our offense how we wanted to and our defense played really well.  We got a lot of production out of special teams and we didn’t turn the ball over and we won pretty big.   That was good for us.”

DP: “Did you sneak a peak at Brady during warmups?”

CM: “(laughing) I saw the long hair from a long ways away.  Just to be on the field with Brady was awesome to me.  I didn’t get to talk to him after the game, but he played well in the game, even in the loss.  Hitting guys in the hands…”

CM: “Just this whole year, my rookie year, being able to play against guys that I’ve looked up to, that I’ve watched, that I’ve talked to while I was in college.  In the same division as me, you’ve got Ben Roethlisberger, you’ve got Carson Palmer, you’ve got Joe Flacco.  Those three guys have won so many games in the NFL already.  I’ve looked up to them and now I gotta go beat them.  That’s what we’ve gotta do now.”

DP:  “Now, you faced the Steelers twice.  If you’re going to pull Aaron Rodgers aside, and say, “Here’s something to keep in mind…” what would you say?”

CM: “First off you’ve got to trust your line that they’re going to block the front seven of the Steelers.  Sometimes that can be hard.”

CM: “You’ve got to find Polamalu.   He was the defensive player of the year.  He’s all over. He jumps routes.  He does crazy things like jumping over the pile, or jumping over the line of scrimmage on the snap.”

DP:  “Does it help looking and spotting his hair?”

CM: “(laughing) You can find him by the hair.  Sometimes he crouches down, trying to hide, but you can always see the hair.”

DP:  “Are you more concerned by Polamalu than Harrison?”

CM:  “Yes… For me, our gameplan was to trust the offensive line and then it was my job to find Polamalu.”

  • TD

    I absolutely love this kid….he should teach a media 101 class for pro athletes. So humble.

  • Robbie

    Hope he’s ready to learn his second offensive in two years. Well, I heard Daboll’s wasn’t that complicated, so maybe it won’t be that big of a deal for him.

  • NJ

    hard not to like this kid

  • jigboy22

    Huge McCoy fan.

    -Knows his stuff
    -Confident but not cocky
    -Willing to put the teams needs before himself

    Not to mention he can extend plays with his legs and is calm in the pocket. Expecting great things from Colt in the coming years!

  • pepe

    So clearly Schurmur hasn’t called him up and said, “You’re our guy.”

    I have a dream that some day before I die, Browns fans will know who their starting QB is in February. It’s probably too much to hope that that QB will actually start 16 (18?) games.

  • mgbode

    @pepe – we thought we knew who our starting QB was last March when Delhomme signed for $7mil.

    so, we did know. he just got injured, then came back and was ineffective. also, we ‘knew’ when we had Jeff Garcia and we ‘knew’ for 2 of the years with Tim Couch. Just because you know the starting QB who is expected to start for 16 games doesn’t mean that QB is going to be successful.

  • Vengeful Pat

    I love listening to Colt McCoy talk… he seems like a winner, and he makes me want to root for him. It was a really good interview.

  • theherd10

    I am totally pulling for this kid. All he knows how to do is win, and so last season was a HUGE motivator, I’m sure. From my lay perspective, I think the kid can be our QB for years to come, He simply refuses to accept mediocrity in himself or his teammates, from what I’ve seen. I think he can be The Guy.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    I firmly believe that having the winning mentality, the accuracy, and the mobility that Colt has can make up for not having a “laser rocket cannon” arm.

    I want him to be “the guy”, and I think he can be.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Patrick has a thing for Hillis’s guns if he’s not asking Peyton he’s asking his teammates.

  • jimkanicki

    the posts preceding me give restore my faith in browns fans. or affirm my belief that browns fans are smarter than the reporters that cover them. (looking at you ‘big arm’ grossi.)

    @buckdawg — verbatim ditto.

  • jimkanicki

    one more thing: even colt mccoy’s wedding singer is a grinder.

    checkout the facebook status of aaron watson (who sang ‘when i grow up i want to be just like colt mccoy‘ at his wedding.):

  • 6thCity

    “the kid stays in the picture”

  • Joe

    What I think is funny is that McCoy is on 850AM right now and Rizzo is doing a great interview. He SHOULD let “Goldie”, formerly the Hammer(?), ask Colt a few questions and rip him up, at least a little, as he has been doing. Colt has the audacity to be good in front of the microphone and say the right things. Great coverage on yesterday’s interview on 1350AM! Colt and the Brown’s will ahve a solid 2011 with an easier schedule, a little luck with injuries, another solid draft like 2010 and a few more quality free agents like Fujita, Watson and a few of the other key additions made this past year.

  • Glenn from Berea

    When I listen to players talk about what they think is one of the most important attributes for a QB a very common theme is that he has poise. Colt has poise and it gives me hope for the Browns future.