While We’re Waiting… Browns Draft, Andre Miller, Troy Murphy Rumors

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Previewing defensive ends and the Browns draft strategy: “If we are to read the signals slowly drifting out of Berea, the Cleveland Browns have quite the decision on their hands regarding the sixth overall pick in April’s draft.

Early media reports and mock draft projections, which unsurprisingly seem to parallel each other, seem to suggest that this year’s choice has not yet revealed itself. The odd combination of a 2010 uptick in player development mixed with the arrival of a largely new coaching staff has completely clouded even the most modest of draft projections.” [Dave Kolonich/The OBR Report]

Analyzing contract numbers for the Browns heading into free agency: “Based on the contract information listed at RotoWorld, here is what the Cleveland Browns have invested when it comes to base salary figures for the 2011 NFL season. Note that this does not include bonuses.” [Chris Pokorny/Dawgs By Nature]

Thoughts on where to go from here: “There is a whole generation the Cleveland Browns have lost do to the team moving and playing so poorly since there return. Mike Holmgren is supposed to be the guy who turns this around and needs to hit a home-run in this upcoming draft.” [Randy Ward/Browns Gab]

Just reporting what’s out there, not sure how substantial this is: “The Cavaliers are attempting to deal Mo Williams for Blazers guard Andre Miller. Miller’s contract is 7.2 million this season followed by a 7.8 million dollar option. This trade will not likely to be taken seriously by the Blazers, having shown interest dealing Miller to the Nets for young PG Devin Harris.” [CByers/Fear The Sword]

The latest on being involved in the Anthony trade: “As the New Jersey Nets continue to work feverishly for a deal involving Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony, the Cavaliers are waiting for the phone to ring.” [Jason Lloyd/Akron Beacon Journal]

Snapping photos with Boobie: “And yesterday during All-Star Media Day, I was able to snap a few pics of the fresh cut he got before making the trip. Check it out below, and read the original story as well.” [Aron Phillips/Dime Magazine]

And finally, comparing the Indians’ young talent to a not-so distant past: “One way to approach the question is to compare how our system looks now relative to times in the past. Specifically I am interested in what our system looked like at the end of 2003 and 2004, just as we were about to re-emerge as a contender.” [APV/Let’s Go Tribe]

(Photo above via Chuck Crow/Plain Dealer]