Akron Aeros at it Again, Introducing Two More Hot Dogs

If the “Three Dog Night”  and “Nice 2 Meat You” Burger were not enough to fill you up on a trip to Canal Park, the Akron Aeros would like to introduce you to two more of their upcoming culinary creations at Canal Park.

Keeping up with their initial promise of an additional  menu item prior to the start of the season, the Aeros have opted to provide not just one new hot dog-based item for the month of February, but fans will have their choice of size now that the 2011 baseball season will feature the half-pound, 14-inch “Wonderdog” as well as the full pound, 16-inch “Eighth Wonder of the World,” both pictured above in comparison to a standard stadium hot dog.

Both of the last two items we discussed understandably pride themselves on girth.  This time around, it is not exactly the size that matters.  

The Aeros will provide fans with 40 (40!) new condiment choices from which to choose as they dress every inch of their Black Angus All-Beef dog.  Some of the options fans will see include peanut butter, jelly, macaroni and cheese, wasabi, chocolate chips and pineapple.  And for those that choose to not partake in a Fear Factor challenge can opt for the more traditional toppings like chili, relish, onions and peppers.

“Our goal is to provide a unique experience at Canal Park in 2011. We feel that our new food items will give fans that unparalleled experience. Our two new hot dogs will offer creative toppings that fans will not find anywhere else,” Aeros Director of Food and Beverage Jason Kerton said via press release.

As we mentioned roughly one month ago, the Aeros are planning on selling various ticket packages that revolve around their new menu items.  Coupling these menu items with the throwback bobbleheads (Jim Thome, Charles Nagy and Manny Ramirez), the Aeros are certainly going all out to ensure that their promotions ring loud and clear.  But while the souvenirs can be per individual, the team continues to emphasize that the menu-based experiences are meant to be shared.

  • http://www.twitter.com/boxoflewine Eli

    The article just screams for addition innuendo.

  • b

    has anyone ever noticed that hot dogs look like penises? maybe it’s just me. Anyway, a chocolate chip & peanut butter hot dog sounds amazing

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny
  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    Can’t wait for Canal Park to open. Maybe this year I’ll be smart enough to figure-out the section WFNY will be sitting-in before going-up there on that night!

  • 5KMD


    Best part of your link is the 3 PBRs with the doughnut pizza.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Jacob Rosen

    Can’t give enough credit to the Aeros management for their impressive offseason marketing work. This is exactly what minor league baseball is all about.