WFNY Podcast: Talking Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert and Jared Sullinger

Our weekly podcast with is ready for the listening. This week Scott and Rick answer Dan Labbe’s questions about the Cavaliers.

When will the losing streak end?

What is the biggest hole to fill on this team?

Should Dan Gilbert be more vocal concerning this team?

Is Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger the answer for the Cavs in the draft?

Will the team be active at the trade deadline?

You can listen to the podcast here, or head over to to download the MP3. Thanks again to Dan and for providing the forum.

  • Chris

    Those jerks block MP3 downloads at my work now!


  • DocZeus

    In my fantasy world, the Cavs land Sullinger in the draft and sign Oden who miraculously heals up and reaches his potential, Ohio comes gunning for LeBron.

  • Christopher


    in my fantasy world Dan Gilbert abandons the casino venture and uses the bank loan to relocate all Steelers fans living in NEO to Pennsylvania.

  • Shamrock

    23 straight losses and no end in sight. Ian Thomsen wrote on’s The Sixth Man section that the upcoming NBA draft was the wrong one to have the #1 pick. No duh!