Ohio State vs. Northwestern Open Thread – March Madness Contest Reminder

The Buckeyes are currently playing Northwestern in their first game of the Big Ten tourney.  Northwestern took care of Minnesota yesterday for the right to play OSU today.  You can comment on the action right here.

Also, this is your second reminder for the WaitingForNextYear bracket contest.  It costs nothing, and yet we are still giving away prizes.  I think we need a few staff members to go back to business school to study the definition of ROI.

Here are the details on the contest.

Here’s how we are doing the scoring. I decided not to weight the later rounds so heavily that it won’t be interesting. Also there are bonus points based on upsets or underdogs.

Round of 64 = 1 pts + Bonus = 1 x seed diff
Round of 32 = 2 pts + Bonus = 1 x seed diff
Reg. Semis = 3 pts + Bonus = 1 x seed diff
Reg. Finals = 4 pts + Bonus = 1 x seed diff
Semifinals = 5 pts + Bonus = 1 x seed diff
Championship = 6 pts + Bonus = 1 x seed diff

The WFNY 2011 group is set to private. After clicking the link to join, you will need a super secret password. Don’t tell anyone, but it is “wfny” without the quotation marks.

Also, make sure you have your settings set up so that reminders are sent when the brackets are available to be filled out.

Now for the prizes.  We wanted to make this a good one.  So, the winner has the choice of two prizes.  Runner up gets whatever the winner leaves behind.

The winner has their choice of two tickets to a Cleveland Indians game this upcoming season (game and seating location to be announced but it will be in the lower level) or a Carlos Santana replica jersey (click the pic for details.)

So, sign up. Fill out those brackets when they are announced.  Tell your friends.  Good luck!

  • Mike E

    anyone know a stream?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    I fully expect these guys to provide some more distance in the second half…

  • buckit


  • http://milesixteen.com David

    CBSSports.com has all the games streaming live.