Losing Streak Hits 21 as Heat Toy With Cavs

The Cavaliers, once again, were within reaching distance of taking the lead within regulation playing time in a professional basketball game.  Cutting the Miami Heat lead to three points midway through the second half, the Wine and Gold gave fans – and potentially even themselves – a bit of hope.

And then Miami started trying again, stretched the lead to 20 and never looked back, winning 117-90.

Second verse, same as the first.  Cavaliers start out slow (which is looking more and more like their opponents merely give some form of effort), leading to a point-differential that is essentially insurmountable.  Cavaliers finally start to execute on each end of the floor (which is is looking more and more like their opponents let up on the accelerator just a bit), and begin to close the gap.  There comes a point in the third or fourth quarter where the lead is one or two baskets away and then whomever the opponent is flips the hyperspeed switch and goes to plaid – blowing by anyone and anything in their path, including the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs could’ve played with six players for most of the night and it may not have made much of a difference.  Dwyane Wade (34 points, seven rebounds, five assists in 33 minutes) did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.  LeBron James (24 points and eight assists) opted for calculated play, doing most of his damage from the free throw line.  And since no one Cavalier could defend either Wade or James, Zydrunas Ilgauskas was frequently left alone under the hoop where he would tally 12 points and 14 rebounds.

Ramon Sessions was essentially awful from the field (3-of-10) but managed to finish with 11 points and seven assists.  Antawn Jamison bounced back from a deplorable night in Orlando to record his requisite January line of 21 points on 20 shots with 10 rebounds.  But the night was rookie guard Manny Harris’ – getting some extra burn with Daniel Gibson’s quadriceps injury – as he finished with a team-high 20 points, five rebounds and a flawless 7-of-7 from the line.  Harris also had a transition dunk with LeBron James following for the block attempt, but it was hardly the Griffin-Mozgov that Fred and AC wanted us to believe.

The record-seaking losing streak continues with nary a victory in the month of January.  A legitimate chance at snapping this baby comes on Wednesday when the Cavs play host to the Indiana Pacers and their interim head coach following the firing of Jim O’Brien.  They will be underdogs, I’m sure, but there could be 20,ooo-plus that can hopefully will them to a win.

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

  • The Conductor

    Did you know that Byron Scott isn’t really coaching? He’s getting paid to have first row seats to all the CAVS games this year. What an awesome deal!

    For the entire second half he sat, quietly in his seat. He figured if he saved his timeouts, he could use them in the next game.

    Also, he announced to the world his unbridled love for Samardo Samuels. I mean who could blame him? That 90 mph brick from 3 feet is intoxicating.


  • MC

    The cavs are still playing? WHO KNEW?!

  • Matt

    Can somebody please tell the Cavs that achieving the worst record is not the same as achieving the record for worst.

  • Jason

    Cheer up Cavs fans, at least we have the largest margin of victory in a regular season contest EVER!!! 68 points: on 12/17/91 when Cleveland defeated Miami 148-80.

    I hope we win a few games to close out the year… but here’s to hoping we rebound like the 2008 Celtics.

  • James


  • Lewosh

    I feel the Heat in my system Go Heat Go Big 3 LBJ you’re the best.

  • Max

    “the opponent is flips the hyperspeed switch and goes to plaid – blowing by anyone and anything in their path, including the Cleveland Cavaliers”

    so in this analogy, would the Cavs be playing the role of Mega-Maid, going from suck to blow?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Max wins

  • Shamrock

    Indiana will win that game even without a head coach they still possess more talent. I’m not going to tar and feather Byron Scott the poor guys is like a crash test dummy, he’s just along for the ride. This team, roster, is terrible even if healthy.

  • mgbode

    I think Byron Scott should be allowed to order hotdogs and beer from the vendors. No reason he shouldn’t get something to enjoy during the games.

  • Christopher


    Yeah we got uniforms and everything, it’s really great.

  • JD

    If we win less than 10 games, do we get extra lottery balls?