April 23, 2014

Want to Get Excited About Marcell Dareus?

Now that the Browns have vacated a good portion of their front seven, the mock draft people are starting to take that cue and associate the Browns with defensive linemen. First up as Rick pointed out in WWW this morning is Marcell Dareus from Alabama. Obviously these guys will have nothing but highlights on Youtube, but still it is fun to see what visual evidence is out there that potential Browns draft picks could be beasts in the NFL. So, I put together a clip reel that might just get you excited at the prospect of having Dareus lining up next to Ahtyba Rubin next season for Dick Jauron and the Browns.

Colt McCoy will have nightmares as Dareus knocked his shoulder almost off of his arm.

Even in this one where Alabama gets gashed by Michigan State, watch Marcell Dareus cut right through that offensive line.

And on the next play? Watch Dareus get the jump on the MSU offensive line again.

  • Mark

    Being the rare SEC fan around these parts (Go Vols!), I can offer no great insight except to say this guy is a beast. If he can give us this type of effort, he will be a better pick than AJ Green. Yes, I really believe that. In all my years watching the Browns we’ve never had a dominating D-line. Linebackers and secondary yes. D-line, no. Everything I’ve read said Heckert believes in using 1st round picks on D-linemen and corners. If that is really true count me in. I like that philosophy.

  • tsm

    @1….dominating linebackers? I have been following the team since the early 60′s and while we have had many good linebackers, I don’t recall any ones who dominated (3 or more Pro Bowls). However, I agree with your point that the D line is the place to start.

  • SlawDawg

    I love the play where he just shoves Gilbert to the ground with a shattered arm. I probably couldn’t do that with two good arms.

  • mgbode

    i’m surprised everytime i see fairley ranked ahead of dareus. he’s the best DL in this draft IMO and he would be an absolute steal at our pick (yes, that means I think he is also better than bowers, quinn, and jordan)

  • Mark

    @tsm – I was thinking of the linebacking corp of most of the 80′s. Chip Banks (pro-bowl in 82, 83, 85 & 86), Clay Matthews (pro-bowl in 85, 87, 88 & 89) and Eddie Johnson were pretty damn dominating. That group plus the corners carried that D. I think the lack of a D-line kept us from a
    Super Bowl.

  • Mo Who?

    So lets see you weaken the DL by cutting Rogers and then you turn around and use a #1 pick to fill that hole? Meanwhile you still have no WRs, aging/injury prone LBs, 1 RB, 2 CBs and 1 safety. Makes sense to me.

  • mgbode

    @Mark – no respect for MDP? Golic? Hairston? Our DL was not shabby.

    All that kept us from a Superbowl in the 80′s was the prevent-defense and jeremiah castille.

  • Mark

    @mgbode – I stand corrected. Those guys were better then I remember. I would still argue that line was our weakest unit however I would kill to have those guys now.

  • Mark

    @Mo Who/boogeyman – I’m trying to see the logic in what you wrote but I’m missing it. What kind of player do you think Rogers is at this point? He could hardly get on the field last season and gave us nothing when he was there. Wouldn’t you spend your first round pick on Haloti Ngata, a guy Dareus may be? I would. And yes, the Browns have lots of holes but I fail to see how one 1st round pick can fill all the WR, LB, RB, Corner and Safety spots you say need filling? The last I looked we have picks in rounds 2-7 as well. Maybe, just maybe, those picks can be used for, oh, I don’t know, players to fill other needs. What do you think?

  • mgbode

    @Mark – you very well may be right. our secondary was amazing and our LB corps were great. the only question between the DL and LB is if the LB corps were able to clean up tackles so well because the DL was taking on so many double-teams and funneling the runners to them.

    I wish we could have such debates about our current team :)

  • bobby

    Im really fine with anyone Heckert deems fit as BPA. There just arent any/enough impact players on the browns. If they deem Dareus or a different DL is the choice Id be happy, but I wouldnt complain about Von Miller or AJ Green or even Peterson or Amakamura.

    Could you imagine Dareus in rd 1 and Heyward rd 2? Thats plausible in McShay’s mock. And if a CBA ever gets done the browns could look at Kiwanuka or another top DE in FA. Kiwanuka-Rubin-Dareus-Heyward… thats my ideal scenario for the DL.

  • mgbode

    oh, and you didn’t ask me, but here’s my plan for filling our other needs.

    FA for MLB – GB has 3 MLB, and 2 can be 4-3 MLB (Barnett and Hawk). Barnett is likely the one to go and he could be our “Fujita” signing this year (his wrist injury shouldn’t be recurrent and he’s only 30, so old but not ancient). Fujita for SOLB, Barnett for MLB, and D’Qwell for WOLB or even Maiava if DQ is DQ’d again (bigger needs elsewhere).

    Go hard after Malcolm Floyd as well. Would love to have him as our deep threat.

    1st round for a DL spot – dareus if he is somehow there. if not, cameron jordan (assuming none drop: darues, fairley, peterson, bowers)

    2nd round will depend on who drops, but if it’s Carimi or Sherrod, then we have our RT for the next 10 yrs. Personally prefer Carimi because I think he’s better and would have to have “Badger Bookends”

    Later rounds – would love Kendall Hunter from Okie State. Or we can go pure speed with Noel Devine. Either would be fine with me and I think we could have our RB spot secure.

    CB – we are fine. Harden on an island, Sheldon on the ‘weak side’ always getting FS help. He’s good at the LOS and he’s good in run support. If the FS makes sure he’s not beat deep, then we’re set. Wright’s better at nickelback and he can gamble for some INTs against weaker WRs there.

    FS – no idea. weak FA class, weak draft class. probably another year of 2 SS. But, I watch Houston and Dallas regularly. Trust me, our secondary is far from the NFL worst. Very, very far.

  • bobby

    From what I can find, Barnett or Hawk are not FAs (future FAs this ‘offseason’)


    And I dont think they will be looking to bring in more age in the LB core after just cutting Barton and Bowens. I also dont think DQ gets brought back. I dont think the FO will shoot money out to him, they have no allegiance to him.. it just doesn’t seem to connect to me. If they do bring him back, Fujita-Jackson-Gocong would work well for me. Stewart Bradley is someone I could see them brining in if Philly doesnt bring him back.

    Kiwanuka and Santonio Holmes would be my top 2 targets if I were Heckert. I would also look at a FS and RT, but I dont know who stands out or appeals to the FO.

    In the draft, I would go Dareus, Heyward. I think Carmini will rise along with other OTs since there arent a ton at the top teams are bound to “reach” (which also helps Heyward falling to the browns in the 2nd). RT in the 3rd, then Casey Matthews in the 4th. 5-7 is BPA, tho I would look at the CBs and a ‘project QB.’ Maybe a RB, but I really think Hardesty Hillis will be a good combo next year.

  • mgbode

    @bobby – don banks actually broke down the GB conundrum at MLB rather nicely. they have 3 guys set to make big money. no, none are FAs today, but one will likely be released or traded for a low draft pick (if it’s Barnett).

    I don’t see Barnett as a pure age guy, he’s more like Fujita to me in that he has experience but still has good skill. I think the reason you saw those other LBs cut was that they really don’t fit into a 4-3 system, plus they are older, so it’s not like they are going to grow into a new role.

    Gocong doesn’t have the necessary speed to play WOLB IMO.

    Kiwanuka and Holmes are great targets, but I was thinking those teams don’t let them get away. You never know though.

  • mgbode
  • bobby

    I think Kiwanuka gets out because NYG just drafted JPP last year. I doubt they pay him like a starter and he’ll probably test the market. Especially since hes coming off an injury.

    As for Gocong, he was olb in Philly, switched to MLB for a year then got traded here. He was expected to go back to OLB (i dont knowif it was strong or weak) when Stewart got healthy. But either way, I would pencil him in as a starter somewhere.

    I dont know if Holmes gets out of NYJ, but since they have so many FAs theres a chance. And he seems to fit the type of WR that Heckert would draft in Philly.