The Browns Sign D’Qwell Jackson, Seneca Wallace, Tender Eric Wright and Evan Moore

The Browns were busy yesterday, even as the labor situation remains unsolved.

First, they signed linebacker D’Qwell Jackson to an incentive-laden deal reportedly worth up to $4.5 million.  Don’t get too caught up in that number though.  It won’t mean a whole heck of a lot if D’Qwell can’t get healthy and stay healthy.  In fact, I am guessing that the Browns will be watching carefully during training camp to see if they will keep him.  Of course, what constitutes “training camp” remains to be seen given the labor situation.

Overall, I am happy the Browns are giving D’Qwell a chance.  I know a lot of Browns fans who have been down on D’Qwell. He has been really banged up the last two years, but I am still rooting for him.  D’Qwell amassed a lot of tackles, but one prevalent thought seemed to be that said tackles were always 4-7 yards downfield.  What I saw was some speed and a nose for the ball even without a solid defensive line in front of him.  Either way, it is a low-risk maneuver for the Browns to see if D’Qwell can still play in the NFL.  I am happy to see D’Qwell get a chance to regain a healthy career in Cleveland.

Yesterday the Browns also signed Seneca Wallace to a three year deal.  The rumor mill has it that Seneca Wallace wanted a chance to start if he re-signed with the Browns.  The Browns have had many supportive words for Colt McCoy in the last few weeks and Wallace still put pen to paper to come back to the Browns.  If McCoy comes in totally flat, you never know, I guess.  Maybe Wallace will get a shot?  As of right now though, all indications are that he will start the season below Colt McCoy on the depth chart.

After what we saw a year ago from Wallace, his return strikes me as good news.  Wallace is a solid, professional backup.  He can make some plays and you aren’t terrified at the thought of handing him the ball.  You can’t say much better about a backup quarterback without fully embracing constant controversy.  I would guess Jake Delhomme won’t be back, but I wouldn’t mind having him around if he re-works his contract. I was impressed by his willingness to be a team first guy all last season.

Next up, the Browns put a second round tender on tight end Evan Moore.  This means that if another team signs Moore, they will have to give the Browns a second round pick for the right.  It pretty much guarantees that Evan Moore will be back in Cleveland.  Moore has shown flashes of how productive he can be, but unfortunately he took a few too many headshots this year.  Hopefully those were more like freak occurrences rather than a sign that Moore is destined to be on IR.

Last, but not least, the Browns made what some fans find to be a controversial move in using a second round tender on the much maligned Eric Wright.  Eric Wright had a bad season.  He also was a fall guy even when his “help” failed to show for him on occasion.  Who knows? Maybe the Browns front office thinks that Wright will benefit from playing in the new Jauron defense that will supposedly rely more on speed and athleticism.

In the end, the Browns need depth at corner.  They might get to it in free agency or in the draft, but they were scarily thin at the spot this past season.  With that in mind, I am happy to have Eric Wright back and competing for a spot.  He will be competing with Joe Haden, Sheldon Brown and Coye Francies.  Plus, I really expect the Browns to acquire another guy or two to compete in training camp.  Who knows?  Maybe even Patrick Peterson with their first pick in the upcoming draft.

If that is the case, Wright would be playing in the slot and nickelbaclk.  I think I can deal with Eric Wright being the rich man’s Terry Cousin.

  • Nullster

    2nd round tender is probably the right tender offer for Eric Wright. It will be nice to have him back so long as he either rebound or the team finds more depth at the CB position, but if we get a 2nd round and upgrade at other spots then I’m not upset about that either.

  • bobby

    Agree about DQ. i didnt think the FO would bring him back after 2 seasons of repeat injury but without guaranteed cash I like the 1-year “try out” to see if he can stay healthy.

    Any news on Roth? will they be letting him and the other FAs walk? I was hoping Roth could move to DE (like he was in college) to at least add depth.

  • 216in614

    yeah how do they offer these guys tenders and contracts but nothing for roth and vickers? wtf?

  • Chris

    I really think last year was the outlier and Wright will bounce back. At least, I’m hoping so.

    I support all these moves, though I wonder how happy Wallace will be here.

  • Scott

    Yeah, I see no downside to these moves. Obviously, if they’re receiving playing time ahead of more-talented players, there’s an issue. But on paper, this is all good.

  • Rick

    There are two schools of thought on tendering players. The first is using a tender on a guy that you doubt anyone will pay. Like Evan Moore. I doubt anyone is going to give a second round pick for him.

    Other players you tender hoping someone will take you up on it. I think Wright might be that kind of guy.

  • CLE

    i like these moves. I really like Evan Moore too. Anyone know if Ben Watson is returning and at what price?

  • Josh

    love it, love it, love it and love it.

    All good, stable moves by the organization. WE NEED STABILITY!

    To those who have commented about Roth and Vickers – i agree, why no tenders to them? They will miss Vickers most if they let him go.

  • bobby

    watson was signed to a 3 year 12 mil deal or something like that… so they have him for at least 2 more seasons.

    @216in614- i completely forgot about Vickers because I was thinking D, but hes another I would like to keep around. I hope those are just 2 moves not yet released to the news… any chances? Heck, for Vickers even if they didnt want him, he wasnt he a RFA and therefore a low tender probably would have brought a draft pick in compensation?

  • bobby

    @ Josh- you know who will really miss Vickers? #40.

  • Marvin216

    You have got to be kidding me. Why is Eric “Can’t Get” Wright still on this team? Even as a slot defender, he couldn’t cover my grandmother. Does anyone not remember the Jets game where he gave up a first down to a guy that had just torn his groin during the play. He is what’s wrong with this team: A lack of talent causes mediocre players to get playing time.
    Non one will give up a 2nd rd pick for him, therefore, we are stuck with him.


    From what I’ve heard, these RFA Tenders won’t mean diddly after the CBA talks are finished up. I guess players aren’t big fans of them. I see their point…If I want to look for a new job, I don’t want my old job to be able to put a bounty on my head requiring the new place to pay my old place to let me go.

    I thought Vickers and Roth were both RFAs last year, and we put 2nd round tenders on them…can a player be an RFA more than one year? I think they’re Un-Restricted now. Isn’t the whole RFA thing supposed to help teams keep guys finishing out their Rookie contracts or something? Kind of like a mini-franchise tag, but the player can still leave should a team be willing to pay the price tag attached to them? Isn’t their pay a percentage above their previous year’s salary, and guaranteed?


    I’m pretty sure that’s why Jerome Harrison, Roth, and Vickers were all a little pissed last year and took a while to sign it. We didn’t give them a long term deal and tendered them at a price no one would be willing to pay for an unproven player (Although Vickers was proven in my mind).

    D’Qwell on the other hand signed his tender right away because he got a raise, and knew no one was going to take a flier on him after having a season ending injury.

  • mgbode

    @Marvin – yeah, Eric Wright had a tough year. Specifically the Baltimore game. But, he was pretty darn good before this year and had some good games this year too. Isn’t it possible that he rebounds?

  • Harv 21

    Re Roth: they must think he is not a suitable ‘backer in the 4-3 (too big and slow) and didn’t want to tender him and guarantee him the subsequent salary boost if they aren’t confident he would be an effective down lineman.

    Re Vickers: love the guy, but the WCO demands that ALL backs on the field be able to catch the ball and then run. He blocks, runs and catches like an O-lineman. They will have to get another RB from somewhere, whether Porcelainio Hardesty looks ready to go or not.

  • Marvin216

    @mgbode- How many good DBs do you know have to rebound? You are either good or you are not. He should have been let go with Brandon McDonald after Adrian Peterson took there manhood 2 seasons ago with a flurry of stiff arms.
    As a former DB, I know a good DB when I see it. I also know a bad one when I see it also. “Can’t Get” Wright would not start for any other team in the NFL.

  • Mike E

    I was a defensive back in highschool therefore i know everything. You are so wise Marvin. You’re like a miniature Budha.

  • Marvin216

    @Mike E.-Its just my opinion And for the record. 3 years in NFL and 4 in CFL. So compared to you, I am Buddha.
    Now back to your cheetos and Call of Duty, and leave the sports talk to those with a sports opinion.

  • mgbode

    @Marvin – so, DBs are either ALWAYS good or ALWAYS bad. I didn’t realize there was such an absolute with that position. Man, that makes them really easy to scout.

    How many good DBs have to rebound? Well, there’s this Charles Woodson fellow for one. You may have heard of him. He won this thing called a Heisman trophy while he was in college (rather special for a DB to win this particular award).

    Anyways, Mr. Woodson started off great for the team that drafted him (the Raiders). Unfortunately, he had a few injury filled seasons and the seasons he did play, it seemed like he wasn’t the same guy. Many thought that he was on the downswing the last few years in Oakland and that he wouldn’t rebound.

    Green Bay took a chance on Mr. Woodson and they have been handsomely rewarded for taking that chance (D-POY, Superbowl ring though he was hurt in the middle of that game).

    Yes, Charles Woodson is an extreme example, but it is so ludicrous to say that a DB can’t have a bad year (playing through injury, mental block, etc) that it was needed. Enjoy your infinite wisdom, my friend.

  • Marvin216

    @mgbode-YOu didnt just compare Eric Wright to Charles Woodson did you? Injuries led to Woodson’s decline. He has always had skills. Eric “Can’t get” Wright is a bum.
    I am a Browns fan. If he does well, Great! But I don’t see it.
    If he is still on the team next year, we will see…….

  • mgbode

    @Marvin – no. I did not compare Eric Wright to Charles Woodson.

    You said: “How many good DBs do you know have to rebound? You are either good or you are not”

    I then showed that even the great Charles Woodson had to rebound and even noted it was an extreme example that I used to make a point.


    Furthing the point on Wright. He played well until last year. We don’t know if he was playing injured or if so, how much it affected his play. We do know that several times he left the game or missed games due to injuries (thigh, hamstring, knee).



    What about DeAngelo Hall….started out pretty well in Atlanta, had a few forgettable years with the Raiders and ‘Skins, and then had a game with 4 INTs (even though it was against Jay Culter), and was the Pro Bowl MVP this year…

    Crazier things have happened.

    BTW Marvin, If Eric Wright is a bum, and you are an NFL Caliber DB, why is he still in the league and you aren’t?

  • bobby

    Man you guys are getting harsh. Wright isnt a top tier CB like I thought he could jump into. That said, its still worth less then 2 mil to bring back a guy to see if he can improve and get to a decent level again, or if he continues to regress. Having depth is never a bad thing and this isnt the final roster.

    As to Roth- Heckert said in his interview with Shurmur last weekend that hecould see Roth as a DE like he played in college. I would have liked to see him signed (you guys are right he is a UFA) so they have something at DE.

    With regards to Vickers, I dont know if you guys forgot but early in his carrier (under coach Romeo) Vickers was considered a guy that is a HB/FB split because he could catch the ball out of the back field. Mangini’s offense had the FB mainly as a blocker. Vickers is still a good athlete tho and I would love to see him signed for a long contract.

    And just to clear it up, DQ didnt have a tender he signed, he signed a 1 year contract that is not guaranteed and based on playing times and performance incentives.

  • Mike E

    Whats Call of Duty?

  • Harv 21

    @ Bobby: did you see Vickers try to catch the ball in ’08-’09 and ’09-’10? Nickname should have been Clank. If he ever had those skills thay are long atrophied. That is not a WCO running back, that’s a pure-bred fullback, my friend.

  • bobby

    Im not trying to say hed be a HB, but that was the overwhelming idea before the mangini era. Im sure position specific for Vickers was all blocking and reads. All im saying is I think Vickers could make catches in the flats other then 3 throws a year.

  • Brian

    This is great stuff! Man, you guys are going at it! Hilarious… anyway… Hey, Marvin. What is your full name? I’d love to look up your career, just for $hit$ and giggles.

  • Shamrock

    Wright is terrible you guys sure forgive and forget fast. It wasn’t that long ago this guy was being torched repeatedly. You need to go back and watch video because you’ll see Wright repeatedly chasing opposing WRs down the field unsuccessfully. The rest of the moves made sense.

  • Jonathan


    Nice! you played some real ball huh? Good to know we have a serious pro here. Where’d you play at?

    Wright did ok. for what we had on our roster it was the best choice. I second the ‘Wright being a rich man’s Terry Cousin’

    Vickers is a great fullback. I don’t think we should use him to catch.

  • Kevin

    @Marvin……since you are a “player’ what about schemes and releasing, how many times did we see E Wright release a player with no help? We had a very young secondary that learned trial by fire. Eric is a solid DB and as you know you can never have to many DB’s on a roster. Please see below for 2009 Stats comparing Wright with Revis:
    G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY
    Wright 16 16 65 57 8 0.0 —
    Revis 16 16 54 47 7 0.0 0

    PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
    Wright 14 4 74 18.5 47 0
    Revis 31 6 121 20.2 67T 1