Colt McCoy: Snake Hunter

Move over Joe Thomas, there’s a new hunter in town.

Browns quarterback Colt McCoy stunned many yesterday on twitter with a picture of him holding what looks like a 5 to 6 foot snake. Apparently, the Texas native was out on his boat and when he brought it back in and went to get the truck and trailer he found the snake under the truck.

I have to say, my first reaction to a snake that size would not be to pick the thing up.

Later in the afternoon, Colt’s wife Rachel let fans know a little more about the Texas ‘gunslinger’. She sent out a tweet with a picture of the couple’s freezer stocked full of meat from Colt’s hunting expeditions.

So, Joe Thomas. Your move.

(Photo: Colt McCoy)

  • Brian @ Cleveland Sports Torture

    Couldn’t it have been a raven??

  • Denny

    But does he knife-hunt boars?

  • brendon

    At least he doesn’t take his coach on crazy Armadillo hunts.

  • mgbode

    @brendon – just wait till the lockout is over.

  • Kory

    I love me some rachel mccoy

  • Harv 21

    Guy is a Texas QB cliche come to life. Like the airplane pilot who drawls, the smellie NY cabbie waving his stub cigar, gotta love it. When Colt grows up he’s going to be Don Meredith.

  • Harv 21

    “smellie”? wow, back to work.

  • Chris

    My first thought was “Meh, there aren’t many venomous snakes in the US, whatever, I’d pick it up”.

    My second thought was “Wait… texas has most of them, doesn’t it?”.

    Then I googled it, and Texas is home to 12 seperate kinds of venomous snakes.

  • mgbode

    one of the first things I was taught when I moved to Texas:

    Red next to Black is friends with Jack
    Red next to Yellow will kill a fellow

    (color patterns to determine if it’s a killer coral snake or a harmless milk snake)

    Rattlers tend to stay away and warn. Water moccasins are the real threat as they are much more aggressive.

    And I hear about copperhead bites a bunch, but noone seems to worry about them (venom levels real low)

  • Robbie

    There should be a clause in our Texan football players’ contracts regarding handling venomous snakes, similar to Winslow Knievel’s no-motorcycle clause.

  • mgbode

    @Robbie – as in their contract can be voided or that they have to take classes in order to distinguish between venomous and non-venomous?

    or (best solution) that they take courses in how to handle venomous snakes?

    and, if we do this, then does that mean they can’t participate in rattlesnake roundups? (fairs where people show off their rattlesnake handling skills)

    the one I’ve been to was in Taylor, TX. great fun.

  • mgbode

    man, thanks to all (Colt for the pic, Rick for posting the story, and all the commentors that led to me looking up the Taylor event for this year). I almost missed it as I didn’t realize it’s this weekend. My boys would have been disappointed. Kudos all around.

  • Eddie

    Snake hunting in Texas? Colt has nerve and that is a good sign. GO BROWNS! Owners AND players, please; lets avoid a NFL strike.

  • Todd

    Snake hunting?…Sounds like he is going to the Congressional buildings to hunt some politicians.

  • Omar’s Magic Glove

    Maybe the Bronx zoo should offer Colt a job.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    “Hello, Colt?…Yeah, this is Mike Holmgren.”

    “Doing fine. Listen, Colt…I was making my rounds on the internet this morning and I ran across an interesting picture of you, and…”

    “Yeah, she’s definitely a beaut.”

    “Look, I’m not usually one to tell a man his business in the offseason, but coach Shurmur and I were talking, and we would appreciate it if you would try to avoid unnecessarily dangerous situations in the future…particularly situations where you are holding a 6 foot long wild snake with your throwing arm.”

    “Yeah, I understand it’s a ‘Texas thing’, but you are our QB, and we would like it if you could just not do that again.”

    “Nope, that’s all. Take care and say hi to Rachel for me.”

    (Holmgren hangs up the phone, reaches into his desk drawer and pullout out a bottle of Maker’s Mark…)