While We’re Waiting…LeBron-Gilbert Feud, CSU Blackout, Cavs Defense

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Looking at OSU’s toughest road to a title: “Matchup nightmares. Pitt Panthers and UConn Huskies. Dixon’s group has plenty of big bodies to throw at Sullinger and a backcourt of Wannamaker and Gibbs have a quickness advantage to create offense.  UConn has size to matchup as well, while Walker and Napier are much too quick for Buford or Diebler. Craft would have to play big minutes in this game and that would hurt the Bucks on the offensive end. One ace in the hole the Buckeyes have in this tilt would be they play a credible zone. Syracuse confounded UConn with their zone in Hartford so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Buckeyes use theirs against Calhoun’s squad. Still, UConn’s personnel would pose problems.” [Kevin Berger/March to March]

On opting out of the vinyl wall graphics category:  “Lost in all the nonsense surrounding The Decision, and LeBron James’ supposedly uncompetitive move down to Miami, was the news that LeBron James actually turned down more money to go play for a winner. You know, the thing we consistently ask athletes to do, even though some of us would write for the Reykjavík Times if it meant pulling having enough money to design our own solarium.  And while LeBron James certainly doesn’t come off as the most principled guy out there, as he grows up before our very eyes, he is continuing to turn down easy money from anyone with a 216 area code. He’s kindly told Dan Gilbert, owner of the popular Fathead poster company, to stuff it, and stop making giant, somewhat creepy decals of LeBron.” [Kelly Dwyer/Ball Don’t Lie]

Black Out at the Convo today: “There’s a reason this team is 47 in KenPom and 27 in the RPI. They’re a very good basketball team. And if they are able to make it through the rest of this season with no bad losses and a semi or finals appearance in the Horizon League Tournament, there is a strong case that they should get an at-large bid.  But it starts with Butler. This might be the biggest remaining game of the regular season for both teams. If you’re in town, try to get a ticket.” [Martin Rickman/SBNation Cleveland]

The saga continues with JFK’s Chris Carter: “According to Bucknuts.com, Cleveland JFK’s Chris Carter Jr. will indeed sign a National Letter of Intent with Ohio State.  Carter, a 6-4/330 offensive lineman, was one of the first two pledge his word to Jim Tressel’s class of 2011, but his signing with the Buckeyes was delayed on Wednesday after he was taken into custody Tuesday evening for “fondling” girls in his school. The charges against Carter were apparently dropped are looking like they won’t be filed, and The Senator seems a supporter of innocent until proven guilty, giving Carter the benefit of the doubt.” [Alex/Eleven Warriors]

Video breakdown of the Cavaliers inability to defend the three point line: “The Cavs inability to defend the three point shot (something that they are historically bad at doing) cost them this game.  With 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Cavs found themselves up two points.  In those remaining 5 minutes the Pacers hit 3 shots from the field, and all three were three pointers off of defensive mistakes.” [Sebastian Pruiti/NBAPlaybook]

  • MattyFos

    Is the perv Chris Carter related to the Buck/Vike Cris Carter?
    If he is, Cris Carter has some horrible role modeling skills. First, his son has to transfer to a Div. 2 school because he refuses to get his grades up. Then, this Chris Carter (if related) is out fondling people just for the hell of it.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Um, Cris/Duron Carter live in South Florida. Chris Carter is from Cleveland, Ohio.

    I mean, I get the same name thing, but why unnecessarily drag someone else into this without research?

  • MrCleaveland

    I don’t understand what “CSU Blackout” and “Black Out at the Convo” mean. Isn’t the game being televised here?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Brendan

    Crowd wardrobe coordination. Not related to TV.

  • dr. cleveland

    I haven’t crunched the numbers, but something tells me the state income tax situation in FL means dude didn’t really take less $$$$.

  • JM

    Cavs can’t defend period. I can’t believe how many points they are giving up every single game.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny


  • Jordan

    Kelly Dwyer is such a hack, and he’s always going to look to badmouth the evil, rich, white guy. He’s tried several times to rip Dan Gilbert a new one, but he often fails. Plus, he writing comes off as if he treats Basketball as some sort of romantic topic. Quit being such a pansy and cover the actual sport, bud.

  • Shamrock

    Dan Gilbert’s fathead would be bigger then him! Hey ya think Usher will be there for the ping pong ball drawing?

  • MaimLarry

    LeBron, he’s so noble for taking less money.

  • MattyFos

    Slow your roll. Share a name, buckeyes.. I was just wondering

  • Charlie

    Wait, I thought LeBron got his money since it was a sign-and-trade?