Daniel Gibson Will Take His Shot, But Should He?

The All-Star break for the members of this year’s Cavalier team is all about rest, as opposed to participating in the festivities. Except for one Cavalier: Daniel Gibson who will be taking part in the 3 point shoot-out. We know that Daniel deserves to be there, his .443 shooting percentage from behind the arc is 5th best in the league, and 3rd best in the league for players with more than 150 triples attempted.

The question I have isn’t about Gibson deserving to be there, but rather should he participate given his injury troubles this year?

Perhaps I’m just too much of a team-first guy, but it seems that Daniel has struggled to stay on the court this season, and could use the full 5 days of rest the Cavaliers are scheduled for.

Yes, the three point contest is not like playing in an actual game, where there is a higher chance for an ankle to be rolled or a foot to be stepped on. Gibson though has been troubled lately with a quad strain. Last time I checked the quad was certainly used in the jump shooting motion. And it isn’t just about the 20 or 40 shots he may take in the contest. On the Cavaliers’ official site there is video of Daniel practicing for the contest. How many more times will he practice? How many shots will he take in preparation for the event?

Is the season a bit of a lost cause? Well certainly nobody is thinking playoffs. But with nagging injuries to all the point guards there is a bit of a premium on that position for the Cavs. Mo Williams can’t stay on the floor. Ramon Sessions is marching out there every day hurting, but still getting the job done.

Am I being too critical? Maybe. I guess I just don’t see the glory in an individual award of this type. And there certainly is no guarantee Gibson even wins.

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

  • Jack


    Losing doesn’t matter. This helps the fans get excited. And it gives us a presence at the Heatapalooza 2011.

    Go, Boobie, go.

  • The Conductor

    Bodog has @BooBysWorld1 worst odds to win 3pt contest at 11/2. Ray Allen is favored at almost 2 to 1 odds.

  • mgbode

    would you rather he not practice his 3pt shot?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    @mgbode The rapid succession of shots is the issue here. That is not a game situation type of shot, and the competition aspect of it could make an athlete try and push through pain worsening the condition could it not?

    I’m all for Gibson being the best 3-point shooter in the league, and would love him to win that event- if he wasn’t suffering from a quad injury.

  • mgbode

    @rick – I understand and the short comment was more for emphasis. Personally, I’m not worried about him playing through a quad injury for the 3pt contest. If it’s bad enough that he’d reinjure it, then it’s bad enough that it would completely throw off his shot and he’d likely bow out anyway (IMO).

    It’s possible that he somehow aggravates the injury, but I think it’s a small enough risk that it’s worth him getting his recognition for his craft.

  • JNeids

    While I have no intention of watching any part of the weekend’s events, save for maybe the dunk contest which I’m sure I’ll regret when the midget beats out Blake Griffin in the finals, I’d rather Gibson not participate so as not to give the commentators a reason to talk about Cleveland. Even if he were to perform well and win the event, they would most likely find a way to show the montage of Cleveland heartbreaks and no doubt discuss how The Decision led to the ultimate demise of the city.

  • Shamrock

    Does it matter?

  • mgbode

    @7 – it matters enough for you to log onto this website, read the articles and comment on them. so, for you and those of us here, apparently it does matter :)

  • DaKid

    Ok 1st things things 1st, you probably should do some research before writing about something. 20 or 40 shots (its 20) and Daniel Gibson’s injury prone season…it is not this season, it has been his entire career. Also from someone who played organized basketball for many years, a quad injury does not stop you from shot arounds. The 3pt shoot out is just that, with a faster pace. If we are worried that a player will get injured in a fast pace shoot around, than he does not need to play basketball.

  • http://yahoo Ralph Snodgrass

    Ty Boobie, keep Cleveland on the map mdf :)

  • MobMob

    @DaKid – It wouldn’t be only 20 shots if he made it to the 2nd round now, would it? So, 20 or 40 shots is absolutely correct. You sound really smart coming down on people when it’s *you* that doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

  • JM

    Boobie will be fine. Btw can someone fill me in on Mo Williams’ injury. Is it serious enough to practically miss the whole season?