Scott Questions Cavs’ Pride in 26th Straight Loss

The NBA has a 10-minute rule when it comes to coaches addressing the media following the completion of a game.  This is done for a few reasons as it is not only courteous to those writing on deadline, but television networks that choose to cut to live feeds of said postgame discussion can fit the address inside of their block of air time.

While Byron Scott has typically gone well past the 10-minute window (of which I’m unsure of any potential ramifications), the 103-94 loss to the Detroit Pistons found the media horde waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  Until roughly one half an hour after the final whistle, members of the local and national media stood near the draped Cleveland Clinc banner outside of the Cavaliers locker room, looking at the final box score in relative awe (thanks, Ryan Hollins) cracking whatever jokes seemed fresh for the present point in time.

What exactly was going on on the other side of the closed door to the team’s locker room is unknown but Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott was not a happy man.  He said that he laid into his team during halftime – a move which seemingly worked given the apparent sense of urgency – and then once again after the contest.  He called this game a giant step back, which says an awful lot for a team in the midst of a 26-game losing streak. 

When I asked Byron what his next step is from here – after all, how many times can you yell at professionals without response? – and he seemed distraught.  He told me that the only thing he can do as a coach is take minutes away from those who are not giving full effort.  In a Utopian scenario, this seems just fine; the Cavaliers, however, are not in such as they’re missing two starters and a reserve post player to injury. 

“Thebiggest thing right ow is that we have to challenge their pride,” he said.  “We have pall professional basketball players [in the locker room] and at some point, you have to have some pride in what you are doing.

“The biggest thing is that everyone has to go home and take a good long look in the mirror.”

Today’s practice will undoubtedly be full of some Scott-style running.  The Cavs host Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night.

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  • Harv 21

    It’s Established Coach v. the Players Who Have Completely Tuned Him Out!

    Coach wins because he knows he’ll still have a job afer most of the knuckleheads and disgruntled are gone. Players win because they know they will soon be joining better teams, having less demanding coaches and/or will be partying in cities with a larger selection of eligible females.

    So it’s win-win (lose). Most excellent.

  • Daredent

    Is there a countdown to the NFL Draft?

  • The Conductor

    I watched every second of this game. How is Ryan Hollins a professional basketball player?

    Also, I honestly think they offense the CAVS run is made up.

    Have a great day!

  • oribiasi

    Posted it earlier but may as well repeat it here, seeing as this is a Cavs article:

    Yikes this team is bad.

  • Friscohio

    Why would any other team want any player on the Cadavs? Except for AV (who’s been hurt) everyone else has shown that they can accept losing so easily. Once the trade deadline passes, hopefully most of these chumps will realize they are not getting traded and might have to play out the season. Perhaps, pride will return then. These guys are so disappointing.

  • Hashish

    Hello, open tryouts already. I’m sure there is talent right in our backyard who have pride and are willing to work hard to show it.

  • lstavole13

    Ain’t this the truth…

  • C-Bus Kevin

    I’d love to tryout for the Cavs. Here’s what I bring to the table.

    1. Way cheaper than anyone on current roster.
    2. Can probably shoot free throws better than J.J. (65%)
    2.b. Can catch passes better than J.J.
    3. Won’t leave team at end of season by announcing decision on national television.
    4. Resume includes backup, backup shooting guard on my 7th grade team (experienced).
    5. Not opposed to doing double duty as mascot/arena clean-up.
    6. Gives a poop about winning.
    7. Able to lift 40 lbs (though not able to carry entire team on back).
    8. Not opposed to casinos
    9. Can’t do any worse.


    From the outside looking in on Denver, and Melo’s new “I’ll think about re-signing” comments, I can’t help but think he’s about to do the same to Denver as #6 did to us….that is, give them a false hope that he will re-sign, have said team go all in this year in case he doesn’t, and then leave them as a heaping mess after the season.

    Some people might say they have some nice pieces around him, but when you step back and look at it, is K-Mart really much better than a healthy Andy? At this stage in his career, how much better is Billups than a healthy Mo? Sure they still have some decent pieces in J.R. Smith, Ty Lawson, etc. but they need to trade him and get something out of him now more than ever.

  • Mark

    @REEPJP – I think Melo’s comments were aimed at the Knicks, not at the Nuggets. He’s saying to NY, “get moving and put a deal together for me or I’ll stay here in Denver.” I don’t believe him at all. He’s gone.

  • Jay

    @ C-Bus Kevin – I loved that when you did it for Browns coach. It’s even funnier now as Cavs player. I’m hoping an Indians one is coming with spring training around the corner.


    @Mark….I agree, he is definitely gone…

    If he has talked to the Nuggets and said…”look, I’m out of here no matter what, and I really want to go to the Knicks, so I’ll say something to make them up the ante” that’s fine…

    Hopefully someone in the Nuggets front office doesn’t hear those words and say…wait, so you’ll actually think about staying if we don’t trade you? Ok, we’re not trading you. I would HOPE that anyone in the Denver organization can see through that like we can.

  • Tommy

    Even more concerning than the loss last night is why Anthony “No future on this team” Parker played 30 minutes while fellow guard Manny Harris played only 5.

  • GhostToMost

    This team has no pride. When it became obvious that Mo wasnt 100 percent, and Andy went down, nobody was expecting a winning season.

    But, damn, these guys could be doing a lot better than 8-45. Occasionally you see pride kick in and these guys put forth the effort. Last night was not one of those times. A winnable game against another lousy team, at home, and we never had a chance.

    This group quit after the first Miami game. They probably wanted to get on the plane afterward and follow Prince James to South Beach. No heart, no pride, no guts, blow up the entire team and start over. I like Byron Scott, but Im not even sure I would bring him back. At least if Mike Brown were here we would still be playing some defense, or attempting to play defense.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    @ Jay…thanks for the support.

    I’ll have to think about it for the Indians. For me, that would be even funnier in my own head, because while I love watching baseball, I am absolutely TERRIBLE at playing it…always have been.

    Really though, I think it’s a fun exercise, because if you take away a natural “I won the genetic lottery and grew to be 6’9″ and can jump” ability from most of these guys (see: Hickson, J.J.), you’re not left with much.

  • macnip

    I can’t wait until the lockout.

  • Lyon

    Tommy… I was wondering that myself. Harris at least will give us 5 boards a game and some hustle. Anytime AP plays more than 20 mins you have to question Scott’s decision making.

  • Reality

    I’m sure “The Quitter” is just distraught that he didn’t resign to play with these bumbs

  • Reality

    Manny Harris?

    That pretty much sums up are season and this franchise in general.

    Talking about a player who should be in the NBDL

  • Shamrock

    Team is a joke Byron Scott should call these bums out after every loss. And people wonder why Cleveland is ridiculed and the butt of jokes when it comes to sports.

  • mgbode

    Here’s a question I’d like to see one of the writers here take a crack at.

    Which is more heart-wrenching and detrimental to the fanbase?

    1. The way LeBron exited (deflecting all talk his last year until the postseason but then making the postseason a circus culminating in a nationally televised humbling of the fanbase)


    2. The way Melo is exiting. Welcoming all talk of him leaving and continually insinuating that he is gone, but the team still has to trot him out there for at least half the season and might even wait until the postseason to trade him.

  • JM

    Macnip,I can’t wait for that lockout either.